The Culture Shock Happens English Language Essay

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2. Is African American vernacular English (sometimes derisively called Ebonics) a language or a dialect. Some claim it would be considered a language if its speakers had more power. As the linguist Max Weinreich says, "A language is a dialect with an army and a navy."

3. Discuss whether you think our society has too much ethnocentrism or too much cultural relativism. More liberal people tend to make the first claim, more conservative people the second. 

4. Should immigrant youngsters be taught in their native language or English...or both. 

5. Discuss the ways that cross-cultural understanding can help you in the career you wish to pursue


1. In our daily life we meet different kind of people, people from different cultures, and different class of lives. Then we have to deal with them, talk to them and some times live with them as well. There are some examples from my own life. When I went to UK for my studies, there I confront so many people form different countries, different religions, having different way of life and different cultures. It was hard for me to adjust but I managed in start. Then after some time I felt that it's good to meet people from different lives, different cultures, because it increases the knowledge about the different culture in the world and different beliefs. In early days I felt very out of place but by passing of time I get used to the environment and people near me. Culture shock is a natural occurrence, so there is nothing to feel embarrassed about such uncomfortable feelings. It depends on how you deal with such situations and that will determine how successful your overseas experience will be, especially when you are out there for education at the same time.

2. African American vernacular English is a dialect of American English utilized by numerous African Americans in certain circumstances and settings. Like other dialects of English, African American English is a systematic, normal dialect kind that compares with other dialects in terms of its vocabulary, syntax and articulation.

If the speaker of this language had more power or they had maximum number of population it would be consider as language not the dialect. It is different from American English because of the accent of the speakers and also some grammatical changes. e.g. in African American vernacular English He tall. - Which is in American English He is tall. The speakers of the African American vernacular English has a unique way of using words while taking. They shortens the words while speaking like been replaced by bin and also brings change in tenses like in African American vernacular English He walk. - Which is in American English "He walks."

3. Today there are infinite numbers of societies in the world. Each society consists has a unique elements of culture of its own. Cultures are the norms, values, material goods and characteristics of a given society. In every society in the world has an ethnocentric attitude and according to the ethnocentricity the culture of your own is superior on all other cultures. It is very important to acquire a sense of cultural relativism because of ethnocentric attitude in our societies. Cultural relativism and ethnocentricity are very much different from each other. Ethnocentrism is the act of belief that the culture is inferior to their own, and minimizing the other cultures based on one's own culture standards. Sociologists believe that Ethnocentrism could create false assumptions about the cultural differences. Communication can be distorted between the human populations because of ethnocentrism. In ethnocentric societies, they contempt the other society of different cultures and show pride of their culture rather unnecessary amount of pride.

4. Bilingual education, which is by definition means teaching some one to be fluent in two different languages. There are to schools of thought, one says that immigrants should be taught in English and for which bilingual education is very important. And second says that it is difficult for the immigrant students to learn English so fast and correctly without using there native language in teaching methods. In America there are number of immigrant students are growing in schools and teaching problems are growing as well. One advantage of teaching immigrant students in English is that English is a universal language, where ever you go in the world English is the only language which can be understood. So teaching immigrant students in English would help them in that way also. But still after all the advantages there is a problem of how to teach them so quickly so that they would able to attend the class that is taught in English only.

5. Today we are working with people of contrasts, dealing with the customers from all over the world so pursue the career you wished for, cross-cultural understanding is very important. The ability dealing with people from different cultures is one of the many ways to pursue the career you wished for. Communication with employees and staff is very important in any job, and it becomes difficult when you have to communicate to the people from different culture and language. Learning native language can be a good start to improve intercultural skills of communication but may be its not enough and it wont be so helpful if expatriate is on a short-term contract so a mere greeting in native language or you should be able to say thank you or your welcome kind of sentences projects openness and respect. Competently picking up on nonverbal cues is furthermore an important part of getting to know how other heritage express subtle notes