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Restaurant is a place where people serve food; we can purchase food at restaurant to satisfy our needs. We need to consume food in order to survive, as time pass, people start to look for more on food. We start to look for food that is delicious and healthier. When we eat outside not only for satisfy our needs; but also can satisfy our wants too. We start to eat something which is more delicious, healthier to satisfy our wants. Restaurant nowadays are producing variety food to attract consumers. The restaurant will come out with food that are healthier, for example like less calories and food that contains lower fats. And sometimes some restaurant will try to change the way they cook the food, for example they use method like broil, steam, grill and other ways to cook the food rather than deep fried. People nowadays have good health conscious, especially those who are high educated. The meaning of greasy spoon is a kind of food that often purchased, small and cheap food, and most of it is fried foods.


Question 1

If I owned a restaurant, it probably will be a fast food restaurant. We can see there are many fast food restaurant open in residential area. Fast food can consider as greasy spoon restaurant. There are many people like to eat fast food. Fast food is popular because it is cheap, many choices and it can be taken in a short time. The reason why I choose to have a fast food restaurant is because I love to eat fast food and it is affordable to most people. People nowadays like to eat fast food. They know it is not healthy, but consumer don't have many choose, especially those who are working, they have limited lunch time. Consumers choose to eat fast food because it prepare and serve in a short time. For example like people who work in office, they don't have enough time for them to take their lunch, so fast food restaurant is a good suggestion for them to have their lunch. They can go to a fast food restaurant which nearby their work place and take their lunch during the lunch break. Another example is student or teenagers. Teenager likes to choose place like fast food restaurant to gather with friends. At fast food restaurant, those teenagers would like to eat some snack at the fast food restaurant while they gossip with friends. Most of the student will go to additional class after school, during the break time they would like to find something to eat because they maybe hungry after their school activities. But they don't have such a long time to eat in a restaurant; at the moment fast food is the best choice for them. Fast food is cheaper than many foods, so it is affordable to students. Besides, fast food also quite popular among teenagers. When people are rushing in time, they would like to eat fast food as it served very fast and they can finish their meal in very short time. When we rush in the time, we can buy fast food because we can eat it at almost everywhere. Fast food is easy to eat, and easy to take away. Besides, fast food also very popular among children and teenagers. Most of the children and teenager like to eat fast food because fast food is tastier.

Promotion plays an important role in marketing. Many of the children like to eat fast food not only because the taste of the food, but also the toys which you can get when you buy a kid meal. Kid meals offer a toy, which are the main factors that attract children. I still remember when I was a kid; I choose the kid meal just because of the free toy. All children are the same, they will attracted by the toy and ask their parents to buy for them.

Most of the fast food restaurant will offer value meal in their menu. Value meal is a combo of food which cost individually selling with a low price, it very common in a menu of fast food restaurant. Consumer normally will purchase value mean as they think it is cheaper. Opening a fast food restaurant has a guarantee on the business as it is popular among consumer. We don't need to worry much about the business when we owned a fast food restaurant. Because fast food are quite cheap compare to other restaurant, so it consider as greasy spoon restaurant.

Many people will think that fast food may be cook in a filthy way, which they did not concern about the cleanliness of food preparing method. Because fast food prepare can be prepare in a short time, so consumer may think that people who prepare the food will not concern about the proper way to cook the food. They might think this way because they did not see what is going on in the kitchen.

If I owned a fast food restaurant, I will make the kitchen openly, so that consumer can have a good sight about what worker actually doing, and how they prepare the food. By showing the interior of the kitchen, consumer will not need to worry about the way they cook the food.

The environment of the restaurant must be comfort and clean, because there is a place where people dine in, so the cleanness of the surrounding is very important. Nobody wants to have their meal in a filthy environment. Some of the consumer likes to choose restaurant as a place for them to gather with friends. So the environment must be comfort in order to attract more consumers to choose the restaurant. Even fast food are selling at low price, but the restaurant still will provide a clean environment for us.


As a conclusion, if I owned a restaurant, it would be a fast food restaurant. The restaurant must be clean and tidy, so consumer can dine in comfortably. The condition of the environment is very important; it is a critical factor that will affect the business of the restaurant. The environment not must be decorated very nice, but it must be clean and tidy, so the restaurant will not receive any complaint about the cleanness of the environment. When there are many choices, consumer will choose a best restaurant to have their meal. Besides, a greasy spoon restaurant doesn't mean that is must be poor service. In hospitality industry, the quality of service is the most important thing. A good service can guarantee the customer come back again to the premise. So once again, if I owned a restaurant, I would like it to be a fast food restaurant which provide a comfortable environment and serve every customer with polite manner even the price of food only at greasy spoon level.

Question 2


Before I answer the question, I would like to explain what does diversity and multi culture mean. Diversity is a word that describes a group of people or individual which have difference, variation to other group or individual. The best example is like our country, Malaysian. There are three main races living together in a country, which is Chinese, Indian and Malay. We have their own culture and belief which left from our ancestor since many years ago. Even we have our own culture, but we still can live together in a country peacefully. We have different lifestyle, spoken language and the food that we eat. In our country, it is very easy to know about our background from what we eat.


Different culture have their own taste of food, for example in Thailand, the taste of food are more in spicy; in western country, they like to use more seasoning to prepare their food in order to make the taste stronger than other; in Japan, their food usually are light taste, because their culture are encouraged to practice a healthy lifestyle. Besides, Japanese do not drink soft drink that often like the way western people did, Japanese used to drink green tea. As a result, a study show that Japanese have a longer average life span compare to other people that practice a different lifestyle. It is because the green tea that drank by Japanese brings a lot of benefits to them.

In our country, there are three main types of races. Each type has their own culture, belief and lifestyle. I would like to briefly go through and talk about their difference between each others, and finally will go in deep to talk more about the culture that I am living with. First, I would like to talk about the culture of Indian. Their religious, language and architecture I will not talk about as this topic I would just briefly explain about their lifestyle and food so that in the end I can clearly show the difference between each race. The lifestyle of Indian does not have a very big difference, they emphasize on manner, the way they treat people and greet people. For Indian, they really do pay a lot of attention to the texture and taste when they plan and cook every meal. The best example is, they prepare food in many ways, uses of ingredient and spices are almost uncountable. Many of the Indian food are sweet in taste, like desserts. And there is a high popularity of Curry among Indian culture, and usually they contain curry in their daily meal.

Follow up with the Malay culture which can be found in our country. Malays prepare food in many ways such as bake, fry, grill, and many other ways. The signature food of Malays culture is curry. They have many of variation on curry as they consume curry every day, and almost every meal. Their main food is rice which eats together with curry. Ingredients that contain in their curry are herbs, meat and vegetables. Because they live together with other people with difference, to share their food they even come out with curry that are less spicy than the normal curry. Because some people would like to try their food, but because of the strong taste and spiciness of traditional curry powders that people might not be able to withstand, they have to variant the taste of the traditional curry.

Finally is the time to explain how food play important role in my family culture. The type of food is called as Chinese cuisine. It is originally hereditary from our ancestor in China. What we Chinese people eating today is related to the history of Chinese cuisine. As time pass, the method of preparing food and the usage of ingredient has changed from period to period. Ways to prepare traditional Chinese food has leading us on eating a variety of food.

Unlike other culture, there are more ways to prepare Chinese food than we thought. The four main ways to prepare a traditional Chinese dish are stewing, steaming, baking and frying. Chinese people do use much method to prepare food so that we can taste a variety in of different dishes. Among those methods that I mention above, steaming is the healthiest way to prepare the traditional Chinese food. Most of the dishes can be prepare using the steaming method. Nowadays we still using the steaming method to prepare food as we know it is the best way to keeps the freshness remain in the food, and it is good for our health. Chinese people still like to use this method especially elder people. Some people may think that food that cook using streaming must be tasteless, but they are totally wrong. Because the taste of traditional Chinese food is depend on what ingredient we were used in the dishes, the method of cooking will not make big difference on the taste of the food. Chinese find out food which cook by steaming is healthy because the nutrition of food can be preserved and consume. Sometime, the nutrition of food might be destroyed during the process of cooking, but steaming will not. In the early time, Chinese people already was paying good attention to the method of preparation food, in order to keep our body in a healthy form. In Chinese culture, we do pay very good attention on the nutrition of food that we eat. For an example, Chinese people like to drink soup to keep our body warm, the entire ingredient that can be found it the soup has their our benefit to our health.

Chinese people do have our etiquette on the dining table. We will not simply leave the table even when we finish eating. We will sit until everyone has finish, then only we will leave the dining table. And when we are eating, we don't talk to each other. And every meal we will try to finish every food, as if we do not finish it, it is a significant of wasting. We still obey these rules as these shows that we emphasize to practice good manner.


As a conclusion, foods play important part in our culture. It makes sure we can live healthy as most of the way to prepare food can preserve the freshness and nutrition of the food. Besides, it also ensure us practice polite manner in our daily lifestyle. So notice that in Chinese culture food not just for satisfy our needs, but at the same time it also make our body healthier and knowing how to respect others.