Teen drug abuse

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Teen Drug Abuse

Drugs are sweeping the nation killing more than 1400 teens a year (Lance Winslow). Drugs have become a big problem among teens. Many teens do drugs because they think it is cool or they are peer pressured into doing drugs (“teens and addiction”). Peer pressure is a big problem when it comes to drug abuse. When people do drugs they put their life in the hands of others because they have no control and no understanding of their surroundings. Many teens do not realize the consequences of drug abuse. There are many reasons not to do drugs. Drugs are a big part of the world today. Drugs affect individuals mentally, physically, and socially.

Some main reasons not to do drugs are physical health. Drugs can affect people physically in many ways. It affects people physically because it slows people down and messes up their body. Drugs tear their body up day by day. Drugs cause weight loss, heart failure, and regulate the volume of blood flow (Humphrey P. Rang). Drugs cause weight loss because when people do drug they act as an appetite suppressant to such an extent that it can make users vulnerable to malnutrition (drugrehabs.org). Drugs cause heart failure because it stops blood from getting to their heart (gatehouseacademy.com). Drugs also regulate the volume of blood flow by causing the smooth muscle lining to contract and vasodilators when they cause it to relax (Janet L. Stringer). Drugs slow people's body down and make them look old. Drugs affect your body in a terrible way there are many things that could go wrong with drugs.

Another main reason not to do drugs is because of mental health. Drugs cause anxiety, paranoia, and depression. Drugs cause people to fall asleep witch then encourages users to repeat the dose in order to maintain the effect (TeensHealth). Users can develop a strong psychological dependence to cocaine (Youthnet). Drugs cause anxiety and paranoia by playing tricks with peoples mind and messing with their head. Drugs cause depression by making you think your nothing and just making you feel bad all around. Drugs cause people to go to sleep by making their body slow down and make them want to be lazy. Dugs destroy the brain cells and causes memory loss (NIDA). It also causes people to be annoying and lose control of their mind and body.

The last main reason not to do drugs is because it can affect people socially. It affects people's relationships with family, friends, and the person they love. It affects people's relationship with their family, friends, and love life because when they do drugs people lose control of their actions and people let everything go so people could say something people don't mean to say or do something they don't mean to do (Softpedia). Drugs also mess people's social life up because it makes people not want to socialize with anyone or even leave the house. Drugs ruin people's social life in so many ways. It also ruins people's life because when you do drugs you lose lack of interests in a lot of different thing like socializing, having fun, hanging with friends, and talking to people about problems. Drugs ruin people's love life because no one wants to date someone who ruins their life day by day from doing drugs. Drugs also affect people's family relations because when they try to help people are to ignorant to listen to any one and try to get help.

These are the main reasons why not to do drugs. Drugs mess people's life up really bad everyday and it's not good. When people bring drugs into their life they make a bad mistake they lose everything they have and mess up a good life. Drugs do nothing good for their life or body they lose all their friends and family members and destroy their body the more they do it. Some people do drugs because they think it does something good for them but really does it? Drugs are bad for teens now and day and more teens do it each and every day because they think it is cool or they are peer pressured into doing drugs. Drugs are not good they don't help nothing or any one. So before you or someone else you know do drugs think about the consequences and things that may happen to them when they do drugs.

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