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What is means by Johari Window. Why the theory was named as Johari Window. This will be discovering soon. The Johari Window named after the first names of its inventors, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, this is one of the models that they produced used to develop the process of human communication. (Yen, 1999). This theory works much likely to describe every single part in our life. Thus, it has been divided into four major parts which are open self, blind self, hidden self and unknown self. Each of these gives us different meaning and by knowing it will give significance to us in order to build and improve our personal development. These are all what I am going to explain about.

The first quadrant in Johari Window tells us about the open self. According to Victoria, 'The open self is what you and others see in you. You typically do not mind discussing with others this part of you. Most of the time you agree with this view you have and others have of you.' (2008). Basically, it is about the basic information in ourselves that we know and people surround us know. Such as our name, gender, skin colour, race and religious affiliations. Sometimes, we know ourselves and people do recognize us from the way we are. For example, you are good singer and every time when you organize a concert, thousands of people will be coming to give support. This means that not only you know your own talent but your fans too that always support you from the back. After all, still this is under the open self quadrant.

Besides that, blind self is also one of the parts in Johari Window. From my own understanding, blind self is define as what people know about you, what people discover about you that you do not know by yourself. Sometimes, we tend to do something rapidly as our habit but we do not realize of doing that such as picking your nose in public. Other people they tend to show some focus on it. However, they are not going to tell you because sometimes it will show you the sense of embarrassed. This is what we call as blind self. Not only by our rapidly habit, blind self can also occur in unconscious situation. For example as stated by Yen, 'We could be eating at a restaurant, and I may have unknowingly gotten some food on my face. This information is in my blind quadrant because you can see it, but I cannot.' (1999). The situation will remains as blind self until the other person tell you that you should remove the food on your face. Then, the window part will turn to open self as you have known it already. (Yen,1999).

Apart from having the blind self, human also have their own hidden self. From the word hidden we can make our own assumption that it means something which is not being reveal on.

The Private or Hidden Self is what you see in yourself but others don't. In this part you hide things that are very private about yourself. You do not want this information to be disclosed for the reason of protection. It could also be that you may be ashamed of these areas due to vulnerability to having your faults, weaknesses, and dysfunctions exposed. This area equally applies to your good qualities that you don't want to advertise to the world due to modesty.

(Victoria, 2008)

Let me give you an example of hidden self in order to make your understanding clearer. A person is having a financial problem and because of that his car will be repossessed and his home will be auctioned off. He's getting stress but on the same time he doesn't know on how to ask for help from people surround him as everybody knows that he used to be one of the richest guys before this. He feels shame to tell them that he have gone bankrupt. So he decided to keep this as a secret. This is what we call as hidden self. Something that we cannot reveals on because of certain reason.

Moreover, there is one more quadrant in Johari Window which is unknown self. It is being defined that, 'The unknown self represents truths about yourself that neither you nor others know. Sometimes this unknown self revealed through hypnosis, projective tests, or dreams.' (Devito, 2011, p57). For example, during my secondary school time, I used to hate art classes because I thought that I don't have any talent in drawing or painting. However, when I continued my study in university, during the foundation time, I have to attend art classes. I learn many new skills on drawing and painting. Today, I realized that I do have talent in art. Even I scored A for all my art subjects. This is what we call as unknown self. What you do not know nor others know about your future. Just by having a try, you'll get to know whether you can do it or not.

An English idiom says, 'killing two birds with one stone' which means that doing two things in one time. Same process while learning the Johari Window too. In Johari Window, we get to know four different self while having an interaction and on the same time, we can use them for our personal development too. The Johari Window gives us significance in developing our own personal development. However, what is personal development means? Based on my research on a reliable website, personal development is defined as:

Activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. The concept is not limited to self help but includes formal and informal activities for developing others in roles such as teacher, guide, counsellor, life coach or mentor.

(LinkedIn, 2013)

Furthermore, personal development is most likely to increase public self so that it is well known by others and own self.

First of all, the significance of learning Johari Window is that we can use our understanding in open self to build up our personal development. Devito in his book stated that, 'When you reveal yourself to others and increase your open self, you also reveal yourself to yourself. At the very last, you bring into clear focus what you may have buried within. As you discuss yourself, you see the connections you missed and with the aid of feedback from others you may gain still more insight.' (2011, p58). For example, you have the feeling of afraid with dark since young. Even all your friends know about that too. It's not that you haven't tried to reduce the feeling, but you just cannot do it. One day, you and your friends went for a camping and got stuck in a dark jungle. During that time, you have to face the whole dark night in a jungle together with your friends. They gave you their fully support so that you won't cried. Finally you managed to control your afraid feeling. This shows that how your open self before this improved in your personal development. You are now able to control yourself when every time you are at a dark place. The feedback that you got from them also had just developed yourself to be a better person.

Next, some people choose to use of the advantage of knowing their blind self in the past to improve their personal development. 'The development process helps us undergo self-disclosure in what once were blind areas hidden to us.' (Kingsley, 2009). Still using the same example of blind self, one day your friend told you that you have such a bad habit to pick your nose in public. You feel so shame about that even though you know that you have done it unconsciously. As a result, now you always mind yourself to not easily picking nose in public. This is one of the significance of using Johari Window in personal development. How you use your blind self to improve your self development.

Furthermore, by learning hidden self in Johari Window, we can build up our personal development too. Hidden self can be in varieties. Sometimes, people decide to keep their story secret because they feel shame of facing it in public or maybe because of having some traumas. It depends on stories that they have. However, how long we are going to keep secrets and let weaknesses rule over ourselves.

We have to learn to more towards our strengths and move away from our weaknesses. We have to use experiences to guide us forward and to develop personally. With structure, self-development and inner healing will be a lot easier and we will be able to move to newer heights of self-awareness steadily. The road through these processes is not easy by any means and there will be many hurdles but with dedication to growth, we will be on the way to healing and accomplishments that we never perceived before.

(Hall, 1996)

As an example, you lose both your parents since young. After some years, you turn up like a gangster and when you've been asked why you choose this way, you will keep silent with no answer. Actually, you know that it is because you don't get enough parents' love and you don't have anybody else. However, you should heal you broken heart's feeling and start to develop yourself. Dedication is the most important thing what we should have in order to build up our personal development. Start with a new life and growth independently. This is better than ends up with any negative problem that doesn't bring benefit at all.

In addition, we can improve our personal development by make sense on our understanding about the unknown self. This last quadrant on Johari Window keeps telling us that we can't predict the future unless we have some try on it. Life is about revealing the truth in ourselves. As the time is moving along with us, we should be able to face anything in front of us. Even we have to do something which is unrelated to us at all. Only with that we will know the truth of ourselves. Whether we have that talent or not.

Last but not least, we know that personal development is actually a process of learning new experiences that we adapted from our past. What we gained from our life experiences that valued us back in the future. Here I have an example which I got from a reliable website source of Personal Development, 'There is a story told about the master- painter Picasso. He was sitting at a cafe enjoying the warmth of the morning sun one day, when a rather pompous lady came up to him and abruptly requested that he sketch a portrait of her. He looked at her curiously for a while before he agreed and then he began sketching her in his drawing book.' (2012).

Within a matter of minutes Picasso had finished the drawing of his subject, and turned the page to show her. She was delighted with it. He then scribbled down on a table napkin the price required for her to purchase the portrait. She exploded! "You can't be serious, asking for that much! ..... It only took you 3 minutes to draw my portrait!"

"Yes Madam" Picasso calmly replied with just the hint of a smile, "but it took me more than 40 years to learn how to draw such a portrait in 3 minutes"."

(Personal Development, 2012)

From this example, I can say that Picasso also learn from the past. Not only learning by learning from our blind self, but everything that can be improve in past is also call as part of personal development.

In a nutshell, we get to know ourselves by learning the Johari Window. There are four quadrants which are open self, blind self, hidden self and unknown self. Each consists with different definition. On the same time, in order to be a better person, we should improve our personal development too. And it is being implemented from our understanding based on the Johari Window. Mostly, our blind self do improve in self development and we can use our past to growth better in the future. Not only that, we learn from our open self, hidden self and unknown self too. Just believe that the more we practice on it, the better we will be. Have the surrounding's feedback to keep growing yourself for betterment.