Standards And Norms Of English Language Essay

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Standards and norms of English should not be seen as the British or English-speaking countries unique, it should be shared by the worlds cultural wealth. It should respect and carry forward the embodiment of human civilization should be the mission of foreign language educators, this is also the need to create a harmonious world. Application of the normative standards of English said to be paying homage to it, choice of words appropriate for any errors.

"English this piece of 'grove' is indeed not small", but if the English speaking countries, where people have to learn English in the woods developing its own characteristics and habits of language, must, like American English as create their own system, and English rival, the result would Lin will become confused array, it will become a barrier to the exchange of the world's people; if each country can be disrespectful and contemptuous of the standard English, if everyone can ignore the proper standards of learning and to their mistakes when the characteristics of It is also sounding name of the language development; if the Japanese English, Korean English, Chinese, English and other non-English speaking countries, non-standard English have been given undue academic status, coupled with long usage and pronunciation of English in the widely divergent aspects of American English, Indian English, African English, etc., then the English, the world recognized the status of an international language will sooner or later will be turned upside down. If so, we have this ever-turbulent world of strife is bound to face even greater disaster.

Many people self-chien his mouth, learning as a "dumb English", this phenomenon is not, as Professor Lee said the "fear of offending the golden rule of standard English," but because the minds of these people simply there is no standard, because the majority of English Education workers themselves can not go according to standard pronunciation, but also from time to time would be presumptuous to his students chaotic add corrected. How dare this so that they can mouth?

In the article, Professor Lee told us, "those who speak standard English in the Anglo-American account for only 3% -5% of the population, while most of them come from the royal family, church, nobility, senior government and social elites." This statement to be correct , but unfortunately confuses the two different Anglo-American concept of the language of the country. Volkswagen group can not speak standard English is not because of their exclusion criteria, but because of education they received was inadequate, and the opportunity to hear standard English too little. How a country in the world, popular people are not looking up to the social elite and senior government officials, and do not pay homage to the church, it is very rare.

Is well known in China who can speak standard Chinese is less than 3%. If Professor Lee contempt for standard English point of view holds true, then the Chinese government adheres to the standard 50 years to promote Chinese language efforts are also costly in. The original meaning of education is the pursuit of standards, advocating pure; the teacher's role is to teach the standard, showing pure.

Professor Lee is also accused of the text: "College Entrance Examination Marking the teacher got a little older, a 25-point essay college entrance examination, if a similar 'he go' sort of error, are written better, nor more than 20 points." Where did English teachers know that, if the high candidates to commit such an error, then he will definitely miserable the entire essay.

Professor Lee's paper criticized the "Fuwa", "Erhu" and "Tai Chi" and other words with Chinese characteristics, the existing English translation, should be of academic problems, with the text of the standard English are totally unrelated to denounce . This translation of the word was correct or not, and whether or not the standard of English does not matter. "Language as long as it glances to convey his ideas even if the completion of their mission, why nit-pick," Professor Lee used this point of view is just right here.

Furthermore, when a foreigner want to know what is "Tai Chi", you tell him "Tai Chi" is Taichi, This is really a big bow to the ground slippery world; and when you tell him "Taichi" is shadow boxing, he immediately will understand that at the same time remember Taichi.

Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo clubs definitely do not want to wipe out those words with Chinese characteristics, the English translation of the controversial, but the grammatical structure and habits of English usage with impunity, arbitrarily tampering, damage the image of people and let the foreigners do not understand the "Chinglish."

Since the reform and opening up, we do have to add a lot of English vocabulary words with Chinese characteristics, which should be regarded as English is our contribution to this international language. But the relative of a 5000 years of history, culture and power, we have done is not enough. Unexpected, Professor Lee, the text says "This is to the English than the English-speaking countries the impact of their own bigger." Clearly should be a contribution, is the English-speaking countries also are glad to see the contributions, why they have to say that was undermining the self-blame? This is precisely explains Professor Lee in his mind, within the standard of English is pure awe and even worship.

In fact, national culture and language exchange and learning among very normal. In any language if it can not actively absorb foreign words, are not healthy development, but must be based on the principle of mutual respect. Any attempt to forcibly as Professor Lee did the wrong and not clean "he go" say normal, the error correction of the teacher to say "got a little older," will not get the respect of other countries.

English has been able to become the world's lingua franca, not just "is that it is open, can constantly absorb foreign usage," not just due to the English-speaking countries in the world economy, culture and military and other fields with the international status. More importantly, the English language itself has a relatively strict standards, scientific logic, grammar and voice systems. Otherwise, in so many countries under the impact of foreign words, which earlier had beyond redemption. In fact, it has been in the world more and more extensive applications. Other countries, English learners, if given the vast English-speaking world simply by adding a number of country-specific characteristics with its own new terms, they think their English can be independent, it is very funny indeed. On the contrary, as countries of the English language and culture continue to contribute to, has made the English language has become more colorful, more indestructible, and more worldwide.

The globalization of English has indeed to some extent, constitute a non-English speaking country's cultural invasion, but also to bring fresh blood in these countries, bringing the advanced concepts, scientific and technological achievements of world civilization. Rashly defy the international language of pure nature and standards of, and calls upon the English language independent, expect more variants appeared in English, States are encouraged to learn English, "to explore ways of localization of English, creative use of English has become the new owner of English "This will not only benefit the users and learners of English inconvenience, but also to have created a problem. This will greatly affect the communication between people around the world and the establishment of a harmonious world, which is the world's men of insight do not want to see.