The Importance Of Good Writing For Your Career English Language Essay

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When it comes down to being successful in a career, good to excellent writing skills tend to be among the top requirements. Whatever career a person goes into, including the fast food business, writing skills are a top priority for many reasons. Among the many careers that most would think need a lesser focus on writing is Graphic Design, which in fact has a close relationship with writing. Graphic design involves looking for commissions. Said commissions involve both solo and group work, thus the full design may involve a bit of catchy writing. Each of these parts of the career has its own aspect of writing centered onto it. When a graphic designer is looking for commissions, it's like looking for a job, and so they have to write a clear and impressive resume so they can advertise their abilities and work. Resume writing requires strong writing skills since you are writing to convince and sell to the public. When a designer gets a commission, they have to be able to write the description of what their customer wants just in case he or she needs to get extra help for their work. If the project moves from solo to group work, then it comes down to not only writing a description of what the customer wants, but also the instructions for the members of the group so that they understand what they need to contribute to the design. For the work itself, many projects in graphic design involve a smart, witty, and eye-catching slogan for the public. Thus, the graphic designer needs their "good writing techniques" to be able to come up with these slogans and make them flashy for their customer. In short, a graphic designer absolutely needs good writing skills to be able to properly advertise and produce their work for those who need their abilities.

Commissions are a main source of income within graphic design and as such a good background in legible and descriptive writing is needed. You would think displaying your work from a portfolio or an online gallery would be enough to secure you most of your commissioned work but these days where everyone needs to be good at all aspects of communication to move forward it is now more than ever relevant to have great communication skills. The age of information that we now live in today is one where everyone can know every detail of every event that is going on in the world at any time with a simple click. Naturally, you are expected to be up to date with all situations in the world which is also tied to the world of art.

Which techniques are popular these days, how to manipulate them, making them work for you, what colours work best, how one use of a colour in a design can offset another. There are many different ways of manipulating art work for the sake of getting a commissioned piece to work on.Because of the information age many times your work will be commissioned by people you will never see other than a name on an internet message board or one of the many websites that people go through to look for artists that can feed there idea for a desired commission. One such site, Deviant Art, which is a hub of sorts that helps out graphic designers and other types of artists alike with the unique option of hosting your artwork under a network handle. This network handle is then conveyed to others who browse the site, allowing them to see your artwork and all the different types of pieces you can create. However, that is only for the imagery the other flurry of options which pertain to writing is vast such as commetns on produced work and the techniques used to make the image and the technicalites which come up while working.

Then there's the use of journals; which are broadcast to show previews of your upcoming work or to promote yourself. They describe your mood at the point when your frustration is at its peak while working. This type of writing gives the artist a personality that can be seen through the Internet's facade of anonymity, which gives the commissioner incentive on who to hire. Finally, the exchanging of e-mails or instant messaging to give status updates on the work you are being paid to do over the internet. It gives a quick and easy way to communicate, and with acceptable writing skills it only makes the use of the internet much easier to bear when you're sending updates to clients. While there are clients we do meet face to face, the use of good English writing skills is still needed because everyone today uses the internet as a source of communication and status updates are a must.

The resume is probably the number one thing to have good writing skills for. The plethora of things a graphic designers resume is used for like applying for a job, displaying for commission work, securing a client list, used to show other graphic designers if you are to work in a potential team and to show off your current skill set. It is definitely a plus to have great writing skills, especially when your resume will be passed around as much as a musicians demo CD. You want people to notice your skills and talents.

Securing a job with a resume, employers look for a graphic designer with good writing skills and the obvious use of good grammar and a stocked vocabulary which goes to show you will have a successful time when working with most script based designs. The other thing they look for is experience, which would only be denoted with good writing skills showing exactly what your credentials in the field of graphic design are.

Writing up a resume to display in hopes of reciting commissioned work is critical because like all things in life most people like to look before they buy, and if your resume does not convey excellence and above average workmanship then you will be left with many empty days. A look at your writing also determines much of the work you receive, as stated above about communication through e-mails and though certain sites which allow you to portray your work on the web for all to see.

When working for a company there will be different teams within the work place. Some are actually separated in skill sets so certain teams may be of a lower or higher tier than you currently are. This is why a resume of yourself would be presented to those other teams for group work so people can see how you are able to communicate and will be able to judge you current skill set as well as what you have worked on. Other than this, when being referred to other companies or clients depending on who they are they would normally require a resume sent to them for further examination on whether or not you should be hired. With this you are then compared to other artists in your field with similar skill sets. However, there is one determining factor when deciding who will be picked for the job and it normally comes down to writing skills. Communication issues are the cause of this determining factor in job placement because as much as people think that graphic design is all drawing and no communication, that is completely false. It is all about communication and cleverly so, for complicated designs that need to be done in tiers where communication would be key to having the foresight to realize a finished product, when working with a team.

Finally, the most critical part of ones resume: securing a client list. This is arguably the hardest thing to get done because of all the loopholes and cut throat tactics that need to be used. Securing people to work for is hard because of all the competitors out there. Especially with the wave of everyone owning a copy of photoshop through "less than legal" means, making anyone who has it a "graphic designer". This in turn leads to a huge market undercutting in going rates, making it very difficult to compete as a designer. Unless you have an outstanding resume that can take all of a client's woes away. To build a client list you need to have at least one job done to get more potential clients to view your work. As the conventional way most companies work is by gauging the amount of experience a person has before hiring them. When they see a formal education as being listed and not only being self taught then you tend to garner more respect from the employers which you are trying to be recognized as viable, hireable talent. While being self taught is not bad by any means, employers just like to see that the person is educated and are used to being under pressure so that they can commit to getting work done.

Having good writing skills for building up a comprehensive resume is all it takes to get a good job and many commissioned works. With this skill, after a while, many employers will be contacting the person asking them to work, making a steady workload the norm.

Now this is where having great writing skills really stands out the most: People tend to like catchy phrases, slogans and even when words contrast onto an image. These are all big parts of graphic design, much so because of the pioneers of the art of typography and the use of said type. While typography normally just relates to the look of the words, these days words in different type tend to convey a much better picture when using the correct set of words matched with the right font.

Slogans are arguably one of the more important things for a graphic designer to come up with. However, the majority of the time a slogan is made up it is done by the employing company. Fortunately, it is becoming much more common these days for graphic designers to be the ones who have to come up with slogans because of the relation of slogans to a company logo. Writing comes in handy here for a few reasons. Namely, the composition of a short phrase that describes the logo and the company it is conveying. Stringing together words to get a catchy yet suitable phrase that says whata company is about to the consumer. With this it makes a logo look complete and most often perfect, so much so that the logo would never have to be changed again.

Knowing what a word means can make a or break an advertisement for a product and without a good background in English and a large arsenal of vocabulary to choose from you can easily cause a whole image to be misinterpreted by the masses. As graphic designers, we have to challenge our viewers to think but not have them think to much, a need to strike a balance between clever design and clever use of a word or words is needed. <Making the viewers think is a defining directive in a graphic designer's career as it shows that you can manipulate images, where adding in any word and type of text into that image and have people think what that one word means to the image by the look of the text and the feel of the image, a cryptic example would be an image of a field with the sun clearly shining above in the sky over a children's play park. The image would then be manipulated to look gloomy and the usage of a font that looks soft and does not have many hard edges saying "Sadness". Your mind will immediately go to thinking the image is one of depressing feelings. On the flip side, if that image were to stay as it originally was before the manipulation and an upbeat font were used saying "Happiness forever", the viewer would immediately get the feeling of joy.

This use of words, no matter how simple or cryptic they are, their usage in images can be used to give the viewer a feeling of many different emotions, all based on one or two words that are used in the image for advertiseing. The choice of those words are a product of good writing skills. Every image produced can be used to tell many different stories, and the stories told all depend on the line of text that is used. What message does it portray? How does it convey the message ? Is the message getting across ? These are all things to be considered in the design process. All of these considerations also come with one common thing among them, and that is the use of writing.

In the end it is clear why writing could be and is beneficial to any graphic designer, the main draw of having a good background in writing is that it is a universal tool to have at your disposal regardless of the job. You tend to garner more respect when people know you can read and write and not just slap dashing words into a smorgasbord of words. As pertaining to graphic design good writing is a defining trait to have in our already extensive arsenal of art and design.