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The assessment center helps to the candidate to achieve their desire goal because assessment center can check the ability of the candidates and place them where he is suitable. The first assessment center was built in German to assess or to check the ability of the soldiers during 1st world war. After few years the idea of the assessment center had been change now they use this process to recruit employee for the organization and this method spread all around the world. During the 2nd world war American intelligence services choose this assessment center process again to select the spies. The participants who come for the interview hey observed various personality traits like communication skills, leadership quality and their ability. The exercise helps candidates to built psychological profile and strength. In 1950 the watershed came in American company AT&T, then called Bell Telephone, customized the process of OSS to select the candidates for their organization. The method of Bell Telephone's was just a copy past. The employee joining and the management evaluate them but the entrants and superior not give result of the research and they also do not give any feedback to the candidates for the 10 -year study. The information which they collect is just a waste material and waste of time, that's why the information of the candidates which is collected not affected the outcome. Now a day the assessment center checks the ability of the candidates. The in-tray exercise the candidates contain letters, note and documents. The candidates who take part in this exercise have to balance the tight working schedule. The candidates must take part in group discussion, role play, and one on one interview with the managers, presentation and written test. To assess the behavior of the candidates the assessment center gives personality questionnaires, they assess the way they solve given problem and the emotion and the feeling of the candidates. According to Dr. William C. Byham notes: The assessment center help to assessing the candidates who hold the job but do not get the opportunity to show their behavior and skills which they have. This problem comes when the candidates want the managerial post but for some reason they can not get that position. Now a days the assessment center very popular in organization

because the process is unique. Assessment center is getting popularity in Russia, where the recruitment process is not to good because the highly and talented candidates not get desirable position in organization. In Russia there are many peoples who are very talented and having good qualification and they are instinct to be a good managers, but they haven not get chance to show their abilities.


The assessment center has a large number of definitions and it is used for assessing candidates, how they perform and their capability. The member of the assessment center are well trained, they thoroughly assess the candidates while they doing their exercise. They can easily measure the ability of the candidates. The assessment center is also well known for development center, the use of development center is to hire a new employee for the organization and it is very popular. After the interview the gives feedback to the candidates and the candidates know about their strength and weakness. Most of the organization uses the HR expert to make a pattern of the interview and conducting test to assess candidates. This service is costly that's why organization choose assessment center because assessment center use different technique and testing system for assessing candidates. The duration of the test will vary some time half a day some time two to three days. The candidates who come for the interview they will take part in verity of exercise which is specially designed by the assessment center. Assessment center is the unique and best process for the recruitment.


Assessment center depend on their designed, because the success is linked with the designed how it is, the venue is suitable for the requirement and ensure that the skill and qualities assessed are relevant to the job description. The assessment center has included all the exercise which is mandatory for the recruitment process. The process of the assessment center involves the following steps:

Design of the questionnaires, which is asked from the candidates.

The information of the job analysis

classify to set the competency for the role


Before starting designing the form or content it is important for the assessment or development center to understand the need of the organization and what skills they want from their candidates. It depend on the need of the company, if they have any vacancy for the graduation, then the skill set and the interview is more general but for the higher or managerial post the skills they want much specific.


In the assessment center the management team looking for the attributes and the skills of the candidates to perform their role effectively. Assessment center have a list of competencies to assess the candidates. There are some competencies which is used by the organization which is widely used by the organizations:

group working


communication skills

leadership qualities

customer focus

decision making



behavioral flexibility


There are numbers of exercise in assessment center and development center:

role play


written exercise

group exercises


in-tray task

psychometric test


There are two type of role play; the management team gives them a role of employee or to deal with a dissatisfied customer:


In this type of exercise candidates have to play a role in which he/she have to deal with an awkward costumer and they have to solve their problem, in this recruitment team see the candidates problem solving skills, their verbal communication and ability of the candidates to put forward a persuasive case.


In group exercise there are minimum five candidates playing a role in which the recruitment team check the skill of tem working, negotiating, leadership quality and time managing. In group exercise the candidates work in a group.


Interview is the most common method of recruitment, assessment center use interview for assess candidates in the field which they have requirement, the management team observe that the candidate have any relevant experience or their communication skills if an company or organization need 40 employees in the area of IT, they always look for that candidates who have relevant degree and experience in the same field. It is also very important for the organization when they are conducting interviews they should select the best interviewers, HR or recruitment specialist to the process and operational member of staff because they can offer the best solution.


Assessment center gives a topic to the candidates and they observe the capability of the candidates through their analysis, from their ideas and from their views in this exercise the assessment center come to know that which candidates have the potential to observe the problem and give a suitable solution for that problem and they also check the written communication skills of the candidate.


Group exercise is suitable for when they want to select more than one candidate's at a time, assessment center examine the candidates interpersonal skills, their ability to do work in group, communication skills with the other team members and their leadership quality to convince others.

Assessment center gives a topic related to general interest to the group and the group must discuss before start doing an action. In this exercise the candidates face some challenges and complex task, the purpose of the group exercise in the assessment center to assess the ability to work in a group, communication skills with the group, work under pressure.


Presentation is the best way to assess the candidate's verbal communication skills and their convincing powers how they convince other with their ideas their views. With this presentation exercise the candidates shows their interest and their speed to prepare presentation and present in the specific time.


It is similar like written exercise and very common in assessment center, in this test management team give paperwork to the candidates in which they have to choose the appropriate option in which they are fit. Now a days there a lots of organization modified this exercise and they put their questionnaires online. It is mostly used for the selection of the senior managerial post. The exam is for about an hour in which the candidates have to read the question and answer them.


Psychometric test is required for measuring the ability and personality characteristic. This must be expensive test because the company hire external consultant and qualified assessors, they give feedback to candidates. There are two types of test for the different purpose:


Ability test is used for the filter out the candidates because there are lots of candidates, who do not have any relevant qualification and skills in the related area in which the management team looking for, with this they filter out those candidates who are capable for the job and having relevant job experience.


It is a face to face interview in which the candidates should have to answers the questions of the management team, they measure that the candidate is suitable for the job or not and they assess the behavior, attitude and opinion of the candidates, if they found that the candidates is capable for the job then they hire them.

Above these exercise is the process of the assessment center with the help of this exercise the management team select the suitable candidates for the vacancies they have in their organization.


The assessment center is used for selecting candidates which is suitable for the job, succession planning. In assessment center in management team can identify the candidates which is suitable for the job. The assessment center selects the right candidates for the right role. The assessment center is not only for the interviews to select or assess the candidates; they also use variety of exercises to judge the candidates.


After establishing the assessment center structure and their contents, which they were using in their recruitment process, the management team thinks about the organizing, administering and physically implementing to add. The assessment center implemented several processes and these processes were he modified to fulfill need the clients and it also help to provide the necessary decision-making information. The assessment tools help out to selecting the candidates into a career growth plan. It is important to decide the venue, the duration and size of the interview.


The company or an organization must decide their venue where they can hold an assessment center. Most of the organization chooses their property for the assessment center as a local venue and the advantages this arrangement is that the candidates who come for the interview they can observe the environment of the company and after getting job they can easily adopt the surrounding because they are familiar with that. And the other reason is that it is cheaper because if the organization rented a place or hotels for conducting interviews they spend money for the place, for the recruitment team and on the meal etc.


It is important to manage the size of the candidate who comes for the interview the normal strength of the candidates is six to twelve at a time and the assessment center proved accommodation to the candidates who comes for the interview. It is significant to decide that how many candidates to accommodate and the number of the management team members are available so they can arrange the accommodation but it would be trouble for them if they invite large number of candidates because if they invite large group for the interview then they will arrange more room for them. If the candidates are more them the quality of the will be poor because it is difficult to manage and observe them, the management team can not give enough time to the candidate and it is hard to decide that which candidate is good. The pre screening process is very useful for the assessment center because it is very expensive so the candidates who come for the interview they can get a fair chance to be successful. With pre-screening assessment center can save their precious time, they save the profile of the candidates who come for the interview, so the candidates did attended the previous interview they will not attend again with this the other candidates get the chance to show their capabilities.


The duration of the interview varies time to time some time it would be for half a day and some time two to three days. If the organization wants to assess the candidates carefully then the duration of the interview gets longer for the exercises to be complete. The duration should be extending when the assessment center is conducting interviews for the higher post or the managerial level. If the interview goes longer then the assessment center provides accommodation to the candidates.


The assessment center is more successful then the other method of recruiting the candidates because the assessment center use their own techniques of the recruitment. The design of the assessment center and its implementation is the reason of the success. The exercises of the assessment center help them to assess them carefully. The one big reason is that the observers of the assessment center who taking interview are well trained and they can evaluate the competencies in the candidates. Before getting the job the candidates obtain a clear image of the job.


The advantage of the assessment center is very use full because the techniques they used is very useful to collect more information of the candidates who comes for the interview and they assess the candidates that they have capability and suitable for the job. The management satisfied with the interviews. The exercise which is given by the management team to the candidates is closely related to the job and the assessor gets talented candidates for the vacancies they have in their organization. The candidates which is not satisfied with the work because they get preview of the job while giving interview, so if it is not satisfied with that they can easily leave that competition. With the help of assessment center organization obtain huge amount of excellent and talented candidates and it is not risky because they assess the candidate's carefully. In the recruitment process the line manager help the management team to take decision. They provide the training to the candidates, so they got job it is helpful for the organization because the candidate whom they choose they know every thing about the job in advance.


The assessment center process is expensive that is the most negative point, the management spend on staff and they will provide accommodation to the candidates. This process will take three days to complete and select the candidates; on day one the management team gives training to the candidates and on the next day they assess the candidates from how they perform in their given exercises and on the last day the management team has to select candidates which is suitable to their requirement. If the management took the wrong decision then the money and the time they spend in the recruitment process was wasted.


The validity of the assessment center is depend on the face and content validity, if the designing of the assessment center is depend on job description, the staff members of the assessment center are trained so they can select the best candidates for the organization and the assessment center using the competencies for the recruitment process and graded the candidates on the competencies. If all the above features are in assessment center then the validity of that assessment center is good then other centers. The assessment center is concern about their construction and criterion validity and if the analysis of the job is done properly then the validities of the assessment center is on high. Validity also measure from the feedback from the candidates, the management team who conducting interviews how they conduct and the exercise which they give to the candidates when they comes for the interview.


To conclude this topic the assessment center is the best way for recruitment. The exercisers helps the assessor or he management team to identify the potential of the candidates and in organization where they were fit. This process is expensive but the quality of filter the candidates is excellent because the management team or the assessors are professional and trained they assess very well. The exercise which the assessment center used for the recruitment process is different from the normal interview method which is taken by the HR personals.