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Steve Jobs presentation is very much like a dramatic play a finely crafted and well rehearsed performance that informs, entertains and inspires. He is motivated by zeal to change the world. Capture that passion and turn it into a story that people will want to help you to achieve your vision.

Do not let your ideas die because you failed to present them in a way that sparked the imagination of your listeners.

Here are the few techniques which help in business presentations:

Create the experience

Don't just talk about your product features and benefits; everyone does that instead craft an exciting story around the brand. To achieve this apply following practice.

Plan and create ideas in analog well before using the presentation software.

Answer the one question that matter in audience or listeners mind "why should I care". Nobody cares about your presentation. They only care about how your product or service or presentation will improve their lives. Make the connection for your listeners. Don't leave them guessing.

Have an intense drive and zeal - whatever drives you, express it enthusiastically every time, you give presentation. Let people know without question your heart and soul are in whatever you are doing. Be genuinely passionate about your service, your product, your company or your cause.

Develop short messages- do not leave the creation of a memorable headline to chance create one sentence vision statement.

Always identify an enemy you are going against - for an example , when apple introduced the I phone, Steve jobs suggested all the existing handset appeared by the Smartphone were too frustrating, he suggested this was a category which badly needed to be reinvented and therefore apple's new product launches in this way.

Don't forget your intermission every ten minutes or so.

Always or try to use the rule of three

Introduce three points you are talking about

Introduce first point and explain Explain second Explain third

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Picture showing presentation in a meeting

2) Deliver the experience- Transform your presentation from a dry show and transform into a visually appealing experience which people enjoy more like a movie. To achieve this apply following techniques-

a) Make your visuals simple ,highly visual and by completely engaging as stated by Leonardo Da Vinci simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and Jack Welch, former CEO , general electric "insecure manager create complexity", by these statement we can see presentation should be as simple as possible.

b) Bring statistics to life but providing a contextual framework people can use i.e. take raw numbers and put into some context that the listeners will understand. This may involve using analogies to make the numbers seems specific and relevant. Data can and should be used to support the theme.

c) Enhanced interesting and memorable words into your presentation - while giving presentation use simple clear and direct language like Steve jobs. For example when asked about the interface of apple's new operating system, Jobs replied "we made the buttons on the screen look so good, you will want to lick them".

d) Treat your presentation like an orchestral performance and share stage with partners of there in one thing people crave, its variety, guest speakers, in particular can inject a huge dollop of credibility into a presentation. Or one can do various things such as get real line customer, share the stage with media, and get industry experts.

e) Use props an actual product demonstration for maximum sizzle - demonstration work in presentation is important because many people are visual learners.

Have one definitive "holy mackerel" moment in your presentation and build to it.

Do not forget second intermission - the intermission is very important as because you can hope to hold people attention.

3 ) Refine and Rehearse

Pay attention to all your non verbal clues and then practice until you can make your presentation sound natural and conversational. To achieve this apply following points-

Never forget how you say something is just as important as what you say, if not more so. This can be done by doing following practices-

Maintain great eye contact with the listeners even when doing a demonstration or something else.

Always have an open posture, i.e. place nothing between yourself and the audience.

Use effective hand gestures .use them to highlight important points and to avoid looking stiff, formal or uncomfortable.

When it comes to business presentation the way you deliver your material is important. It can mean the difference between being riveting and downright boring.

Rehearse and then rehearse some more until you can make it look effortless- if we want to give as good a presentation as Steve Jobs , one should start working on his/her presentation weeks in advance . Be single minded and completely dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and refuse to accept anything else.

Dress to convey the impression you are trying to make-

Always dress a little bit better than everyone else in the room because that is what leaders do. If you are looking for funding, you should dress like banker, if you are looking for sales, you should dress like professionally; have clothes which align with your organizational culture.

Become polished enough that you speak to the audience and not to your slides. Poor communication read from their slides and bore their audiences, smart presenter like Steve jobs engage the audience in a casual conversation and the slides are there just to illustrate what being talked about.

Have fun even when things go wrong- if you give lots of presentation, sooner or later things will go wrong, your data projector will blow a bulb , your clicker will stop working, when that happens, have some fun. If you have prepared thoroughly, smile, make a few appropriate comments and keep moving on.

Finally in last always end with a bang - have an encore which is legendry like" one more thing" etc Steve jobs is famous for keeping his audience guessing. Frequently, he will save the biggest surprise and best item for last. But it should not be used frequently because it will then lose its effectiveness.

Jobs speech reveals the secrets to his success as a business leaders and communicator. Do what you love and dedicate yourself to the passionate pursuit of excellence, whether it's designing a new computer or introducing new gadget. Jobs has followed his heart his whole life and similarly one should follow himself to captivate your audience. Also make sure of the following:

Plan your presentation with pen and paper.

Create a single sentence description for every service/idea.

Create visual slides.

There were no bullet points in a Steve Jobs' presentation. Instead he relied on photographs and images.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the Mac book Air, Apple's ultra-thin notebook computer, he showed a slide of the computer fittingĀ inside a manila inter-office envelope. Keep your presentation that simple.

Use plain English.

Practice, practice, practice.

Steve Jobs spent hours rehearsing every facet of his presentation.

Every slide was written like a piece of poetry, every presentation staged like a theatrical experience. Steve Jobs made a presentation look effortless but that polish came after hours and hours of arduous practice.


With as many businesses growing globally, and as companies grow larger and more unreserved, it is essential to make sure that employees and teams are provided with the information they need to complete their tasks. It is very important that leaders and employees come together to produce quality and good work. The most primary way that this association occurs is through the implementation of business presentations.

Business presentations are forums that allow for the group effort of information, and are today used across the globe. Conventionally, business presentations consist of a presenter going before a group of equals. Typically, presentation method and presentation software are used to present visual aids. The presenter then presents the details of the topic that was assigned, and concludes by answering questions from his colleagues.

Although business presentations are analogous in structure, presentations can take place in various locations. For some, the business meeting may take place in a meeting room with attendees sitting just feet from one another.

For others, the meeting may take place on different continents, with members coming together through the use of groupware such as desktop sharing to view a business presentation on a remote desktop screen. But no matter the distance, business presentations are necessary to imparting information to workers.


All and sundry can gain from business presentations. When planning a presentation it is significant to modify it to fit the audience. For instance, you wouldn't have a member of the janitorial employees attending a presentation on a merger - just one of several presentation tip to consider. As long as the information in the presentation is relevant to all attendees, everyone can have advantage.


There are innumerable instance where business presentations would be valuable for companies. Because companies work more proficiently and efficiently when everyday jobs are divided, many people don't know the details of other people's projects. It is important to bring everyone together to continue moving toward a common objective.

There are many instances when a presentation could be used. A presentation could be important if a company is being updated, when new business software is being implemented, or for a sales and marketing training session.

Although business presentations are helpful, they can also be pricey when they include travel expenses. Sometimes it can be more efficient to use a collaboration tool or a form of online collaboration method in these instances, such as remote access or web conferencing software.

You obtain all of the benefits of a presentation, yet are able to leave out all of the costs and the time lost while traveling. Business presentations are an outstanding way to maintain the flow of information within a company.


Steve Jobs knew that there is more memorable than six or eight. You might have twenty points to make about your presentation, but your audience is only capable of holding three or four points in short term memory. Give them too many points and they'll forget everything. Hence only use three or four points at a time to explain your effort.

Every new business presentation should do three things:


Educate and


IN LAST - Every day, human resources of various companies around the world find themselves in career-defining speaking situations. Presentations like these often involve high stakes and are presented to busy people with the power to control careers.

Different business presentations can make or break your career. The technical seminar, a clear-cut presentation to let somebody know, can cause trouble if you lose your audience. For the proposal, you must backer an idea, product or course of action, and persuade others to agree. You may have to present complex material to non technical people.

Thus Business is nothing but all about selling - a product, topic or concept. When making a business presentation, the most significant thing is to know your material. If you do not know everything about what you are selling, it is not likely that the listeners will be buying.

Keep your viewers listen carefully and interested. Making efficient business presentations takes practice, but with a few tips up your sleeve, you are ready to take on the challenge.