The Introduction To Dress Modestly English Language Essay

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Dress code is written but more often unwritten rules with consider to clothing. Clothing like other aspects of human physical look has a social consequence with different rules and outlook being valid depending on situation and occasion. Different societies and cultures will have different dress norms even though Western styles are normally established as valid. Modestly, on the other hand, is used more about in women than men to describe a mode of dress and posture intended not to encourage the opposite sex. Women should dress modestly in some societies to build a good image, attitude towards comfort, style, traditions, marital status and so on.

2.0 Types of dresses

There are so many types of women's dresses that it is truly hard to know where to start. Below are a few explanations of women's dress.

2.1.1 Sweater Dresses

The sweater dresses are a cold weather winter garment that can be worn in many different ways. Sweater dresses are quite simple and comfortable. Sweater dresses are great for any look, even day or night also can be dresses up in a variety of ways. The most common sweater style dress ends just at the knee.

2.1.2 Casual Dresses

A casual dress is a broad category of dresses that look comfortable and can be worn during the day. A casual dress can be worn in the house or when you are out for shopping, go class, and others. Mostly examples of casual dress are blue jeans and T-shirt.

2.1.3 Formal Attire

Formal wear is clothing that suitable for formal social events, such as wedding, formal dinner, working, interview, important meeting, really formal outfits, and others special occasions.

2.2 The importance to dress modestly

There are some important for dress modestly when the law should require for women to dress moderately when going out to meet people.

2.2.1 It is safety for women

If the woman's dressing like a slut or prostitute, it will excite the male passions and the women might be in the danger. So, we should be aware when you are alone driving, walk through dark alleys alone or go to the car park alone. Hence, women should dress modestly to prevent these types of tragedy happen around you. For example, if a girl who not dress modestly walked alone through the alleys in dark and she might in danger with strangers.

2.2.2 It looks like professional

It is always wise to look like a professional lady; even you are a student, housewife, or just anything else. It makes our look better and smarter in front of the people. And then, if we dress modestly, we make everyone like and respect us more in our daily life. We not need spend a lot on the clothes; it is more about the look than the actual design or even condition of the clothing. For example, a girl wore a very formal attire and looks like very profession to go interview and she got into the job.

2.2.3 First impression to others

If we are dressing modestly, we make sure that we give the good first impression that we meet the people when we are going for interviews, to work, at school and others. Hence, make sure that the first impression is always excellent so that we can enjoy the love and support of everyone around us. For example, women who dress modestly will give good impression to the people she met and they will satisfy what she acts in front of them.

2.2.4 Set a good example for others

We are setting an example wherever we go, and whatever we wear and do for other young women, for men, for older people and for the children and those who are younger than you. For example, if we are dressing sexy or like whore on the public place, we might lead others such as young girls to learn our styles that how we dress. Then, they also may dress not modestly in the public place.

2.2.5 It is staying warm for women

It is very easy to get cold and harmful for your health if you are not dress modestly even you are in what types of weather such as winter, rainy, hot day and others. We can stay warm and comfortable if we dress modestly to meet people. For instance, if a women's dressing look like very exposes, she will easily get fever and harmful for health.

2.2.6 Suit own personality

If we dress modestly, we ensure that receive all the reverence and admiration to us which we don't enjoy if we aren't well dressed at all. Hence, should make a point to wear the clothes that can suit our own personality. For example, a women wore a T-shirt and long pants go for class and it brings out own personality of the women that she is good and smooth girl.

2.3 Causes women do not dress modestly

Nowadays, some of the women ignore to dress modestly when going out to meet other people. They choose to dress that look like drab and gave wrong message or bad impression to the people. So, below are some of the causes if women do not dress modestly.

2.3.1 Like to show off to other people

Show off is like to do something in a way that can attract others' attention. Some of the women especially young girls or teenagers like to dress fashion that have a lot of clothes only to go out to meet people. In addition, they also like to show their dressing off to combine with their friends. For example, a girl likes to buy many fashion clothes and wear it during friends' meeting then show off to their friends.

2.3.2 Get attention from men

Some women might do not dress modestly because they want to get interest from men and they think men will automatically find them of their attractive. For example, some of the women like to dress sexy go to pub, clubbing, party and others for attracting men. Then the men will give fully attention due to their dressing and gorgeous.

2.3.3 Affected by drama or idol

Nowadays, young girls love to watch some of idols' drama. Then, they start to adore and admire them and always follow their idol's website such as Facebook, Instragm or Twitter. So they might be follow some of their styles that about dressing styles. They set their idol as their example and follow their styles of dressing or outlooks gradually.

2.4 Effects women do not dress modestly

Since, women do not dress modestly in their life may be bring some effects to personal, community or government.

2.4.1 Risk of safety for women

If women do not dress modestly, it should take risks of dangerous when face strangers outside. You might walk alone in the dark of alley, or even though you stand in the crowds of people, people would pay attention on you since your dressing not modestly. The people will look on you all the time and may follow you until to a quiet place.

2.4.2 Women loose the image

Since the dressing like drab, the first impression that people meet you is very bad because you didn't take care of your image well. So that, the people you meet will distrust you and not more respect. For example, the people might be ignore you and give bad impression about you while you do not dressing well when meeting with them.

2.4.3 Affect the country's reputation

Nowadays, many tourists visit in our country and they will observe our citizens' language, dressing styles, culture and others so much. So, if women do not dress modestly, we will give them about the bad image and culture of our country. Then they will bring this message back to their own country to let their relatives, friends, or family know it. Hence, the number foreign visitors will definitely decrease due to the bad reputation of our country.

2.5 Recommendations and Preventive Measures

In conclusion, the law should require women to dress modestly. It would be advantages if we dress modestly to meet people such as it is safe, keeping warm to women, looking professional, suit own personality and give good impression to others. But then, there are many causes and effects women do not dress modestly. To solve this problem, all aspects not only women also should help together to solve this problem out. For family, family members can accompany women to shopping and help them with their clothing choice. For example, family members can help women choose the correct clothing and give suitable opinions when women choose some very sexy clothes. After this, parents can give guide to their children when they are not dressing modestly. Parents would give some advices to make sure that they dress modestly before going out to meet people even though inside the house. For community, president of the community should give a talk about "dressing well for safety" for women that held in the area of neighborhood. In addition, government also can make some rules about the dressing styles of women. For example, list a rule like women should not required to dressing like drab during the business time such as 10pm around. Besides that, government also can create some notice board beside the road to remind women. Lastly, if women dress modestly might be reduce the cases crime happens around the community.

3.0 Introduction to Divorce

In the last 20 years, rates of divorce have risen significantly in Western countries. One informative means of thinking about divorce is to believe divorce not as a single event that influences people live, but rather as a process. In addition, marriages that end in divorce typically begin a process of separating, estrangement or an emotional severance year before the actual legal divorce is obtained. A series of interviews which Robert Weiss carried out with divorced men and women in the US showed a definite'trajectory of divorce' (Weiss, 1976). Women suffer from a divorce faraway more than men on an economic level, but the process of psychological and social adjustment seems like for both sexes. According to the Berna Abonita, the rate of divorce has motivated significantly in some western countries recently. In the Australia, the rate of divorce has increased considerably. For example, the marked increase in the rate of divorce is possible to have occurred because of changes in federal law, making it much easier to obtain a divorce. The rate of divorce does include information other than the overall number of divorces as a percentage of all marriages. We can discover the average length of a marriage and the age at which people are likely to divorce.

3.1 Definition of Divorce

Divorce is the final termination of a marital union; canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the parties. In most countries divorce requires by a court in a legal proceeding, requiring a request or complaint for divorce by one party.

3.2 Causes of divorce

During the course of the marriage, one or both of the marital partners begins to feel estranged from the other. Then they start to conflict with each other even involve with the children intensify. Hence, they will become more frequent, and often unresolved. Feelings of bitterness, helplessness and anger of the spouses will affect the versus separating. Below are some of the causes that may cause divorce.

3.2.1 A cheating with each others

Cheating spouse is one of the major reasons that effected divorce. When a wife or a husband cheats to each other too much, the feelings of distrust and betrayal will produce between spouses. The offense is hard to handle, solve and forgive if the spouses still cheating each other gradually. After a long time, the spouses unable to stay together and happens divorce. For example, a husband cheats his wife after marrying about he still confused the relationship with his ex-girlfriend and meeting together. Then, his wife starts to suspect on her husband and mistrust him anymore.

3.2.2 Different values and opinions

Another reason for divorce can be a conflict of personal values and opinions between spouses. Sometimes, during the dating and honeymoon periods, religious or political differences don't seem very important. But after a few months, they can be a reason for divorce. For example, in some cases such as political problems or conflicts between family members, they might have their different opinions about these cases and to the last, they feel very tired of each other and divorce.

3.2.3 Changing women's rules

In the past, men have to earn money to pay for the expense of family, while women only focus to do the housework; hence women have no more money leading to depend on husband's money. So it is too difficult for most women to separate from their husband. Nowadays, the situations change already. For example, women can work outside to earn money whereas men share the household tasks such as take care of children, cooking, cleaning, and other housework. Hence, women can be very independent to earn money by themselves to live. So, this will also cause divorce between the spouses because wife earn more money than husband.

3.3 Effects of divorce

There are two types of effects of divorce that are negative effects and positive effects.

3.3.1 Negative Effects

For children, most couples normally have their own children when they get married a few years ago. Accordingly, parents divorce can directly effect on their children. Children who live in a single parent family might probably to get pregnant as teenagers, drop up from high school, misuse drugs and have insistently emotional and performance problems, which lead to community problems. For example, some of the children decide to stay alone in outside when their parents separate each other so that subsequently they become homeless children. In addition, they do not have good opportunities to find a job due to lack of education and they might be discriminated from other friends such as the friends ignore him in whatever activities. Because of parents divorce, the children mental will be affected. On the other hand, in parents, they may feel ashamed and hard to face to the community since they are divorce with other part.

3.3.2 Positive Effects

Other effects of rise in divorce are positive effects. People, who divorce with their spouses, want to have better quality of life since they are unhappy with each others. Accordingly, they can work efficiently and have more confident in front of people because they are free from their spouses. In addition, divorce also gets rid of the violence of quarrel between husband and wife. Hence, every family member gets better physical and mental health, especially for children.

3.4 Recommendations and Preventive Measures

In conclusion, a family is one of the important parts of community, thus many people had better aware of the significance of relationship in family. There are many causes that why the people in Western Countries choose to divorce gradually. Then, there are also the two different ways in effects, which are negative and positive effects. To solve this problem, couples should think carefully before get married. For example, the couples do not make decisions faster if they are still young or get pregnancy suddenly. In addition, if happen any conflict between husband and wife, they must calm down first and think positively to solve the problems. To become spouses, they should understanding and taking care each other so much. For instance, wife should always support and give opinions to husband about his job, colleagues or family. So that, divorce can be reduce in the country. Besides that, when couples face any problems or conflicts, they should voice out and speak out what they wants and needs to prevent conflicts happen and cause to divorce. If all the prevention had done by couples, divorce can decrease in Western Countries.