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A: Surveys


1. Do you feel that top management supports your work?
Employee feels their work is reviewed and will discuss if improvements need to be made or if their work is appropriate for the client's use.

2. Does top management give back feedback to employees in a timely manner?
Management show an interest it the employee and the work provided to the client by giving the employee feed back in a timely manner, whether the work is satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

3. Are employees satisfied with pay and compensation?
Employees are getting paid a fair and reasonable rate of pay and better than average compensation for years worked for Phoenix.
Cathy W. Rogers 20615455 05002200 Page 2 of 5
3631 Wolfe Road Monroe, NC 28110



1. Is Phoenix producing quality work?
Clients are satisfied with Phoenix work.

2. Is work completed as date agreed upon?
Clients are getting work completed on time as agreed on by contract.

3. Has top management addressed any concerns and issues you have as a client?
Clients are being contacted by a sales representative of Phoenix or either a phone conference is schedule to discuss and concerns with any project assigned to Phoenix.


This letter is to inform you of my arrival at your branch on October 15, 2009. I will be spending approximately two weeks at your facility to review various company documents, including policy and procedure manuals and employee compensation benefits. Please have the following items available for my review:

1. The last employee survey results
2. All employee performance reviews
3. The interview documents from each department as well as individual interviews
4. Company employee manual
5. The last client survey results
6. All sales representative logs of client visits

Please don't hesitate to call me prior to my arrival if you should need any clarification on the documents needed. I look forward to working with you and your staff.



• Last employee survey negative results
• Employee performance reviews were not completed on time
• EAP did not meet with all employees
• Employee manual needs updating
• Long term clients feeling unappreciated
• No follow-up from sales representative after work is completed

Facts and Causes

• Performance reviews not completed on time
o Review of employee files revealed performance appraisals are not completed as company policy states
o No retro pay was given even if appraisal was two months late
o Employees felt unappreciated and cheated
o Employees were looking for other employments due to company not complying with compensation policy.

Impact and Effects

Performance reviews result in unhappy employees. Ten percent of company employees are looking for other employment. This will impact the Roanoke Branch of business by twenty to thirty percent overall. The quality of work is declining. Clients are beginning to complain about the attitude as well as the quality of work by staff. If our employees are not compensated as written in the employee manual this will affect the good name of Phoenix Advertising. In order to have satisfied customers, we must have satisfied and happy employees.


• Performance reviews must be given on or before due date
• Retro pay for employees whose review was given late
• Top management must round with employees on a monthly basis for work related feedback
• Employee of the month given out to top employee
• Top management to meet on a weekly basis to discuss any morale or work issues




Please review the chart. Retaining quality employees with a good attitude and a sense of appreciation will impact sales at the Roanoke facility. This is a very graphical way to look at keeping Phoenix as the top advertising agency, as well as the “employer of choice” in the Roanoke area.


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