The Formative Assessment In Oral English Teaching English Language Essay


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"When the cook tastes the soup, that's formative. When the guests taste the soup, that's summative."(Robert Stakes). Summative assessment, which is generally taken at the end of the course, is to provide a measure of how well a student has succeeded. Formative assessment, on the other hand, is to improve both teaching and learning. Not only can it help students to improve their learning process and progress rather than attach too much emphasis on the last scores,but also can meet diverse needs of the students to adapt teaching and stimulate the quality of teaching.

The application of formative assessment in Oral English Teaching can effectively make up for the drawbacks of summative assessment and strengthen students' autonomous learning ability. Moreover, direct feedback can be given to oral English teaching and the teacher can use the positive feedback to monitor students' learning progress and process.

A valid and reliable assessment requires the efforts of both the teacher and students. From the teacher's assessment, they can identify the students' shortcoming s and adjust teaching in order to make the class more effective. When students assess their own and group members' performance in the oral activities on the basis of the rubrics , they can see the necessity of improvement and possibility of progress . I n that case, they can reflect and find out their own drawback s on their learning.


Start by introduc ing the traveling topic and asking students what their favorite place they have visited is. Then, ask them what happens when they go to a place of interest and create a travel brochure in groups. Divide them in groups of 3 and ask them to make a role-play with scenarios between a tour guide and two tourists. Lastly, students perform the role play in groups and conduct their oral activity in front of the whole class.



4Excellent 3Proficient 2Adequate 1Limited

Rubric for Travel Brochure Design


4___ excellent format and well organized information

3___ appropriate format and properly organized information

2___ random format and disorderly organized information

1___ format and organized information confuse the reader


4___ communicates relevant ideas effectively

3___ communicates relevant ideas appropriately

2___ communicates irrelevant information or inappropriately ideas

1___ communicates irrelevant information and inappropriately ideas


4___ complete sentences, correct c apitalization and punctuation in all of the writing

3___complete sentences, correct c apitalization and punctuation in most of the writing

2___complete sentences, correct c apitalization and punctuation in some of the writing

1___complete sentences, correct c apitalization and punctuation are not in most of the writing


4___ an excellent mix of text and graphics.

3___ graphics distract from the text.

2___too few graphics in text

1___ graphics randomly chosen in text

Assessments used in the Role-Play activity formatively: Self, Peer and Teacher's Assessment.

Self Assessing

Self-assessment is a vital component of formative assessment. In this activity, students are required to assess their own performance in oral activities. Teacher sets down the assessment methods and criteria, and then students assess their own performance. In the self-assessment, not only the strengths, but also the weaknesses should be found out . Students can reflect their study process, and they can gradually realize their progress and insufficiencies of study, so that they can improve their learning and self-assessment ability.

Peer Assessing

Peer-assessment is an essential complement to self-assessment. While the students cooperate to accomplish the tasks in team work , they assess their group member's performance according to the criteria in the same time . This process enables them to learn from each other. A fter the role play , s tudents are required to hand in their peer-assessment. The whole class can participate in the assessment process, so they can put forward more suggestions to each other so as to enrich the content of assessment. Peer-assessment and self-assessment can both help students understand how their oral ability might be improved.

Teacher Assessing

Teacher gives remarks to students' performance according to assessment criteria, and points out the good s and bads of their performance. The information can be utilized to guide and adjust teaching. Students' performance can be assessed in class so that the whole class can assess students' performance more pertinent ly .

Rubrics for Role-playing

Part 1

Self-Assessment : Evaluate yourself honestly based on the following criteria:

I clearly understand the role play .

4__Always 3__Often 2__Sometimes 1__Rarely

I use my effort s to enhance the role play.

4__Always 3__Often 2__Sometimes 1__Rarely

I share the work with others to complete the role play.

4__Always 3__Often 2__Sometimes 1__Rarely

I listen carefully to other group members' opinions .

4__Always 3__Often 2__Sometimes 1__Rarely

I explain step by step how to fullfill the role play .

4__Always 3__Often 2__Sometimes 1__Rarely

I challenge each other's reasoning and search for new information and understanding.

4__Always 3__Often 2__Sometimes 1__Rarely

I devote my contribution to the role play.

4__Always 3__Often 2__Sometimes 1__Rarely

I learn something meaningful during this role play.

4__Always 3__Often 2__Sometimes 1__Rarely

Part 2

Peer Assessment: Evaluate each member of your group honestly based on the following criteria:


4___Highly motivated

3___Motivated to do well

2___Not very motivated

1___Very little motivated


4___Cooperated with every member in the group

3___Cooperated most of members in the group

2___Trouble cooperating some of members in the group

1___ uncooperative with others in the group


4___Always concentrated

3___Quite well concentrated

2___Sometimes off concentration

1___Often off concentration


4___Always helped and encouraged other group members

3___Often helped and encouraged other group members

2___Sometimes helped and encouraged other group members

1___Rarely helped and encouraged other group members

Part 3

Teacher's Assessment

Name: ______________________________ Date: _____________________

Role played: _____________________


4___Always willing and focused during role play activity .

3___Usually willing and focused during role play activity .

2___Sometimes willing and focused during role play activity .

1___Rarely willing and focused during role play activity .


4___ Character's feelings and motives are convincingly commuciated

3___ Character's feelings and motives are competently commuciated

2___ Character's feelings and motives are a dequately commuciated

1___Limited communication of character's feelings and motives


4___Purpose is clearly created and effectively stayed.

3___Purpose is clearly created and generally stayed.

2___Purpose is created but may not be stayed.

1___Purpose is vaguely created and may not be stayed.

Non-Verbal Cues ( body language , costume)

4___Impressive non-verbal cues are exemplarily used

3___Proficient non-verbal cues are appropiately used

2___Satisfactory non-verbal cues are acceptable used

1___Limited non-verbal cues are used



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