Strengths And Limitations Of A Personality Test English Language Essay

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Now it's time to discover your own personality type - your own "color". Perhaps you will learn things about yourself that you were not aware of, or find out why you have certain tendencies or reactions you could never understand. You will probably be able to identify the colors of your acquaintances as well. This will help you to understand them better, and point the way to more meaningful relationships.

In taking your Personality Profile Test, be as honest as you can. There's no point in deceiving yourself about who you really are. Dishonesty will only limit your knowledge of yourself and taint your relationships with others.

Here are some other suggestions that will make taking the test easier and will make your answers more accurate:

At first, mark the choices that come to you most readily. Skip the more difficult questions, but return to them later.

Do not hesitate to ask others for feedback - especially people who may not agree with you. Their opinions can help you balance your self-assessment.

Strive to choose answers which are most often typical of your thoughts and/or actions. Subconsciously, you may want to avoid identifying - or facing - the real you, but tough it out. Don't cheat yourself by prettying things up. The potential rewards for honesty is too great.

Now, enjoy the test. You are about to determine your true color.


Directions: Mark an 'X' by the one word or phrase that best describes what you are like most of the time. Choose only one response from each group. After you've finished question 30, total your scores for each letter.


1. a) ___ opinionated 2. a) ___ power-oriented

b) ___ nurturing b) ___ perfectionist x

c) ___ inventive c) ___ indecisive

d) ___ outgoing x d) ___ self-centered

3. a) ___ dominant x 4. a) ___ self-serving

b) ___ sympathetic b) ___ suspicious

c) ___ tolerant c) ___ unsure x

d) ___ enthusiastic d) ___ naïve

5. a) ___ decisive 6. a) ___ arrogant

b) ___ loyal x b) ___ worry prone

c) ___ contented c) ___ silently stubborn x

d) ___ playful d) ___ flighty

7. a) ___ assertive 8. a) ___ bossy x

b) ___ reliable b) ___ self-critical

c) ___ kind x c) ___ reluctant

d) ___ sociable d) ___ a teaser

9. a) ___ action-oriented 10. a) ___ critical of others

b) ___ analytical b) ___ overly sensitive

c) ___ easygoing c) ___ shy x

d) ___ carefree x d) ___ obnoxious

11. a) ___ determined 12. a) ___ demanding x

b) ___ detail conscious b) ___ unforgiving

c) ___ a good listener x c) ___ unmotivated

d) ___ a party person d) ___ vain

13. a) ___ responsible x 14. a) ___ impatient

b) ___ idealistic b) ___ moody x

c) ___ considerate c) ___ passive

d) ___ happy d) ___ impulsive

15. a) ___ strong-willed 16. a) ___ argumentative x

b) ___ respectful x b) ___ unrealistic

c) ___ patient c) ___ directionless

d) ___ fun-loving d) ___ an interrupter

17. a) ___ independent 18. a) ___ aggressive x

b) ___ dependable b) ___ frequently depressed

c) ___ even-tempered c) ___ ambivalent

d) ___ trusting x d) ___ forgetful

19. a) ___ powerful 20. a) ___ insensitive

b) ___ deliberate b) ___ judgmental x

c) ___ gentle x c) ___ boring

d) ___ optimistic d) ___ undisciplined

21. a) ___ logical 22. a) ___ always right

b) ___ emotional x b) ___ guilt prone

c) ___ agreeable c) ___ unenthusiastic

d) ___ popular d) ___ uncommitted x

23. a) ___ pragmatic 24. a) ___ merciless

b) ___ well-behaved b) ___ thoughtful x

c) ___ accepting c) ___ uninvolved

d) ___ spontaneous x d) ___ a show-off

25. a) ___ task-oriented 26. a) ___ tactless

b) ___ sincere x b) ___ hard to please

c) ___ diplomatic c) ___ lazy x

d) ___ lively d) ___ loud

27. a) ___ direct x 28. a) ___ calculating x

b) ___ creative b) ___ self-righteous

c) ___ adaptable c) ___ self-deprecating

d) ___ a performer d) ___ disorganized

29. a) ___ confident x 30. a) ___ intimidating

b) ___ disciplined b) ___ careful x

c) ___ pleasant c) ___ unproductive

d) ___ charismatic d) ___ afraid to face facts

______ Total a's ______ Total b's ______ Total c's ______Total d's

Enter your totals in the proper spaces. Now let's see if you respond the same way to the following situations as you did to groups of descriptive words. Again, pick only one answer, and record your totals for each at the end of the section.


31. If I applied for a job, a prospective employer would most likely hire me because I am:

Driven, direct, and delegating

Deliberate, accurate, and reliable x

Patient, adaptable, and tactful

Fun-loving, spirited, and casual

32. When involved in an intimate relationship, if I feel threatened by my partner, I:

Fight back with facts and anger

Cry, feel hurt, and plan revenge

Become quiet, withdrawn, and often hold anger until I blow up over some minor issues later

Distance myself and avoid further conflicts x

33. For me, life is most meaningful when it:

Is task-oriented and productive

Is filled with people and purpose

Is free of pressure and stress x

Allows me to be playful, lighthearted, and optimistic

34. As a child, I was:

Stubborn, bright, and/or aggressive

Well-behaved, caring, and/or depressed

Quiet, easygoing, and/or shy x

Too talkative, happy, and/or playful

35. As an adult, I am:

Opinionated, determined, and/or bossy x

Responsible, honest, and/or forgiving

Accepting, contented, and/or unmotivated

Charismatic, positive, and/or obnoxious

36. As a parent, I am:

Demanding, quick-tempered, and/or uncompromising

Concerned, sensitive, and/or critical

Permissive, easily persuaded, and/or often overwhelmed

Playful, casual, and/or irresponsible x

37. In an argument with a friend, I am most likely to be:

Verbally stubborn about facts x

Concerned about others' feelings and principles

Silently stubborn, uncomfortable, and/or confused

Loud, uncomfortable, and/or compromising

38. If my friend was in trouble, I would be:

Protective, resourceful, and recommend solutions x

Concerned, empathetic, and loyal - regardless of the problem

Supportive, patient, and a good listener

Nonjudgmental, optimistic, and downplaying the seriousness of the situations

39. When making decisions, I am:

Assertive, articulate, and logical x

Deliberate, precise, and cautious

Indecisive, timid, and reluctant

Impulsive, uncommitted, and inconsistent

40. When I fail, I feel:

Silently self-critical, yet verbally stubborn and defensive

Guilty, self-critical, and vulnerable to depression - I dwell on it x

Unsettled and fearful, but I keep it to myself

Embarrassed and nervous - seeking to escape the situation

41. If someone crosses me:

I am angered, and cunningly plan ways to get even quickly

I feel deeply hurt and find it almost impossible to forgive completely. Generally, getting even is not enough

I am silently hurt and plan to get even and/or completely avoid the other person x

I want to avoid confrontation, consider the situation not important enough to bother with, and/or seek other friends

42. Work is:

A most productive way to spend one's time

A healthy activity, which should be done right if it's to be done at all. Work should be done before one plays

A positive activity as long as it is something I enjoy and don't feel pressured to accomplish x

A necessary evil, much less inviting than play

43. In social situations, I am most often:

Feared by others

Admired by others

Protected by others

Envied by others x

44. In a relationship, I am most concerned with being:

Approved of and right

Understood, appreciated, and intimate

Respected, tolerant, and peaceful x

Praised, having fun, and feeling free

45. To feel alive and positive, I seek:

Adventure, leadership, and lots of action

Security, creativity, and purpose

Acceptance and safety

Excitement, playful productivity, and the company of others x

______ Total a's ______ Total b's ______ Total c's ______ Total d's

Now add your totals from numbers 1-30 to those from numbers 31-45 to get grand totals. At this point, the four personality color types are assigned to each of the letters: Red for 'a', Blue for 'b', White for 'c', and Yellow for 'd'.


Red (a) ______ Blue (b) ______ White (c) ______ Yellow (d) ______