The Many Stresses Students Can Endure English Language Essay

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In today's modern world technology gives a vast importance to humans' life. First year students in university may face problem understanding or using a technology for which they are not aware. Problems such as visiting the USP moodle page, difficulty in online registrations and submission of assignments. In USP, moodle is the foremost important tool and is readily available for students to receive updates about their course, get lecture notes online and easier communication to lecturers and peers almost anywhere in the world. First year students find this challenging and difficult in using since they had never used moodle site. Online registrations for a course would be difficult for first year students keeping the fact in mind that they have no knowledge about the system. For some, due to stress make unwise decision which can later create a lot of problems in regards to his/her carrier. Assignments are supposed to be delivered in the form of hard copy and require the soft copy to be uploaded as well. Since it does have links with technology many of our fellow students especially those who come from interior have very little knowledge about computer concepts and therefore face a lot of problems. In regards to technology, problems arise of unawareness.

New students often find difficulty in adjusting to the surrounding. The surrounding student lives in pays great aspects in student's academic performance. New students have to face a lot of problems into making all the adjustments. Problems such as difficulty in finding rooms since them new to the university, in some cases most new students often fail to attend their first lecture/tutorial because they are left figuring out about the campus. If in the doom, new students have to deal with the adjustments with their room mates. Sharing a living area with an unknown person can be very difficult because you never know how tricky your room mate maybe. All new students in the doom have to go through these challenges and some are not being able to cope and leave university even before they graduate. First year students have low adjustment level and have difficulties with the studies.

Students face several financial problems. Money and issues of finance are the central concert to students. Although many students do qualify for scholarship but some students don't qualify for enough. With the increasing cost of education, students find difficulty in paying for fees. Most students also have to print assignments/notes just to keep themselves updated. Those who come from low class family face a lot of difficulties and some are left dissatisfied and regrets as they couldn't afford printing. For one to gain extra knowledge, he/she has to go through books. Students often face difficulty balancing their small budget. The cost of books are way too expensive but necessary for one to have it. Therefore financial problem is an issue commonly faced by students.

Fashion trend nowadays count more on students life. Some students have a very little knowledge about budgeting due to the fact of immaturity. One common problem in students is spending more on non necessary items such as expense on clothing. Nowadays students social standing is based more on clothing styles and less on individual so they always want to look good no matter how poor background they come from. Many female students turn up to be sitting late in beauty pallas, doing such activities results in wasting a student s money & time. There are some more examples such as going to bars, entertainment and health issues. Students often tend to spend a lot on non necessary items as much as on anything.

Traveling at times can be very costly for students. Students who travel from far to come for learning often face a lot of challenges as in financial and academic ways. Students have to travel according to the university timetable, for some they have to go through very long hard days so traveling can be major issue for those who travel far since it's too costly and may cause stress to students as well. For some students they are not able to cater for that expense so they often miss their class which may alter their performance. Field trips are part of course work but often students fail to take part in such activities due to financial problems. Students face a lot of financial difficulties in regards to traveling.

First year students face a lot of personal challenges. Sometimes the problem student face is unbearable. Some students are able to take up the challenge while other students are overwhelmed by the changes and experience emotional problems and depression. A student may have their minds on their family while at university which results student in difficult thinking, concentrating and loss of interest in school activities which can alter grades and performance. When a student is depressed he is more likely to concentrate on his despair rather then on his studies. Sometimes students are depressed and make big decision that is unwise e.g. transfer to different university or drop out.

Loneliness is one major factor that often first year students face. First year students experience an unpleasant feeling of being unwanted or rejected by others. The experience of loneliness can be very disturbing and a student has to go through a lot of problems or difficulties. In the very first couple of weeks, students often find themselves being alone. It is obvious that the person has nobody to talk and share feeling with which create regrets in their mind as to why they choose this university. Loneliness also lowers the self esteem of a student; students eventually lose self confidence and this have much greater impact on student's performance. Also due to lack of social support students may fear of failure at university and this can be very stressful to students.

New students often face a lot of embarrassing moments. Due to lack of being unaware and new to the system. The threat of embarrassment can hinder a student's performance as well. Take for instance, if a student is not able to understand a topic in a class so he or she may feel awkward to ask questions which their classmate seems to understand immediately. Students may get embarrassed thinking that their classmate understands so well and he can't. Bullying occurs more among students. Many first year students are more likely to be target of bullies. For example, a group of students can direct a new student to some other place rather than the one being asked and they would make fun of the student. In addition, if a new student university where most of other students are into fashion trend, they may feel like they do not fit in and are easily embarrassed. Most first year students get easily embarrassed by other students.