Sunscreens And Skin Cancer English Language Essay

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Skin cancer and sunscreen it truly is a dilemma, sunscreens have altered the ancient relationship between our skin and the sun, and what are the consequences of how it happens. The objective of this paper will be to describe the epidemiology of cutaneous malignant melanoma in terms of person, place and time. These are the key epidemiologic variables that triad, who gets the disease, where does it occur, and how is it behaved over time. By the end of the presentation we will be able to identify risk, factors for melanoma, that include individual and behavioral risk factors and also environmental risk factors, atmospheric risk factors and risk factors that might be associated with lotions in our environment. We will be able to identify and differentiate between two kinds of ultraviolet irradiance: UVA and UVB. I also would like to underscore the importance between primary and secondary prevention in melanoma, and this may seem a simple discernment but the National Cancer Institute and the American Society are really fixated on secondary preventions so we will contrast these two approaches to disease prevention. And finally we will make recommendations for the primary prevention of melanoma based on epidemiology. More than one hundred million Americans have Vitamin D deficiency, think about it, including children, and experts say it could be critical in the American health.

Do you believe that sunlight causes skin cancer? Sunlight maybe doesn't cause skin cancer, maybe that's just something you have been trained to believe by the sunscreen industry, or by the dermatologist or by the cancer industry, maybe it's not really true. Most people would think that these ideas are fanatical, that the sunlight doesn't cause cancer. What if I told you the opposite, that sunlight prevents skin cancer, and other cancers and the same time would that be really wild. Well it's absolutely true, through this paper I will be explaining how sunlight not only helps prevent cancer but also enables a cure for cancer, and why sunlight alone does not cause skin cancer. If you believe that myth I will blow your mind throughout this paper.

You might ask why I would say that sunlight doesn't cause skin cancer. We have all been told that myth, for so long that most of us believe it. If you layout in the sun naked we may say, then the sunlight will penetrate your skin which will cause cancer. Now that's the mythology we have been told to believe. Well that's a one variable equation, one thing which is sunlight exposure causes one effect, skin cancer. There saying one variable, one effect. But what if it wasn't one and one, what if it was more complex than that? What if it was an interaction between sunlight and your skin health or more specifically; the level of antioxidants in your skin at the moment that you're exposed to the sun? Well as it turns out it really is a two variable equation. And if you look back at history, you can come to see why this is, now for a second I want you to picture a woman in the sun, and her skin is blushing, a red surface, which we call redneck. What does redneck have to do with sunlight and nutrition and antioxidants? Well the truth it has everything to do with all that. The term redneck came from the south of the United States during the colonial period, when the southerners experienced nutritional deficiencies; specifically they were lacking B Vitamins, because they didn't know how to treat their corn in the way that the indigenous Indians treated their corn to extract the B vitamins. So the colonists were deficient in B Vitamins and as a result when they exposed their skin to sunlight, they got sunburn. The sunburn was a result of two variables. Number one sunlight exposure and number two nutritional deficiencies as a resulting from their inn ability to know how to treat food before they ate it. They suffered Vitamin B deficiencies and thus they got easily sunburned. The term redneck actually comes from this simple truth of about how sunlight combines with nutritional deficiencies to cause sunburn. Now what that means for the average, person is that if you are out sunbathing, and you don't have good nutrition, then you can get sunburned, and that is bad for your health. I am not disputing that. Sunburn is bad for you. Sunburn does mean that some damage is occurring. But the way to avoid sunburn is not to put on sunscreen like we normally do; rather the way to avoid sunburn is to increase your nutritional intake, so that you have more antioxidants imbedded in your skin and then your skin can naturally resist sunburn and won't get the burn or the risk of skin cancer. In fact you will experience a decrease risk in cancer especially if you are an African American, or you have darker skin, no matter where your ancestors are from. Take a black woman for example; she obviously has darker skin pigmentation. So there is something built in into her skin, the skin pigments that block sunlight raise, they block the UV rays naturally. You could in fact say that having dark skin is like having your own built in sunscreen. Now this causes vitamin D deficiency if you don't get enough time in the sun. Why? Because the UV rays are of course is what going into your skin and what activates your skin's manufacturing of vitamin D. Vitamin D in case you didn't know prevents four out of five cancers of all types. I'm talking brain cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, and every kind of cancer that you can think of. Almost four out of five, the studies showed seventy height percent reductions in cancers, just from having more vitamin D in the body. It's remarkable don't you think. The vitamin D is of course manufactured from your skin by exposing it to sunlight. So if you're darker skin, if you have darker skin you're going to need more sunlight exposure to manufacture the same amount of vitamin D as someone with lighter skin such as myself. I need less exposure to the sunlight compared to an African American. The African American needs to spend an average of two to three hours a day getting sunlight where I might have enough vitamin D creation just from spending fifteen minutes in the sun each day. Now of course when I go to the sun I am also using good nutrition because I want my DNA to be activated to stay healthy all throughout my skin. In other words I want my genes to be able to resist genetic mutations caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. If you don't have enough antioxidants then of course you will get DNA mutations and that is going to cause skin cancers. Once again just to review real quickly, sunlight alone does not cause skin cancer. Sunlight combines with nutritional deficiencies can cause skin cancer because it causes sun burn. But sunlight exposure combined with good nutrition on the other hand can actually prevent cancer. Because it allows your body to generate vitamin D. now we all know someone who occasionally visits' the tanning salon. Now you have been told another lie about tanning salons. You have been told that there all bad, that this is terrible, this is bad for you health, that you're going to get skin cancer if you go tanning in a tanning booth, right that's what we've have been told to believe. By the same people by the way who are trying to sell us sunscreen and who are trying to say that sunlight exposure causes cancer. Well I have already explained why that was a lie. It turns out that this is lying to. Tanning booths are not necessarily bad for you. They can in fact be therapeutic. A tanning booth can help your body generate vitamin D, to prevent cancer. Now I know you're saying wait a minute, this can't be true; I have heard tanning is bad for you, it's the worst thing in the world., there taxing it, everybody says don't get a tan its terrible, there wrong. The truth is there is research done, in fact Dr Michael Holick's one of the experts on vitamin D in our country conducted research, on vitamin D deficient senior citizens, and he found that exposing them to ultraviolet rays, in a tanning booth, he was able to raise their blood levels in vitamin D, that meant that they had stronger bones, so they had reduced risk of hip fractures. That meant they had reduced risks of cancer, if fact there risk of many diseases went down, as their vitamin D levels went up, and it was the tanning booths that allowed their vitamin D level to go up. Now the truth is, tanning in a tanning booth is bad for you if you have bad nutrition, remember the nutrition link to violet exposure. So if you're a typical teenager, and you're out there eating junk foods, and drinking sodas, and eating fast food from fat food chain restaurants and you're not taking nutritional supplements, and you're not eating super foods and you have terrible nutrition, then I agree that going into a tanning booth is really stupid, it's really bad for your health, under those circumstances. Because remember the ultraviolet radiations combines with nutritional deficiencies to cause us skin cancer. That is true. However if you are a teenager who has good nutrition because you eat super foods, eat raw foods, and your parent's maybe taught some good nutritional habits, so have good antioxidants in your skin, then when you go to a tanning booth, it's actually good for you. Because it won't burn you, it won't damage you, and it will increase your levels of vitamin D. which will increase and improve your mood. It will actually improve your mental health. It will improve your cell metabolisms so that you don't get cancer. As easily, it will reduce your risk of many, many diseases, while improving many functions throughout your body most notably kidney function and bone density, the kind of things that children need. So tanning booths are actually therapeutic devices, believe or not. We should be encouraging people to go to tanning salons combined with good nutrition. In fact these tanning booths could dramatically decrease our health care costs, in America. Because during the winter months, that's when everybody is getting sick, from the flue, colds. Why are they catching colds and why are they catching influenza colds in the winter months? Because they are vitamin d deficient, that's why the cold go away in the way in the summer because more people are getting outside. So all you got to do if you really want the nation to be healthier, and reduce cancer by as much as eighty percent, you want to reduce the risk of heart disease, you want to reduce diabetes, reduce obesity, reduce mental health disorders then all you got to do is get people in the tanning booths during the winter months combined with good nutrition, antioxidants, super foods, healing food, functional foods, herbs, that's how you can save our nation from our health care disaster, the disaster that it's currently experiencing and tanning booths can play a crucial role. So don't you find it interesting that these are being attacked, because the American Cancer Society doesn't want you to discover the truth of about tanning booths? Susan G Komen, nonprofit group doesn't want you to know the truth I think, because women who went to training salons in the winter wouldn't be growing breast cancer tumors during those months. Most tumors grow during the winter months. It's a simple fact that the industry doesn't want you to know. Now this is true for African Americans, Latinos, and people of Chinese or Asian descent. They have darker skin color. Now I noticed something very strange in the Chinese community in particular. They think that getting dark skin is a bad thing. They think that white skin looks more cosmetically good. This is especially true in Japan. Where you see women walking around in umbrellas, they don't want sunlight to touch their skin. Well those are the first women to get breast cancer. Those are the first women to suffer from vitamin D deficiency. If you see someone with pale skin you should know in your mind that person is not healthy. That person has a vitamin D deficiency. Unless that person is taking allot of fish oils to compensate for lack of a tan. A tanned person is actually a healthy person. And remember if you have darker skin you are going to need a lot more time in the sun as much as ten more times than a fair skin person to get the same amount of vitamin D creation in your body. So keep that in mind, all you African Americans out there you know why your cancers are worse, you know why you are not being told the truth? Why are African American women suffering more serious breast cancers,? Why are more African American men suffering more from prostate cancers? This is the answer; the sunlight is not getting to them because they have darker skin pigmentation so they are vitamin D deficient. Meaning their cancers is more aggressive, more fatal and more profitable for the American cancer industry. That's right I said it, know I care about everybody out there nobody what your skin color. I want all of you to be healthy, that's why I am telling you the truth. If you have dark skin and your working indoors, like your working in a cubicle in an office job, under artificial light you are a ticking time bomb of cancer unless you change your lifestyle and get outside and get some sunlight, or start taking a lot of fish oils to get vitamin D in your body. Believe me you are a ticking time bomb unless you get enough vitamin D, in your body. And I guarantee you in America today, probably ninety five percent of African American people are vitamin D deficient right now. And the cancer industry knows this, and they know that this is a future profit for their industry and they won't tell the black men and women in this country the truth, about skin cancer, about sunlight, about vitamin D, about cancer prevention. They don't want them to know the truth because if they knew the truth people can cure their own cancer for free. Step outside your front door, you can cure your cancer for free. You don't need a prescription to get sunlight, you don't need to pay nobody royalty to get sunlight. Sunlight is free sunlight is something given to us by god, Mother Nature. Sunlight is something we all have right to, and it something that is good medicine all by itself. It's free medicine and it's the best medicine in the world for preventing or even to reverse cancer. And that is exactly why you have been never been told the truth, about sunlight. And how it s good medicine, instead you been told the lies, I already mentioned, the lies that sunlight causes cancer, that's what they want you to believe. That's really crazy don't you think? It's like saying water causes dehydration. No sunlight is the light of life. There would be no life on this planet without sunlight; sunlight is the bringer of every molecule of life in this planet.