The Electronic Classroom Environment English Language Essay


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Students Learn Better in an Electronic Classroom Environment. The modern world requires that learning changes with the fast paced electronic world. Such environments demonstrate better techniques than the traditional way of teaching fails to demonstrate. An electronic classroom environment has a number of advantages that are useful in the learning process of the students. For instance, such a class is beneficial to learning because it promotes visual presentations, interactivity, dimensional graphics, and animations, among other benefits (Shneiderman, Borkowski, and Alavi). The essay below demonstrates an argument that supports the electronic classroom environment.

It is better for students to learn in an electronic classroom environment since the environment is self-paced for the students. In such a learning environment, students are given the chance of focusing on the parts of the instructions that they may have problems with. In a non-electronic set-up, a teacher may come to class and dictate the instructions to students but some of the students may not focus on the instructions given (James).

Another benefit of an electronic classroom environment is the fact that the use of computers is fast and time saving. For instance, when teachers use projectors to teach, they tend to save more time that they could use to write the notes on the blackboard with chalk. Writing teaching notes on the blackboard takes more time and is slow. Therefore, an electronic classroom is an efficient environment for students to learn.

The flexibility of an electronic classroom environment is an advantage to the learning process of the students. This is so because students are allowed to access any learning information whenever they want even when their teachers are not available. This is unlike a non-electronic classroom environment that if a student wants certain information, they have to look for the teacher for clarification, which is time consuming. Thus, the electronic classroom environment is the better option for the learning process of students.

With an electronic classroom environment, it is easier for teachers to track and keep record of the progress of each student in the class. This makes it easy for the teacher to evaluate the performance of their students when the records are kept in a computer system. In such an environment students tend to work extra hard in their academics so that they may have clean academic records. A classroom with no computers makes it hard for teachers to keep records and track the learning trends of their students. This is a concrete reason as to why an electronic classroom is better for students to learn (Holley-Williams).

The ability of teachers to interact with a larger group of students in a single sitting is another benefit of learning in an electronic classroom environment. This makes it possible for students to make automatic revision in their class work through the interaction they have with the teacher. This gives students an easy time to interact with the teachers during the learning process.

An electronic classroom environment gives students a chance of accessing information taught in the previous course. For instance, when the course content of the current course is similar to the previous course content, students can be able to refer to the previous content for clarification instead of looking for the teacher to give a clarification. Most lectures always rely on the concepts and data, which are introduced in previous lectures, electronic files, allows repeated reference to material that was taught previously. This gives an advantage to the learning process of students in an electronic classroom environment.

An electronic classroom environment makes it easy for students to store and retrieve their lecture notes on a floppy disc. This reduces the bulk of carrying books for the students that make them tire all day long. This is advantageous because it reduces the risk of students losing their lecture notes when they carry their books to and from school (Shneiderman, Borkowski, and Alavi). Therefore, it is important for students to learn in an electronic classroom environment than learning in a non-electronic classroom environment.

An electronic classroom environment makes the learning process for the student an efficient process. This is so because students are able to interact online with their teachers at any time they want. They may do this through sending their questions to the teacher via email. This makes the learning process an easy task for the students. Therefore, an electronic classroom environment is better for students to learn.

It is better for students to learn in an electronic classroom environment because such an environment boosts the researching skills of the students. When teachers give out assignments to students, they tend to handle the assignments efficiently with the help of researching through the Internet. Students are usually given instructions on how to carry out research in a proper manner that suits an electronic environment. This is a clear indication that an electronic classroom environment is suitable for the learning process of students.

An electronic classroom environment is suitable for students to learn because of the availability of the Internet based class pages. Such pages are created specifically to give out information to all students in the class about the class schedule, which includes class assignments. The Internet based class pages are helpful in the provision of a central location for out of class discussion and questions.

An electronic classroom environment gives room for online instructions by the teacher, which is beneficial to the learning process of the student. For instance, online instruction broadens the depth of engagement with curricular content among the students. Studies have indicated that the depth of students’ engagement in curricular content is usually higher when they articulate their thoughts online. Therefore, an electronic classroom environment helps students to acquire a much deeper sense of thought (Holley-Williams).

An electronic classroom environment allows more time for students to interact one on one with the teacher. This is unlike when the teacher comes to class and teaches the whole class using the blackboard. In such a situation, the teacher does not get the attention of one student but all the students in the class, which makes it hard for the teacher to attend to a weak student. In an electronic class, a weak student may get more attention from the teacher through the interaction the two may have. (Shneiderman, Borkowski, and Alavi).

In a nutshell, it goes without saying that he modern way of learning’s much more advantageous that the traditional way. An electronic classroom engages each student in a more wholistic way yet it is fasterand more efficient. It uis therefore encouraged tht the schools take up e-learning.

Why The Topic Was Chosen:

The topic ‘Students Learn Better in an Electronic Classroom Environment’ was selected due to a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that the issue of technology is one issue that the world is embracing. Currently technology is an aspect that majority of institutions in the world are embracing in running their daily activities. Therefore, it is important for schools to take into account the issue of electronic classrooms in order to catch up with the ever-growing technology industry in the world.

Another reason for selecting this topic is the fact that students in the world should be exposed to the technology world. Therefore, it is important for schools to prepare students in the technology world by including the electronic classroom aspect in their curriculum. This topic has clearly stated the benefits of an electronic classroom environment for the students.

The topic was also selected based on the perception of which learning environment is considered better for learning process for students. In some of the schools, students do not attend electronic classrooms and their class performance is always poor. This was in contrast to the electronic classroom environments where they were applied and which seemed to be successful. The topic was aimed at addressing the benefits of attending an electronic classroom for better performance of the students.

Another reason for choosing this topic is that some of the learning institutions are against an electronic classroom environment in the sense that such an environment distracts students from grasping what their teachers teach them. The discussion on this particular topic tends to enlighten such institutions on the benefits of an electronic classroom for the better learning of the students.

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