The Introduction To Business Communication English Language Essay

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The communication is between the individual and the group, between thoughts and feelings of the transfer and feedback process. In order to reach thoughtful and emotional unobstructed. Listening and speaking is an important knowledge. It seems easy, but it is difficult. People can share information through communication. Everybody has their own style of speaking. Good communication can build a good relationship. Many people have trouble with communication. This is related to many reasons. Let me tell an event about communication.

Description of the problem

One day, I was at home called by my friend. She said boring things a lot. I felt unhappy. At this time, my mother asked me what I want to eat, but I was listening my friend's talk, so I couldn't hear my mother's voice. I said"You are noisy!"to my friend. But my mother didn't know. She thought I was talking to her. She felt angry and went away. After a few minutes, I hang up my hand phone and went to kitchen ask my mother what to eat. My mother still sad, she said you thought me noisy, weren't you? I felt guiltless and said: "I was talking with my friend, not you!"My mother said: "Really?" I said"Yes!".My mother said: "Oh! Sorry, I don't know. It's a misunderstanding, and what did you want to eat?"


People often listen wrong. Such this problem, I was talking with my friend, but my mother didn't know. Two people's ideas are different. One was thinking friend's words and the other one is thinking what to eat. Therefore it causes misunderstanding.

In fact, like this kind of communication problem has a lot. When people were talking with somebody, the third people enter into. It is easily cause misunderstanding. People also did not hear the words of the third people to continue communicate with somebody, this time misunderstanding will cause. The third people thought she was being overlooked or distort the meaning of the other side. This is select mistake. It causes the misunderstanding of information increased possibility. Including the timing of the conveying information was not allowed to grasp, lack of ability to size up the situation, information communication channel or object selection mistakes.

However, the third person was not clear status. She did not know the person was on the phone or she thought the person could hear her voice. So she spoke to the person. When the person did not answer her or talked with other people, she would feel angry. She maybe could think the person was not respecting her or misunderstand the person's words. Therefore, cause unnecessary misunderstanding. These all will affect the effect of information communicate. Sometimes according to their own subjective wishes and take the information "filtered" and "add" when the recipient in the information communication process. In real life, many of the main reasons for the failure to communicate are the recipient of information do too much processing. Cause the information fuzz or distortion.


The listener should pay attention. If the person is on the phone or talk with other people, you can wait a few minutes and not talk with him. And also should determine whether the person can listen your voice. If the listener doesn't know the person cannot listen to her and misunderstand him. This time, she must have patience. Figure out why the other side says it. The goal of effective communication is to send a message with the intention of informing, inspiring or questioning, with the message fully understood by the recipient.

The Plan

Step 1:

When people are talking to somebody, the third people want to talk with him. He can make hand gestures let the third people know he is talking with someone. On the contrary, if the third people want to talk with the person. She needs to ask the person whether he is talking with other people and make sure he can hear her voice.

Step 2:

If cause misunderstanding, we need to solve it immediately. It will let misunderstanding more and deeper if put it in the heart. People can clam down and say opinion of him. People also need to learn transposition thinking. Misunderstanding will be disappear by the correct and timely communicate if the whole thing is understandable.

Step 3:

Element of self-wronged emotional. Not to defend themselves when cause misunderstanding. Always think they are right, make sense, is not to be understood. Have wronged emotion in heart's person must be not explain to the other side. This kind of situation hinders communication between each other. In short, people should be for the sake of the other side. Whether he is narrow-minded or do not know the truth and your kindness, do not need to care. As long as you show your mind sincerely, then misunderstanding will disappear.

Step 4:

Find out reasons in order to defuse resentment. After misunderstanding, one person feels angry; other people feel aggrieved. Both estrangements became more and more deeply. Maybe will cause new misunderstanding. This time, both people need calm. They must figure out their source of misunderstanding is where. Otherwise no matter what you say how much, also cannot explain clearly. Maybe the situation will get worse.

Step 5:

Letter can express your emotion. If some words you cannot say, you can write it on the letter. Sometimes, the letter's communicates is better than speak face to face. Writing a letter must be brief, cordial and clear, do not wordy. Gas needs to be sincere. Fully expressed their willingness to remove misunderstanding and want to reconcile. Express their reliance and respect for the other side.

Step 6:

Overcome their cowardice, face to face. There are many types of misunderstanding. But the solution is the most simple and convenient way is to face to say. Lots of people like this way. But some people because of cowardice dare not confront. The result of the problem becomes complex. People need remember if have misunderstanding should explain personally. And do not find a different pretense to shirk. Must be surmount difficulties and conquer themselves. Don't believe other people's words.

Step 7:

Do not miss the good opportunity. Explain the reason and remove understanding must choose the best opportunity. Be sure to consider the other's state of mind and emotional factors. People can choose the other side's mood which is good, then take the opportunity to apologize. This time, can get the other side's understanding easily.

Step 8:

If the time dragged longer, it will be become passive. Some people don't want to explain because of they think it will lose their face. But when the misunderstanding becomes more and more deeply. They will feel very upset. SO, if people have misunderstood should solve it immediately.

Step 9:

Asking help for other people. Sometimes both misunderstanding involving many factors. The individual may not solve. SO asks other's help is a wise choice.


We can communicate with each other without speaking. To know people, understand people you can do everything. Interpersonal communication is a process. And in every communication process will have a meaning. The behavior is considered in the implementation of interpersonal communication. Before we master the communication skills, we must understand a person and his nature. When you understand why people do it or know in each case to make different reaction. This time, you will become a successful master interpersonal skills people. We must to be considered for others, and do not instead to treat others with their own vision. Everyone for their own interest bigger than anyone in the worlds. This is human nature. When people were talking with other people need pay attention to several aspects. There are as follows: 1. Must know and understand what you said. 2. Please look at each other when talking. 3. Immediately stop after finish talking. 4. Talk about some of the others is interested in. 5 .Eliminate interference factors. 6 .Be patient. 7 .Do not talk with people when you are angry. 8 .Avoid controversy and critical of others. 9 .Concise answer questions and explain. 10 .Say it gets to the point. 11 .To get the other side's response. If he has questions, you should ask clearly. In addition to master skills, but also know the principle of to communicate with people. For example: 1 .Do not point out others mistake in communication. 2 .Do not guess other side's mind. 3. Do not interrupt other's words .Now; we have learned the basic skills of communication with people. These skills look very easy, but only few people can fully proficient it. In our life, lots of people know lots of things, but can do it only a few. When you are completed with the ability to communicate with people, you can go you thought cannot go to places and you cannot do something before. Good communication can create a good relationship. But it needs genuineness and love, can share with people and help each other. Interpersonal relationship can make us successful and also can make us fail. So; we must use communication skills well.


Communication is very important in our life. The correct communication can maintain a good relationship. On the contrary, wrong communication will cause the relationship broke down. With good communication people can do something easily. Communicate involves getting information or provide information. Exert influence on others to understand that you will be willing to act in accordance with your wishes. However; many problems are caused by miscommunication or lack of communication. The results will inevitably lead to misinformation or misunderstanding. If there is no proper absorb the content of the talk, wrong understanding leeway becomes big. We must always be careful not to understand and do not easily misunderstood others in order not to cause unnecessary losses. Communication is the best way to maintain relationships whether it is family or friends. Things regardless of what it was like, and has passed. Each of us to decide their own destiny and future led. And nobody can affect you. We should learn good communication in order to create a better life.