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Eslite bookstore , is the first bookstore that set up the business time in 24 hours. Eslite is very the popular and it is one of the largest retail bookstores in Taiwan. Since Eslite is differing from traditional bookstores, they are not aiming at the sales of the company, but the delivery of cultural spirit. Now, Eslite has entered the Hong Kong market and therefore, a well-planning of copy writing is needed to enhance the brand identity.


The objective of this copy writing is enhance the brand identity of Eslite. There are three points to differentiate the identity of Eslite with other bookstores. They are:

The belief of Eslite is to deliver culture spirit and provide a relaxing place for readers

The business hour of Eslite is differ from traditional bookstores because of understanding the need of readers

The attitude of Eslite that readers and Eslite cannot be separated

And we choose Ming Pao as a media vehicle to launch the copy writing advertisement. The format of the copy writing is 4 colored with full page. It is difficult to entice a person to start reading your copy writing on a single page, this is because there are hundreds of competing messages located in a medium without sound or motion. Therefore, some tactics is needed to use to increase the awareness of readership.

The format of copy writing also is an important factor to consider. For the language I have chosen is Chinese. The first reason is that Eslite is a Taiwan brand and the mother language is Mandarin. The wording using Chinese is more closed to the brand identity. The second reason is that this copy writing is launched in Ming Pao, it is a traditional Chinese newspaper. Apart from this, a copy writing needs to be succinct, the wordings should be as less as possible.

The copy writing ideas are as follows:

Explanation of Idea 1

Brand Logo

Body Copy

Call for Action



Double Meaning in Headline

The headline is "誠是綠洲" (Eslite Oasis). The creative writing strategy of this headline is using Double Meanings. It inspired me by the words of "城市綠洲". Since the meaning of Oasis is that the big isolated areas with insufficient resources but there is a small place to provide habitat for animals and even humans in order to keep them survival. The existence of Oasis plays an important role in this environment. Therefore, in the headline"誠是綠洲, Eslite Oasis", "誠" is equal to Eslite. And the concept is that "Eslite provide us an oasis". Eslite is important in Hong Kong to provide us resources.

Body Copy :

Get Personal and Using Imaginative Description to Attract the Audience

In the body part, it construct by four sentences. Each sentences is start from the word "You" (您) instead of "We" or "They". This tactic is used to get personal. As we want to direct address the audience and feel like the conversation. It makes the audience feel more comfortable and cordial.

For the content of the body, start from the fifties, Hong Kong is said by "Hong Kong Cultural Desert" by a Chinese Writer, Wang Meng. It claimed that Hong Kong has put whole focus on economic development, while ignoring the cultural development in Hong Kong. Everyone knew this situation in Hong Kong. We need to emphasize on the landing of Eslite can make a big difference for Hong Kong. Eslite brings the atmosphere of cultural to the Cultural Desert. The purpose of the first sentence (您身處的香港被è¦-為æ-‡åŒ-沙漠¼Œèª å“ç‚ºæ‚¨çš„香港帶來æ-‡åŒ-綠洲。 ) is to emphasize this identity and also, explain the headline of the copy writing.

And the remaining sentences are to describe the characteristics of Hong Kong and Eslite respectively. By using some imaginative, such as "hustle and bustle", "Hong Kong real estate is as valuable as gold", "tall buildings everywhere" in Hong Kong; and "Silent place in a hustle and bustle city", "full of hand drawing", "surround by cultural of incense" as Eslite. It can guide the audience to build a picture in their mind of the big contrast between Hong Kong and Eslite.

These four sentences are intentionally using a comparison between Hong Kong and Eslite. By this big contrast, it can highlight the identity of Eslite. Since Eslite has chosen Causeway Bay to establish the first overseas store. The reason behind choosing this place is that Causeway Bay is the most flourishing place, everyone is busy and every moment is crowded here. If you feel exhausted, Eslite can provide a private place for you to purify your mind and even, soul. This is the identity of Eslite that other bookstores cannot provide you, just like what We Qing You, the founder of Eslite, said, "This is the the rest place for spirit in the vibrated city."

The picture included in the copy writing is a planet with lots of tall buildings, and the "誠" is surround by high buildings. The high buildings is represent Hong Kong and "誠" is represent Eslite respectively. In can highlight the concept of "Eslite provide us an oasis".

Body Copy Section 1Explanation of Idea 2

Brand Logo



Body Copy Section 2


Call for Action

In Hong Kong, every bookstore has a standard business hour about 10:00am - 10:00pm. There are no places for reader to enjoy their moments at night. This is because many readers get their own job, after working for whole day and having a dinner, it already around 9 or 10 o'clock and the bookstores are closed already. Since Eslite have extended the business hour to 2:00 am in every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the day before public holiday, it is the identity of Eslite when comparing with other bookstores. In this copy writing, the key message is to emphasize that Eslite understand the feeling of readers, therefore, the business hour of Eslite is longer than others. In Eslite, time is not a limitation for reading anymore.

Headline: Make empathy of the audiences

The headline is "這扇é-€¼Œç‚ºæ‚¨æ‰“é-‹ä¸å¤œå¤©". Audience may not easily get the meaning of content by just seeing this headline. However, it can build audience interest to read on. And the sub-head is "誠品明白您的所需所想¼Œä¼´æ‚¨åˆå¤œé-±è®€". It explains the concept of headline and aimed at making empathy of the audience. The picture of the key is helping you to access the "nightless".

Body Copy: Create Situations that Audiences Faced and Emphasize the advantages of Eslite

The body text of the copy writing is dividing into two sections. The first section is made by four sentences. All of them are started by "If… …", it creates the situations that what the audience face on. After that, the second section provides the information about Eslite in order to explain that how Eslite can fix their problems. It makes the target audience feeling that Eslite can understand their felling by heart. Also, it can differentiate between Eslite and others bookstores.

Explanation of Idea 3



Body Copy


Call for Action

Brand Logo

Wu Qing You,the founder of Eslite, has said that "We believe that the people who come to our bookstore is not consumers, but readers." This is the attitude of Eslite. They are not only concerned about the sales of the company, but the readers. Wu deemed that Eslite is a humanity brand. It is meaning the success of Eslite because of the participation of readers.

The headline "伴製誠品" is double meaning of the word "semi-finished goods" (半製成品). The idea behind the headline is that semi-finished goods are not the product that ready to sell, unless it has further production. Eslite emphasize on readers as their main belief. The relationship between Eslite and the readers cannot be separated; only by work together with the readers is the fundamental factor to success. Therefore, the first word of the headline has included the picture of a person. Also, a sub-head is quoting the words that said by Wu Qing You in order to highlight the attitude of Eslite. By quoting the words of the founder, it is easier to convince the audience to believe. The hand showed in the copy writing is represent the readers' hand that supporting Eslite.

The body copy included 27 characters only; it delivers the message in the simple and direct way. This single-mind can make the audience easier to understand the message in a short time. There are six elements to become a humanity brand, which is Eslite itself, exchange, cultural, attitude, life and readers. The body copy writes it in ascending order to emphasize the importance of reader.

The Slogan included in both 3 Copy Writings

The slogan we use in the copy writing is "『誠品為您帶來了希望¼Œ 誠品為您帶來了未來。』". Since the name of Eslite is meaning to pursuit and practice for a better society, the slogan of copy writing should serve as a motto for Eslite instead of only for one copy writing. Therefore, although the ideas of three copy writings are different, the use of slogan will be the same.

Call for Action included in both 3 Copy Writings

The Last Sentence of Copy Writing 1: "請親臨誠品銅鑼灣åº-一同感å-屬æ-¼æ‚¨çš„æ-‡åŒ-綠洲。"

The Last Sentence of Copy Writing 2: "請親臨誠品銅鑼灣åº-一同感å-屬æ-¼æ‚¨çš„不夜天。"

The Last Sentence of Copy Writing 3: "請親臨誠品銅鑼灣åº-一同感å-屬æ-¼æ‚¨æˆ‘的製誠品。"

This is the sentence that included at the end of the copy writing. The purpose is persuasive the audiences to take action, that is: please come to Eslite. The sentence are similar in three copy writings but only changing the last few words, which is "æ-‡åŒ-綠洲", "不夜天" and "您我的製誠品". It is same with the headline in order to recall the audience the messages we wanted to deliver.