Reasons To Adopt A Dog English Language Essay

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There cases where people prefer to adopt other pets, and never opt to go a pet-dog. Many have associated their preference to the easiness in training the pet as well as the difficulties experienced when outsourcing for the same. Personally I feel that a dog would make an excellent pet on my side. In fact, dogs are indeed the best pets one would wish to have as they provide the desired companionship and support to the owner. Adopting a dog is in itself fulfilling since I will deliberately take care of the pet while providing the necessary care and amenities. Majority of dogs up for adoption are pure breeds, thus possess excellent agility and obedience levels (Banks, 2006). Dogs are beneficial pets especially because of the endless options which a dog can undertake. There are competitions available for the pet dogs for instance they can be useful for therapy purposes or even security services. Such competition avenues are not available to other pets like cats and lizards.

As long as the dogs are spayed and neutered on regular basis, most illnesses which affect them will be put at-bay. Thus expensive medications due to illnesses like hip dysplasia, cancer or chronic seizures will not be undertaken translating to a lot of savings. Other dogs are already trained on commands and obedience thus bonding becomes easy. This is not the case with other pets like bird or even lizard where the adopter has to engage in serious training prior to familiarizing with the pets behavior. More often than not, you adopt a dog is probably mature therefore it is already house and kennel trained. This is unlike when one buys a puppy from a breeder and has to undertake such initial procedures as teething, kennel training, crying and whining and a host of other messes (Banks, 2006). When proper training is accorded to a dog, instances of destroying the household are minimized. Pets like cats can be destructive with such behaviors as exposing stuffing of the coaches, holing the carpets or even having urine stains on the carpet. Dogs are calm animals when treated right thus I will benefit from the fun associated with pet-plays especially after an involving days-work.

Dogs are ideal pets for me because of the different types and sizes available to choose from. For instance, I can opt to adopt a large, active and brilliant dog which will be interesting to have around. With the right guidance from the pets' adoption centers, I can obtain a pet that best suits my requirements and expectations. Trained dogs possess excellent house manners thus instances of embarrassing mess-ups will not be witnessed in my household. The dog's ability to obey commands is vital especially since during weekends or my free time I can undertake a relaxing walk or ride with my pet. It is quite easy to build a bond with a pet-dog as they are receptive and appreciate the benefits of belonging to a home setup. Dogs have an inept desire to please their companions thus they make both excellent loyal companions as well as attentive pets (Banks, 2006). This is the reason as to why I may adopt a dog and provide a nurturing and loving environment to the pet where it can revel and blossom in the best way possible.

Lots of negative comments may be elicited from friends or even family members when I settle for a pet-dog. For instance they may claim that it will not be possible to get an apartment, going-out after work may perhaps be a thing of the past or it's going to be expensive owing to the amount of responsibilities and commitments involved in keeping the pet. On the contrary, these are mere discouragements since there are several people who have pet-dogs and have never missed-on apartments of their choice. They go out with friends on regular basis and even engage in overseas travel together with their pet-dogs since there are travel arrangements put in-place for the pets. Indeed, it is a big commitment as well as massive responsibility to adopt and keep dogs. Such responsibility will shape individual character through changing personal temperament and general outlook towards life. Caring for a dog is demanding owing to such activities as going to the vet for medication or seeking professional advice regarding a problem affecting the dog. Such undertakings will help you pay attention to your surroundings and assist the dog overcome problematic behaviors and illnesses (Adamson, 2005).

Obsessive and neurotic behaviors associated with dogs like over-excitability, barking a lot, tail chasing, aggression to people or other pets, failure to obey commands, destruction of household items, growling or not going to the bathroom at the prescribed place may be such a turn-off as to adopting a dog. One can possibly avert such habits by considering a change on the treatment administered to the dog. Through commitment and giving quality time to the dog, you will build a lasting relationship with the pet-dog thus translating to a well behaved dog which can possibly undertake some errands for an individual and become helpful especially during emergencies.
Friend, adopting a pet-dog is vital. You will help in reducing overpopulation of animals in the shelters. You will also help in saving the lives of the pets especially if you adopt from a kill shelter where the animals are ultimately killed in order to create room for other abandoned animals. Most of the animals put up for adoption are not of inferior breeds rather, their initial owners bought them on impulse basis without undertaking proper research or having pegged unrealistic expectations on the benefits of owning the pets (Adamson, 2005). Thus providing loving homes to the animals through adoption will no doubt produce beneficial results. Adopting a pet is cheap as compared to buying a pet from the pet stores. The animals up-for adoption are de-wormed and vaccinated thus guaranteeing cheaper maintenance. When adopting a pet, adoption counseling as well as follow-up assistance is offered by the pet adoption agencies which are vital in streamlining any hiccups which may result in the course of adoption. When I adopt a pet-dog, I have made a best friend who will be appreciative that its life was changed from a caged shelter to a loving home.


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