Strengthsquest Past Present Future English Language Essay

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Back in January our class participated in an activity called StrengthsQuest. This activity introduced me to my five main strengths that I did not fully know that I had. Thanks to this activity I've learned that I have the top five strengths of Relator, Communication, Responsibility, Consistency, and Activator. Throughout all these years of my life I've put these strengths to good use and they're going to keep on helping me throughout the rest of my life as I pursue my career as a Civil Engineer.


The strength of a Relator is described as a person who tends to stick with the people that they know, but no necessarily turning away from those that they don't know. A relator takes their relationships with others and looks to further deepen and strengthen it. This has really helped me throughout my life in the sense that it's helped me meet and keep some amazing friends who have helped me through some of my hard times. Also due to this strength you put a lot more trust and faith into your relationships than other people might and through that I've been able to trust my friends enough to let them help open my eyes to new things and new experiences. For example, I've always loved playing my guitar, but before my friends came along I would never have been able to come out of my shell and play for anyone. However now that I have these friendships and knowing that they have my back and that their right there with me I am now part of my church groups worship band and play in front of large crowds which I now know that I love. Without this strength there to help me get so close to my friends I may have never had the courage to get up there and realize a true passion of mine.

As far as my future goes, holding the strength of a Relator is going to be able to help me out immensely. Through this I will be able to make a much deeper connection with my co-workers. This deeper connection will help to open many doors for me. It will help me to know who I can count on if I need help with a design or who I can trust to properly any task I may need to delegate. This will also help give me opportunities to help me advance my career. If I'm able to really connect with my co-workers and be able to rely on them to help me get my job done quicker then I will become a much better candidate for promotions that will really advance my career.

The second strength of Communication helps to make you more inclined to speak in public settings and helps to capture peoples attention making them want to listen to you and then gets them inspired to act upon your words. This has also been an asset to me growing up. I have always been the kind of person who likes to get things done, especially if they involve any kind of manual labor. Most people however really hate to do any kind of hands on, get dirty work, so as you can imagine if I ever needed someone or some kind of team to help get a job done help was in really short supply. Thanks to the strength of Communication I was always able to just talk my friends and peers into helping me out and get them to actually want to do the job instead of just doing it out of kindness towards me.

With Communication as a strength it's really going to help me accomplish any future aspirations or goals that I have in mind. With this ability I can almost always be able to find someone and talk them into helping me get things done. The more people that I can inspire to act upon something that I am talking about then the sooner it will be accomplished making it possible to move onto the next task on my agenda. Being able to quickly get through a day's to do list will open so many more job opportunities and free time. It will also be a big help for me when I need to pitch any business or design ideas to a board or group of co-workers. It will help me to be able to capture and hold onto their attention and inspire them to go along with my ideas to solve an existing problem or develop a new project. Civil engineers frequently work in teams that include a diverse collection of professionals: other civil engineers, lawyers, environmental experts, city planners, and interested community members. These team members have different levels of expertise and different perspectives on a project. A good civil engineer will develop a range of listening and presentation strategies to communicate vital engineering issues and move the team toward its objective. ("Guide to interpersonal," 2008).

Another strength is Responsibility, this strength entitles that I take on a full ownership of anything that I do, I always make sure that it gets done and that it gets done right. It makes so that if I am unable to accomplish a task that I have taken on, that I will find some way to make sure that it does get done and that I feel a moral obligation to make it up to the person who I feel that I have let done by not fulfilling my duties. In my past it has sometimes gotten me in trouble though. There have been times when I have bitten off more than I could chew so to speak and that sometimes made my life a little difficult to manage. However it also really helped out in the sense that it showed people that they can count on me to help them out when they need it, which some people may think is bad because then people will take advantage of that fact, but not me because I honestly love being able to help people out and make sure that when I do help others, I do it right.

This can obviously help me in my future when I become an engineer. Civil engineers are involved in the design and construction of bridges, tunnels, roads, railway, dams, pipelines and major buildings. ("What Do civil," ). With these kinds of tasks at hand that, if done improperly, could cost many people their lives, this is definitely a quality that employers would want in an employee. Once I actually get into a company, the boss and other higher positioned employees will see that I'm the kind of person that they can count on. They will see that I'm the person that that will own up to any task that I take on and make it my own. As an affect of this I'll make sure that whatever task I have taken on will be completed in a timely fashion and completed as correctly as possible. It is this kind of work ethic that will in the future lead to promotions, raises, and more beneficial work experiences.

Another one of my five strengths is Consistency, this implies that I feel that everyone should be treated equally and should be rated upon their display of hard work and abilities, not on who they know or based on their background. Growing up and even still today this has really helped shaped who I have become as person. I have always stood by the belief that everyone should be treated the same and the only way that anyone person should benefit more than another is through how they handle themselves. With the belief that people should only advance through their own hard work and how they act I have strived to always do my best and to make sure that I always act in an appropriate manner for whatever event I am participating in or place that I go. This has helped people to see that I have always been a polite and well mannered person which helped me to be liked by most people that I have come into contact with.

As I venture forth into my chosen field of work Consistency will help to advance in both the hierarchy of my company and among my fellow co-workers as well. I will continue to strive to do my best so that my actions and abilities can speak for me, not who I may or may not know. This will help me to climb the corporate ladder and advance my career as my employers see that I am a hardworking individual. My fellow co-workers will also appreciate this because they'll see that I take my job seriously and they will appreciate the fact that I treat them all with the respect that they have earned. They'll see that I don't just respect the ones at the same level or higher than I am, but also anyone who may have a lower job status or are new to my company. Through this my co-workers and I can work closer as a team. Civil engineering includes the planning, designing, construction, and maintenance of structures and altering geography to suit human needs. ("Engineering," 2008). With such enormous tasks as these team work is vital or else it would be impossible to accomplish such jobs.

My final strength is called Activator. The activator strength is probably one of the ones that I can relate to the best because it's the one that has me always wondering what to do for the next step. It has me always wanting to do something to get things done. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm the kind of person that loves getting things done, I love doing hands on work instead of just sitting back thinking about it. This has helped me throughout the years to make sure that things get done and that they get done quickly so that I can move on to another activity. However it has created issues where during the thinking stage I'm just chomping at the bit ready to go and just getting annoyed by all the talk of action but no real action it's self. I've gotten myself into some situations due to this that may have made the task a little more difficult because I didn't allow time to fully think it trough. Although I always found a way around the problem so that I could just keep going and then I would learn from those mistakes that I have made.

This will help out in my career as a Civil Engineer because even though I do love the actual action of a task, I do also kind of enjoy the job of figuring out what needs to be done also. In the form of Engineering that fits in really well because I do get to do some of that problem solving but I'm not stuck doing that all the time. I'll have days where I'm sitting inside figuring out the next step and then I'll also have days where I'm out there doing that next step. Civil engineers can work in office buildings, in the field at construction and project sites, or split their time between working indoors and outdoors. (ASCE , 2010). So this job helps out both of my joys in this situation, although I may have to kind of hold back my desire to just jump into the action until I have given myself and my team enough time to figure out the best and most appropriate step of action.


As you can see, these five strengths have helped me get through these past years of my life and will continue to help my advance in my future career. Some of these strengths do have some drawl backs but for the most part they are just what I'll need to help power my way to a desirable position in my company once I arrive. Having the strengths of Relator, Communication, Responsibility, Consistency, and Activator have really helped to shape the person I have become today and this is the person who will venture forth and be able to do great things with his career thanks to the strengths he has obtained.