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In the business world, a businessman has to deliver a speech on innumerable occasions. These occasions may be formal or informal. A speech has the power of turning a hostile

mob into a friendly gathering. On the contrary it can turn a friendly gathering into a

hostile mob. Thus it is important for a businessman to spend good time on preparation of speech so as to make it effective.

Being able to speak well is an asset in any profession. The success of a speaker depends, to some extent, on the personality and the voice; but it is necessary to know the formal aspects of public speaking and to able to prepare the speech carefully. Attention must be paid to the language and style; the needs of the audience must be taken into account. Besides this, the speaker must consider the purpose of the speech and decide on a suitable length for his presentation.

Making the Presentation

A presentation involves presentation of facts, information or ideas by a speaker to an audience. In order to ensure effective presentation, the following points need to be considered:-

1) Preparing the Presentation

For the speech in an oral presentation if the speaker writes out the complete speech and learn it by heart when exact speech is delivered it sounds stilted. Instead, he should reduce it to short notes and put them on cards. The cards should be prepared by the speaker in his handwriting as during an oral presentation if the speaker is not able to understand key item because of its illegibility, the presentation may be ruined.

2) Beginning of Presentation

There are various ways of beginning a presentation; the aim is to catch the attention of the audience. One may start with a question, a startling fact, a prominent statistic. One may begin with an anecdote or story. One may make some personal references, expressing one's great pleasure in being invited to speak and so on.

A well planned introduction motivates and stimulates the listeners. Simultaneously it generates confidence in the speaker. The impact of an impressive introduction is as follows:-

a) It grabs the attention of the listeners.

b) It earns the trust and belief of the listener in the speaker.

c) It establishes rapport with the listeners.

d) It creates the first impression of the speaker among his listeners.

e) An effective introduction effects a smooth transition of the listeners to the main body of the speech.

3) Ending the Presentation

The conclusion of the presentation leaves the final impression on the minds of the listeners. A well conceived conclusion not only signals the end of the presentation but also reinforces the central idea in the mind of the listeners. A good presentation may loose all its impact if the conclusion is loose. A strong ending leaves the audience brooding and cogitating the words they have just heard. The techniques to draw an ending of the presentation are:

a) By giving verbal clause like "Let me end by saying", "one last point", etc.

b) By our manner of delivery decreasing the pitch of the tone to lower notes.

c) By slowing down the articulation of words and phrases.

d) By making the summary of speech.

4) Question-Answer Session

The ending of an effective presentation depends upon how well the audience has participated in it. For audience participation there should be separate question answer round duly planned. The speaker invites questions from the audience. The question should be expected after the audience is given some time to think. The speaker, after getting the question, should first repeat it and then answer it concisely as possible.

Speaker's Personality and Body Language

Personality can be explained as a combination of many qualities. It includes appearance, the type of clothes you wear, and good grooming. Personality also includes how you talk, walk and stand. Even what you say, reveals your personality.

It is important that you are confident about your personality. Unless you have confidence in yourself the listener can't have confidence in you. Since the first impression may also be the last impression, it is important that you present yourself confidently.

Body language is what the audience notices about the speaker, even before he begins to speak. Body language makes the presentation as much as the voice does. Words aren't enough to communicate what you wish to say. They must be aided by the body language. Body language speaks louder than word. While giving presentation one should follow some points:

1) Stand with body weight equally balanced on both feet.

2) Avoid too much walking around.

3) Gestures and facial expressions should always accompany speech.

4) Physical appearance should be suitable for the occasion.

5) Confidence is necessary for a good presentation.

When you make presentation your main aim is to see that your listeners accept the facts that you give them. If you have introduced a new service and want your customer to make use of it, how well you are able to persuade him, will depend on the confidence with which you speak.

Manners of speaking

In an oral presentation, the speaker should take care of the following points:

1) Words: - The speaker should use positive words. He should avoid words like 'but', 'try', 'perhaps', 'may be', etc.

2) Expression: - The speaker should lay stress on those words that effectively highlight the key expression of the theme.

3) Pitch of voice: - The speaker can make his speech effective by starting deep down the notes. According to the nature of the text he should modulate his voice between high and low.

4) Power of voice: - The speaker should vary the power of his voice.

5) Pausing: - An efficient speaker doesn't rush through the speech while making oral presentation. He makes pauses to give the audience adequate time to collect and digest the contents of the speech.


For an efficient oral presentation audio-visual aids supplement our message making the speech vivid, interesting and stimulating. An effective speaker by judicious use of these equipments arrests the attention of the audience. These equipments enhance the value of the oral presentation by a great extent. When audio-visual aids are presented to the audience the speaker should take care of following points:

1) The visibility and audibility of the aids to the audience are taken care of.

2) It must fit in the discourse properly as the part of the presentation.

3) These aids are supplemented by verbal means and body language is required.

4) The efficient speaker doesn't talk to the visual aids but to the audience.

5) The speaker shouldn't act as a barrier to proper viewing of the visual aids.

6) If the audio-visual aids require some explanation that must be provided.