Pursuing A Career In Teaching And Research English Language Essay

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Early in my academic life I found myself being fascinated by the intricacies of Mathematics, which spun its web around me, a web that I sought to unravel in countless problem solving sessions. Physics was another subject that enchanted me. It is amazing to discover so-called inexplicabilities being dealt with and explained off ever so matter-of-factly. High school level education in a very prestigious institution( School Name ), was of great help in strengthening my basic understanding of maths and science. On account of my consistent outstanding performance at school level, I was awarded certificates of merit at every level, including those for extra curricular activities.

My penchant for Mathematics and Physics has triggered me to choose Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry as my group for my post-secondary education. I continued my education at School Name and was given admission in this college on the basis of merit.

My choice of Computer Science Engineering in my undergraduate course at College Name which is affiliated to one of the premiere institutes in our state was prompted by my natural inclination towards Computer Science and the fact that it is the most rapidly developing technical field. The successful completion of my four-year undergraduate degree with an aggregate of 72 % in a competitive atmosphere has engendered in me new hopes and aspirations.

This basic background has led me to make a consolidated effort in seeking especialization in my subject of interest, with a sense of freedom. I feel that because of immense potential of technological advancement, it is imperative to increase one's technical expertise to stay abreast and excel to finally reach my goal. Being very focused and individualistic, excellence is my goal.

And in this, the first step in realization of my career goals would be to obtain a Master's degree. My primary area of interest is Computer Networking, Web Designing. My undergraduate courses such as Computer Networks, Computer Organization, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Principles of Programming Languages, Systems Programming, Interfacing through microprocessors, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics provided me with basic knowledge for my specialization in the above field.

I have studied Assembly Languages (8085/86), Cobol, Oracle, C, C++, Java, VB6, VC++, etc., as part of my undergraduate study. Apart from these I have completed diploma courses in Hardware and Networking to be in pace with this ever changing world . I am a Microsoft Certified Professional for Windows 2000 Server .

Apart from my academic skills, I have been an active participant in technical activities. I represented my college for many technical paper presentation events. For one of my paper presentation I received a letter of appreciation from the organizers of the event. My active participation in college fete and youth festivals as a volunteer reveals my dedicated involvement in extracurricular activities too.

To gain hands on experience I have been working with an MNC GE Capital International Services for the last 15 months. Infact I was part of the NBC Universal Transition for being trained on the Universal Applications which made me realize the vast possibilities of studies in USA.

I would like to conclude with the reasons for my choosing to apply to your University for my Master's degree. I do not deny the fact that it really is a time-consuming process search for an appropriate graduate school. My search for one that would help tremendously in the furtherance of my objectives that would help in whetting my appetite for learning more has ended with the Master's program at your esteemed institution. Added to it is the fact that yours being one of the premier educational institutions in U.S.A., competition is bound to be stiff and the task ahead challenging. But I find challenges to be stimulants to my working harder with increased dedication.

I strongly feel that your University would give me the launch pad in endeavors to make significant contributions to the field of Computer Science. I look upon my association with the university as a mutually beneficial relationship where I can make use of the excellent research facilities provided and the expertise of the distinguished faculty while I can be expected to come up with substantial and tangible results throughout my stay.

I feel the graduate program at your university suits my needs perfectly and that the ongoing research is in consonance with my interest .I am fully aware that your curriculum requires that I summon all my resources and I aver that I have the necessary commitment, Intelligence and stamina to look forward to it all. Thus, I am forwarding my application for admission into your university and request you to grant me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge by interacting with great scholars of your institution. I request you to kindly consider my application for a Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship and financial aid favorably. This would be extremely helpful, as I do not wish to be a literal financial burden on my parents.

I thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself and I look forward to the discovery and the challenge of my chosen career at your university

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