The Benefits For Business Subject By Elearning English Language Essay

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With the new technology development, it is commonly affecting the education field. Students could use many different tools to help their study and develop their skills, such as Internet. E-learning is a fast learning method that through the application of information technology and Internet technology dissemination content. Nowadays, E-learning is becoming more popular in studying at university. Universities use e-learning at many different subjects, such as law, engineering, humanities. It is also commonly used at business subject.

This essay will be divided into four main sections. It will first consider the characteristic of e-learning. It will then go on to describe the benefits and disadvantages for business by e-learning. The third part will show the applications of other subjects by e-learning. Finally, I will draw some conclusions as to the e-learning at university.

Main body

The characteristic of e-learning

The first characteristic is saving time. Traditional teaching method spent a lot of time on classroom instruction, but for e-learning, learners could study at anytime and anywhere, such as at home or at work, then it could less social interaction time and travel time.

The second characteristic is more effective. On the one hand, E-learning could retention the useful information for a long time, so it could keep the same knowledge for learners in order to convenient for students review. On the other hand, learners can study at their own pace rather than force all students to adhere to the same schedule.

E-learning could make the knowledge form a network. E-learning could make the relevant professional knowledge in together and forming a system, thus could help learners constitute a network.

The benefits for business subject by e-learning

Business subject is one of the most important subjects among the whole field. It covered many subjects, such as business administration, business marketing, business accounting and finance, so e-learning play a big role in business field.

Firstly, e-learning could make the information keep up-to-date. Business subject may covered much economic news, some market policies may change and the stock market situation, so if learners need to understand the first -hand information, e-learning is the best way of learning it, because it allows the teachers upgrade knowledge with changing. It gives students immediate access to the most current data with the fresh and consistent content. Training Magazine reported that technology-based training has proven to have a 50-60% better consistency of learning than traditional classroom learning 

Secondly, e-learning could save training costs. Traditional teaching method need to change the costs according to the number of the students. Printed course materials like textbooks and lab manuals are very expensive. With e-Learning, the cost stays the same whether you're teaching 100 people or 1,000 people. According to Training Magazine, corporations save between 50-70% when replacing instructor-led training with electronic content delivery.

Thirdly, the same as the characteristics, e-learning could improve training efficiency. E-Learning allows teachers could reduce the teaching hours in a day in order to let the students to do more researches about the business subject, because more knowledge of business subject included in the real life rather than in the books. A study indicates the e-learning group finished 34 % faster than the traditional group (Lawson, 1999).

Fourthly, for business subject, there are many different program need to do online, such as business communication, accounting and bookkeeping, especially for on-line marketing, these programs are all need to simulation training, e-learning could provide some services, for example, network research, network advertising, network distribution, network services and other network marketing activities, learners could understand the whole process of on-line marketing.

Fifthly, e-learning could help students evaluate learning result. E-Learning built-in measurement of student's knowledge, and it included pre- assessments and post-assessments. On the one hand, it could avoid the teachers spent many time on the evaluation, on the other hand, it could reduce the unfair in the open questions about the business test.

The disadvantages for business subject by e-learning

While e-learning have many benefits, it does have some drawbacks. 

E-learning will lead to lack of peer contact and interaction. E-learning provide an opportunity of learning by themselves, but it deprive the opportunity of discussing with others, students could not  having access to the visual cues, body language to express their opinions, it is go against to develop the skills of communicating. Students could not learn a lot of differences of opinions from their classmates, so e-learning is not conducive to development cooperation ability.

The most important reason that e-learning not accept by all people is because the degrees, transcripts, and certifications of online program less willing to accepted by the institutions and employers, because they may think the quality of an online education is not the same as one gained in a physical building.

The applications of other subjects by e-learning

E-learning is not only benefit for the business subject, but also good for other subjects, engineering and law major are also could use e-learning to help students improve study skills.

For engineering field, there are many data to calculate, base on the traditional teaching method, it need teachers to spent much time on the labour, and the result is not quite well. With e-learning, students could put the main energy into logic analysis rather than calculation, students can make more time to consider important problem about their major.

E-learning has a database, it has a Large capacity storage the information, so it could help the students who majored in law. Law subject need the students collect a lot of legal rules and regulations, e-learning could meet the students needs at this aspect, it is convenient for learners to understand it fully.

While, not all courses of study are available online. It is difficult to find a suitable source for an online education, if you're interested in an unusual field.

3. Conclusion

It has been shown, therefore, that e-learning is commonly used by many universities. This essay also indicated the features of e-learning, it has many advantages for business subject and many different subjects could apply e-learning, so the students also could gain benefits from it. But e-learning has many drawbacks, such as fewer networking opportunities, wide application scope is not enough, online learning could not completely replace formal classroom teaching, we should make a solution. Blended education could solve this problem, this system could complement each other. E-learning complements the formal classroom teaching system. The classroom teaching should be followed by e-learning system, only to do this, it could help students achieve a high efficient learning process.