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Learning is one of my hobbies but my appetite is more on learning about God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because of His positive impact He has on my life. My study of theology in South London Christian College is a wonderful opportunity and privilege. Theology facilitates knowledge and helps to shape my character, because the people of God perish for lack of wisdom attainable through God and learning. Jesus taught His disciples for three years before they were commissioned to work in the vineyard of our God. And wisdom comes from the word of the living God. For that reason, I can say, I have enjoyed so far learning at South London Christian College. Below are my strengths, weaknesses, estimated work plan, and my strategy to adopt to complete my course

1. Reflection:

Looking back on my achievement in learning at South London Christian College, I can articulate that I have learned wide variety of issues relating to my theological studies. Among them, are how to work around writing essays the Matterssey Hall approach in regard to referencing, searching for source on the Internet, books and articles. In accumulation, I have learned to an extent how to look critically in order to respect, agree, disagree or disapprove other authors views, opinions, and ideas concerning their written works and not just accept them from their face value, but reflect on them to arrive at my own conclusion and add my own views. Moreover, I have learned that application of critical thinking is vital to arrive at ones own opinion regarding the essays writing.

I have also learned college and Mattersey's requirement order of how to orchestrate footnotes, bibliography, such as the author's name/s, their titles, the country the material was printed, the publisher/s, the year, and their page number/s.

Along with, I have learned how to insert quotes from sources such as books, articles, Internet and so forth, the use of fonts on footnotes layout and bibliography format.

B. Learning style strength & weaknesses:

1. Strength

I feel confident to an extent in the areas of referencing, bibliography layout, gathering source materials, getting objective knowledge from my research, how to define the problem in the essay's, finding solution to the problems that I maybe expected to solve in the essays.

I have developed a habit of reading wide and I intend to step up reading variety of books (bibles, commentaries, dictionaries etc), articles, and other materials with priorities to those that are academic related to my course in the academic interest.

I have enjoyed interacting with fellow students and tutors and I look forward to profit as much in relation to my study. Currently, I have been relating well with every participant in our class with extension to the entire student's body and I intend to continue because it contributes to sound learning, assist in my Christian growth and build my character.

I understand that Christian theology is not only about academic qualification but the working of ones own salvation with Christ to function normally and effectively in his body the universal church.

2. Weaknesses

However, I have difficulties in the areas of compiling and rearranging the materials gathered form various sources, the layout of the essays progressively in logical organized manner. Sometimes I gather a lot materials form various sources but need to work hard on how to rephrase a sentence in my own way or write a point in a precise manner. I need to work hard on the areas of how to retrieve key points from the main body and insert in introductions and conclusions of essays from the main bodies and the essay's arrangements. In general, I still have some difficulties in the mentioned areas.

Other negative aspect that contribute to weakness and affect my academic work are family responsibilities, clear time set constant program for undisturbed study, work related overloads, and travel inconveniencies has contributed to slow pause with essays leading to overlapping of uncompleted essays.

It has been challenging as far as creating time to do my research, reading many books, articles, and the Internet searching. It is demanding to get some of the desired books because of scarcity in most libraries related to theology in my borough, demanding Internet search in Internet cafes that may warrant access in one strategic place because it may be inconvenient to move around searching.

C. Degree completion estimate work plan:

1. Completion:

Looking forward to submit my works on specified time set with the enabling of God's help and fulfilling my part to the best of my ability. I plan to complete within the set academic degree duration all my assignments and course works. The desired completion can only be achieved by much input on my part, God help me.

2. Plan:

My aim and ambition is to study and learn from professors, the fellow students through group's discussion, and their behaviour pattern. I believe my aspiration can be attain through attentive learning from students in addition to lecturers. I look forward to learn from the entire team of south London Christian College through interaction and fellowship.

To achieve the coveted goal, I suppose I have to work tough to achieve my set goal. Moreover, I intend to set time frame, which maybe created by self-sacrifice from a busy lifestyle e.g. responsibilities of the church as a steward and other commitments. With self-determination, focus, and vision, I can hit at the target of acquiring the vital tools for the Lord's service. I want to 'study to show yourself (myself) approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth' (2 Tim 2:15KJV).

D. Strategy of essays writing:

1. Strategy:

The approach I intend to take in order to answer the questions asked or phrased as a sentence in my study my essay assignments is to study and understand in order to tackle the problem and arrive to the right answer. It can be achieved by reading the essay's requirement several times to understand and follow related instructions and knowing what the lecturer is looking for before attempting to start writing my essays. Doing so will facilitate to answer to the required questions.

I maintain to adopt the strategy of writing my work from my point of view and them look for sources to support my arguments. My earlier approach of gathering the materials from the sources, and them determine the direction I would take basing on the issues raised by authors that relate to the essay questions was a bit problematical. And I prefer to change the strategy as mentioned above.

E Conclusion

To know more about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, His son the Lord Jesus Christ, I look forward to satisfy my ambition by achieving knowledge from information I will achieve from devoted professors who have been working hard to assist me to learn and develop critical thinking to tackle issues that may be raised from the field where God's commission may lead. I thank God for all who have devoted and still are their time, strength and will to make this happen.