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What is the definition of business communication?Business communication is the communication between the people in the organization for the purpose of carrying out business activities. it may be oral, verbal, written,non-verbal,graphic and etc… A business can flourishing when all the objectives of the organization are achieved effectively. In an efficient organization all the people whether inside or outside of the company must be able to convey their message properly. To exchange or share their idea and understand the inside and outside of the company, to achieve the goals of the company is know as business communication. Communication requirement is all area have common method of communication. We have verbal communication and non-verbal communication

Verbal communication is a common communication to people,it can through way of ways of voice and written to communicate.Voice communication is through difference language,tone of voice,voice accents,voice pitch and etc…to communicate with people,voice communication can be express the meaning of ourselves very clearly .Written communication is communication by means of written symbols either printed or handwritten.People can through the word to feel the feeling of the writer,and can be more likely to remember.

Non-verbal communication is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless messages.Some message can be communicate through body language,touch,eye contact.


I agree verbal communication and nonverbal communication are important than written communication.In this age of advanced technology, everyone can use a variety of methods to communicate. A variety of methods including verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and written communication. Verbal communication is use oral, Oral communication and speech. The process of sending and receiving messages with words, including writing and sign language. We can receive each information from the words. The words in different language have different meaning, the combination of different words have different meaning. In chinese we can use a lot of words to send information, from the words we can receive the message more clearly. Non-verbal communication is communication component that does not include words. It is include gestures, glances, postures, movements, tone of voice, etc. It is conveying messages through body language, such as eye contact, facial expression, posture, gestures, and touching. That kind of communication is easy for us to communicate, we only need to make some action people will understand what I mean. For example on the road we can see some signboard, that signboard is to told some information for us when we see the sign board we will automatically understand the meaning. Above communication way is important than written communication, written communication is by means of written symbols either are printed or handwritten.That is present by words black and white,we can see the words clearly.But written communication disadvantage of written communication is that you may not have immediate response or feedback,you may need some time to write the message.Written communication is need material to write a message,a message maybe is write by pen,computer and handphone,in time of emergency we maybe cannot send the message.Written communication is can make a message more clearly but not convenience for who is busy and don't have superfluous time.

Misunderstanding communication is lack of clear or adequate communication.When we communicate with someone,sometime will talk a message lack of clear or adequate.Interpersonal communication is mainly through verbal communication, nonverbal communication and written communication.When we communication with each other must use right communication way to communicate,if use wrong way to communicate will cause miscommunicate.For verbal communication is use words to communicate,the means of the language is by the combine words.A words when combine with another words will come out different meaning,when communication must be used correctly.We must communication with clear and adequate.If used correct way to communicate,so can prevent miscommunication.Then,an unclear or inadequate communication also is a factor cause the miscommunication.Some people will use short words to send their information,but the short words can cause the receiver not understand or cannot receive the message clearly.Clearly message is a best way to prevent miscommunication.

Question 1:Verbal communication &non-verbal communication are more important today than written communication.Do you agree/disagee?Justify your answer.

Verbal communication and non-verbal communication are more important today than written communication.A basic of communication is the interaction between people.Verbal communication is communicate by face-to-face,some key of the verbal communication is are sound, words, speaking, and language.From our born we have vocal cords,vocal cord we use to produce sound. In the process of growing children will learn how to use their sounds into words. Some words may be to imitate natural sounds, but some people is the voice comes from the expression of emotion,such as laughter or crying. There is no single meaning of the word, Only human beings can give meaning to words. As meaning is assigned to words, language develops, which leads to the development of speaking. The actual origin of language is subject to considerable speculation. Some theorists believe it is an outgrowth of group activities such as working together or dancing. Others believe that language developed from basic sounds and gestures.

Non-verbal communication is produce by the language communication. Is through body movements, posture, tone, distance, etc.the process to exchange information, to communicate. In the communication process, the information is usually expressed through language. Rather than the non-verbal language is to provide an explanation for the content as a framework to express the relevant parts of the information. There are many characteristics of non-verbal communication .The mark up such as the deaf sign language, semaphore, traffic police command gesture, the referee's gestures, as well as the usual number of people ideographic gestures, such as "OK" and the victory "V" and so on. Such as the Christian cross, the crescent of Islam, the dollar $ sign and the identity of many modern enterprises. For example, in the process of eating can reflect a person's culture and cultivation;a customer in the queue¼ŒHe kept the coins in your pocket fetch dingdang ring, a clear indication that he was very anxious. At the counter, pick up and down, showing that she cannot decide. Items placed in the office is always neat people can see that he is a neat and efficient person; dressing pursuit of texture, do not run with the fashion, such people must have a quality taste. The form of nonverbal communication is eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture and body language, physical contact, spatial distance.Written communication is by means of written symbols either are printed or handwritten.That is present by words black and white,we can see the words clearly Written communication is need material to write a message,a message maybe is write by pen,computer and handphone,in time of emergency we maybe cannot send the message.

Verbal communication have a lot of advantages.In the verbal communication we have the opportunity to quickly get feedback to ensure understanding of information. We can save time to explain the information we communicate, People from our language to get the right information. We have the opportunity to utilize nonverbal cues (tone, body language, inflection),some of the non-verbal communication can misunderstanding the meaning,so that verbal communication can explain the correct meaning of the information. Verbal communication is a faster way we use to interaction with each other,no matter what place in what time.In this age of advanced technology, we can through the sound to convey information by phone and computer.What ever in any country, we all care about each other through voice to friends and relatives to distant worry. It is less expensive to interact with people,we use our nature resource "sound" to communicate,it is free change. It is more easier to understand a conversation than some other multimedia means of communication,through words, we can better understand the details of the matter.If we only see picture or some what,some time we can misunderstanding the real meaning.Example from the television we can receive some information from news,the news anchor will explaine the news for audience understand the news. During a verbal communication you can utilize nonverbal cues such as tone, body language, inflection.Those action can make the verbal communication more interesting,the audience will more careful to listening what I saying. You can have long conversations. And does not require lots of repetitions. Because it is clear.For the non-verbal communication it is waste of time,because non-verbal communication must see by eye but the verbal communication can send the message through air.

Non-verbal communication also have many advantages.It can communicate with the someone who is hard of hearing of deaf. We cannot use sound to communicate with them,they will cannot receive the message clearly or cannot hear.Sign language is the best way to communicate with hard of hearing of deaf,for example: "when we want call them to eat,we can pretend hand is spoon and put into mouth mean is eat." You can communicate at the place where is need to maintain silent.For example in the library we must keep silent,when we want communicate can use gesture; body language or posture; facial expression and eye contact,so that we will not interference other people.You can communicate something which you don't want others to hear or listen to.For example I want talk some secret to my friend but I don't want let other people know what I talking about to my friend,so I use body language talk to my friend.You can communicate if you are far away from a person,the person can see but cannot hear you.For example if a piece of glass separate sender and receiver,we cannot hear any sound to communicate,so we use gesture; body language or posture; facial expression and eye contact to communicate.

Non-verbal communication makes conversation short and brief.We use some sign language can show our mood from two finger mean is "ya",palm mean is "give me five".We not need use long sentence to show the meaning we want to saying.You can save on time and use it as a tool to communicate with poeple who don't understand your language.For example if I'm a Chinese I want communicate with Indian but I do know how to say indian language,so I use sign language then the Indian can understand what I want try to saying.Non-verbal communication you can use when verbal communication you cannot use.If one day I become dumb,I cannot use voice to communicate.If hand disability I cannot use hand to write,so I use non-verbal way to communicate.People with disabilities can have use non-verbal way to communicate.Eye contact is very important in many type of communication.Non-verbal communication is include eyes,eyes can express the emotion of a person.For example:angry,sad,happy and galdness.When we communicate with a person,we have use eye to communicate.From eyes,we can know the emotion of a person.Human automatic will have body language,the body language is don't have fixed action.Different people will have different body language,so different action in everyone mind have different meaning.Gesture is a type of non-verbal,we can use hand to point direction.For example if I want call people come forward,I use sign language to communicate.We only need use gesture to communicate,we do not need use verbal way to talk.

Verbal communication and non-verbal communication are important than written communication.The main advantages of verbal communication and non-verbal communication is can save a lot of time,we don't need to send a message by written communication verbal communication and non-verbal communication help us to save a lot of time.Way of communication in our live is most important,the objective of communication is to communicate with each other.In the social,whatever is in business communicate or common communicate we must give the correct message.If we don't give correct message can cause misunderstandings.For example: "I say I want apple,but my father take an apple for me.In fact,I want my cat it name is "apple"".

Verbal communication and non-verbal communication are very important,we always use them to communicate.If we don't have any way to communicate we cannot express sentiment,cannot to do anything whatever in business or living.Communication of each other is very important,a people is difficult to communicate naturally that person will have rarely friend.Verbal communication is use word to send message.Verbal communication is use language and vocal cord to send the message,different country have different culture to communicate.

Non-verbal communication is through graphic,signboard,or some thing we can see by eyes and so on…..We can through picture to receive the message.But picture have disadvantage,different people have different mind so everyone will receive different message from the picture.Non-verbal is include gestures, glances, postures, movements, tone of voice, etc.It is conveying messages through body language, such as eye contact, facial expression, posture, gestures, and touching. Written communication is by means of written symbols either are printed or handwritten.That is present by words black and white,we can see the words clearly.But written communication disadvantage of written communication is that you may not have immediate response or feedback,you may need some time to write the message.Written communication is can make a message more clearly.

Question 2:Explain the factors involved in miscommunication in an organization. Also, identify how miscommunication can be prevented.

Misunderstanding communication is when communicate receive or send a wrong message. We use verbal communication and non-verbal communication to communicate with each other,inside communication we will misconcept the meaning.The general factor of the miscommunication is lack of clear or adequate communication.When we communicate with someone,sometime will talk a message lack of clear or adequate .Speaking is most common use for each other,we use vocal cord to speaking,express emotion,send message,share information and so on…Different race people will use different language to communicate,in the language different word have different meaning.In different word have different meaning,a word can have very more meaning.

A word if combine with another word will become different meaning,we must according to what mean we want to say to say the word.If we wrong combine the word the mean will not same,that will cause people will misunderstanding the meaning and receive wrong message.Misunderstanding is cause by the sender and receiver,sender is the person who is send the message and receiver is the people who is receive the message.Misunderstanding also can cause by the receiver,because receiver must see clearly and hear clearly the message,if a people not see clearly and hear clearly the message the mean of the message maybe is wrong.In the process of communicate if got any problem,the message maybe is wrong.What is the factors involved in miscommunication in an organization?How we can prevent miscommunication?

Miscommunication can cause by many factor.First is lack of clear or adequate communication.When we communicate with someone,sometime will talk a message lack of clear or adequate.The sender did not send the message clearly and receiver did not receive a message clearly.A sender send the message will use verbal communication,non-verbal communication and written communication.A sender will used those communication way to send message.When a sender send a message,and must have receiver to receive the massage.Every receiver maybe have different ability to receive the message,sometime receiver will don't have good ability to receive a message.Receiver maybe is hard hear,deaf, blind and did not pay attention for the sender,those factor will cause the receiver could not receiver the message clearly.

A sender we must send a message clearly and adequate,for example: "Please take the chair infront of the desk".This is the correct way to communicate with the people,because the person will what thing you want.And you must told a clearly message for the receiver,so they can receive the message correctly.The wrong way communicate is "please take the chair",the person will do not know what kind of chair do you want?and where is the chair you want?.In a organization,must have a lot of people work together.When each other work communicate with each other will become very important,because a fine communicate organization will leading to a successful organization.They divide the work and work together,staff will work follow the instruction of the boss.A boss must give a clear instruction,so that staff can follow the correct instruction to work.For a sender you must say the message clearly,so that the person will not misunderstand your meaning and can prevent misunderstand.If sender send a not clear or adequate message people will not understand the meaning or get a wrong message.Sometime a wrong message will cause a big problem,they will waste time to do wrong matter.The sender when receive a message and the sender will analyse the message,the process of analyse a message is very important,because a key of correct message or wrong message is analyse by the sender.A sender when analyse a wrong message,when the sender send the message for receiver must is wrong massage.Another factor cause miscommunication is the sender cannot use right words combine,words-and-words combine will become several meaning.If we want say a correct message must used correct words combine.A correct words can make a sentence more correctly and receiver can more easily to understand the message.Then,when a sender send the message by mumbling tone,receiver will cannot hear clearly.Receiver will cannot really hear the certain sentence,some words they cannot hear clearly.They will guess the words that they did not heard,when the guess the words by own self will cause the meaning was be change.Be a receiver if we did not heard the some word,we must request the sender say again to receive a correct message.We could not guess the information by ourself,because if we guess the message by ourself will be cause the matter come out.Receiver must pay high attention for the sender,so that receiver aptitude receive a correct message.Another factor of miscommunication is a the tone of voice.A correct tone of voice is important for a sender,the tone of voice will let the receiver realize the emotion of the sender.When a person is angry the tone of voice will used lofty tone to talking.For example "immediately pick up the rubbish that you throw(lofty tone)".The person will feel the emotion of the sender.After that, body language sometime will make some people confuse the meaning,because in each body language in each people mind have different meaning.For example I come out a "ya" body language,Some people will think it is a scissors.Some time verbal communication is better than non-verbal communication,Because if people don't understand the meaning of non-verbal way,so we can use verbal way to explain the meaning.If non-verbal communication combine with verbal communication the miscommunication can prevent,because we can from the word understand the meaning.Then facial expression also is a factor cause miscommunication.Facial expression is our express some emotion on the face,example:happy,sad,angry.For example when we smile some people will think I happy,but not really because I smile is because I could not close my mouth.Next factor cause miscommunication is posture,the posture is a body posture of a person.For example expose a cute posture to take picture,but some people misunderstanding I was sleeping.People must find out the true,cannot take the conclusion by eyes or ears.Because some time the thing our see or heard maybe is not true.Another factor cause miscommunication is eyes contact.Eyes is the place we come out the soul,eyes can express our emotion.Sometime eyes maybe will express wrong message.For example I very happy,by my eyes was come out tear so other people will think I cry.Receiver must find out the true from the sender,sender will talk to you the real meaning to prevent misunderstanding.Factor cause miscommunication in an organization is change the words of the sentence,if the words of the sentence was change the meaning also will be change.The factor cause miscommunication is a system of a company,every company have different system to maintain discipline.A company must have many system to control the office worker,if a company don't have system to control the salary and work time and the worker will unbridled.Some office worker may have some unpleasant,maybe is work time too long or salary not enough.In a organization seldom have miscommunication with worker,they will think the company not fair to them.But a good company is give fair treatment for every worker,so worker must try one's best for their work don't be lazy, then the company will give equation treatment for every worker. Sometime, miscommunication is influence by noisy sound. Noisy sound will confuse our mind, we will cannot analyse the message correctly. For example at a disco we cannot hear the message clearly, because at a disco have loudness music.

Sometime, miscommunication will occur in an organization. An organization is have proper arrangement to do job, an organization have a lot of people work together. Communication in an organization is hard to avoid, they will used various way to communicate. An organization all worker must have privity, if all worker have privity the organization will successful. Miscommunication is cause by receiver and sender, when they mistake to communicate that will cause misunderstanding. Sender must use more high tone to talking, don't use mumbling tone to talking. If use mumbling or lower tone to talking the receiver maybe will hard to heard, receiver maybe will heard wrong words or not understanding the sentence.Be a sender we must be responsible for what we talking, all word-and-word when combine will have a lot of meaning. When used word must very be careful, every words have different meaning, words can influence the meaning of a sentence. A organization must have a best communication with the worker, if a organization don't have good communication will cause misunderstanding. Worker must try to follow the rules of organization, don't complain, because it will effect the system of organization. In a noisy place we cannot heard the message clearly, so we can pay extra attention to receive the message.


Verbal communication and non-verbal communication are important than written communication, because written communication not natural resource it need material to send the message. Verbal communication is used words to send the message, non-verbal communication is use wordless to send the message. Those way if combine the message will be clear.Verbal communication is used our vocal cord to send the message, that is the natural resource of our human. Verbal communication can help us send the message more clear. Non-verbal communication is use body language, tone of voice, posture, etc…to send the message. We can communicate not need used any word, people also can understand our meaning. Written communication is write the words on the paper or somewhere. That will waste our time, but it is more clearly than verbal communication and non-verbal communication.

Miscommunication is when we communicate come some message problem. We cannot understand the real meaning of the message. Mainly, we use verbal communication and non-verbal communication to communicate with each other. We have use right way to communicate with each other to prevent misunderstanding.