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In order to acquire more knowledge and expand their own mind, more and more students decide to study abroad. There are more students from around the world travel to study in western countries. “ In 1995 fewer than 100,000 non-EU students, 2001/2 just over 150,000 non-EU students,2004 almost 195,000 non-EU students ”(HESA,2005) Many researchers made some surmises for the number of students who will travel to study abroad. “The British Council predicts 677,000 students will travel to the UK to study by 2015 and 1,330,000 by 2025” (British Council, 2005). Among the students who are travelling to study abroad, the biggest percentage is Chinese students. This reason might be relevant to improving economy of China. “China’s recent economic growth signals a change in East Asia’s distribution of power and draws renewed attention to Chinese foreign policy” (Roy,1994). There are many choices about the countries which students can go to study, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. However, the best education system which was evaluated by students is western universities, especially in the UK. “It was evaluated that the education of British is the best over the entire world and also called ‘made in England’ ” (Binsardi & Ekwulugo, 2003)

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First of all, the main point is the reason why more and more students prefer choosing to study abroad. The first reason is the optimal way to learn a language. For example, English has become the most popular language all over the world and more and more people would like to learn English. “English has got international recognition in practically all branches of learning, firstly, almost all rank does. But some countries do not have a wonderful education about learning English. Therefore, students only have the choice that going to western countries for learning English. It can either provide a good environment to students or remove foreign language barrier for international business. You will get a course like international business when you are studying abroad. (Western Carolina University, 2011) Because foreign language are a tool which is used to communicate with each other when you do business works or activities. The second reason is providing the opportunity to travel. Most students who are studying abroad will travel in the countries when they are studying in other countries. You will get an opportunity to travel when you are studying abroad. (Western Carolina University, 2011) Because every country has different cultures and views, even there are many particular buildings in west countries; such like Gothic structures. It attracts more and more people to travel there. Different cultural are not only different language, food, appearances and personal habits. These differences are able to expand students’ knowledge. The third reason is affording an opportunity to make friends who are from around the world. With developing globalization of the economy, making international friends is becoming more and more necessary. Making international friends are benefit to do international business work. (Philip Whitwell Wilson, 1928). Therefore, making international friends is a way for further business work. And also it can assist cultural exchange. It gives them a chance to make new friends and cultural exchange when students are studying abroad (Campus Snapshots, 2002)

The most significant reason is enhancing employment opportunities. In order to succeed and adapt to the rapidly changing workforce, students need to develop a global perspective. (Vaz, 2000) The final purpose of studying abroad is getting a good job in the future. Basically, there are more graduated students in every country than before. Travelling to study in western countries is a way to get a better education and abundant experience. The universities of western countries pay more attention to social experience. There are many good social experiences when students study abroad. (Kate. M, 2011) The students have to taste social life, such as doing a part-time job. They can obtain precious things such as perseverance and bear hardships and stand hard work.

The foremost impact for studying abroad is everything would be done by themselves. For example, most students who are travelling to study abroad never or hardly doing housework when they were at home, such as washing the clothes, washing the dishes and cooking. However, they have to do these things when they leave their parents. On the other hand, they would endure many pains both physical and psychological, they are obliged to see a doctor when they get ill and they have to contain their psychology of missing friends and parents. Different people have different mental endurance, which lead to different levels of homesickness. However, the kind of torments is able to try to strengthen their soul. Students have to deal with many problems when they study abroad. They have to learn how to be accustomed to a new environment and how to get along well with the teachers and classmates. During their study, they can acquire some interpersonal skills from universities of western countries.

Studying abroad not only impact the mind and body of students who are learning in western universities, but also influence with both their own countries and western countries. Firstly, the students are able to learn some skills from west universities, it can make own countries stronger than before. Developing countries have learned by experience which from west countries, it make them get a new and more powerful skill. (Jorge A, SABATO and JAIRAM RAMESH,1980.) For example, the handicraft industry in Germany is well-known all over the world, therefore, students can choose to study in Germany, which can enhance own countries’ handicraft industry. It is obvious that automobiles produced by Germany enjoy at top reputation around the world. Secondly, the students can also import some famous brands of western countries when they finish school. “Several European car brands didn’t have the legs in the demanding U.S market. In fact, during the import car explosion in the 1970s and 1980s, many companies packed it in and headed home, including Lancia, Sterling, Fiat, Peugeot and Renault” (Popular Mechanics, 2000) For instance, luxury brand products are rare in some developing countries. Actually, importing luxury brands can stimulate economic growth, as consumption is a means of boosting the economy.

Moreover, western universities also can collect many funds from international students, which can enhance the economy of western countries. The costs about studying abroad are greatly expensive, which may be parents’ savings for many years. Every parent wishes their child to be a winner, so they are willing to pay the costly tuition fee and cost of living in western countries. Parents can pay more money if their children can get a better education (Nicola Woolcock, 2008.)According to the statistic, students should pay more than 30, 000 pounds in UK every year. It is no doubt that most families cannot pay the fee, which is stressful for the parents. The government of western countries should pay close attention to the tuition fee, and carry out some policies for preventing vicious spiral. Because it will make students put away the minds about studying abroad in western universities.

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Basically, there are three kinds of income which western universities can rely on, such as tuition fees, student accommodation and some examinations and activities. Tuition fees take largest proportion in these sources. Tuition fee in the western universities is twice as much as other countries. For instance, there was a policy which the government in British published that about tuition fee would raise fees to a maximum of £9,000 a year. (DATABLOG, 2011) There is no doubt that lead to many problems, such as reducing the number of students who are from international, even local students. And the second source is obviously student accommodations. For example, there are many different types of student accommodations which can provide students to choose, such as Abbots bury House, Chesil House, and Corfe House. Different types of student accommodation have different prices. The third source is some examination and activities. The costs of examination are more and more expensive. For instance, IELTS fee (The International English Language Testing System) in China has been increased, from 1450 Yuan to 1850 Yuan. And also there are many activities in western universities, such as intramurals, club teams, group fitness and special events. All activities have to pay some money as based costing. Therefore, the source becomes a kind of income as well.

This essay demonstrates the relationship between universities and benefit of the trends which can boost universities to be better. It is possible that western universities can rely on the source of income in the future according to the analysis. First of all, this essay shows that the relationship between the increasing numbers of students who choose to study abroad and the incomes of western universities. “For example the students study in the UK had increased more than 20% within few years.” (Verbik, 2007) It can be seen that the number of students are sharply growing from the results of statistics. Consequently, the incomes of western countries are also rising because of this reason. And then, there are many reasons which students choose to study abroad. It can be seen that there are many advantages for students who are studying abroad, such as get more knowledge, experience life and foster one’s capability and so on. Secondly, the majority of funds are from international students particularly Chinese students. “China is the leading place of origin increasing by 30% to 127,628” (Institute of international education 2010). The phenomenon might due to dramatically booming economy of China. The majority of students who are studying abroad are from rich families, their parents are almost doing business work. So they can pay the exorbitant fee, which can enhance the economy in western countries. According to the above analysis, it is indicated that after ten years, there is more than 50% students who are from non-EU countries. And it is enough to rely on the sources of income for western universities.


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