Research Paper Topic

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A good research paper

A good research paper should have the following characteristics which should be adhered to; the researcher should find a topic that is of interest and challenging. The attempt and passion you put in your research paper will be established in most cases by your feelings towards the topic chosen. It is good to focus on a part aspect which means you'll encompass to narrow your research topic down.

When you collect all the materials, you should write a thesis statement. Always bear in mind that, the key part of your writing will envelop point of view supporting and defending it.

You should first plan on how you want your paper to be like before writing it. Planning helps someone to get more ideas about the topic

The body should have ''introduction, body part, conclusion and recommendation'' (Kane 4) being prearranged according to the outline. According to Mary 8 ''Research preview should be prepared and incorporated in the research paper to support your findings'' in research preview you should cite the source of your information. Take in only materials that are of very significance to your topic.

Having a good summary and introduction is vital to having a good paper. The paper should have specific objectives which should clear. Each part of your paper should have a clear topic and this will keep readers oriented on what to expect and make references to the aspects of your argument addressed in every section. The best way to end your paper is by resolving one issue at a time before going to another one. The research paper should have references at the end of your paper and/or bibliography.


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