Psychological Impact Of Unemployment And Joblessness English Language Essay

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Type of Source and Main Idea: This is a scholarly article and the authors talk about how unemployment and being jobless can affect a persons efficiency, locus of control, and their mental well being. The authors are using information from various sources to conclude their analysis. Psychologists have offered theories to explain how experiences such as joblessness may lead to a deterioration in mental health. Psychologists also have designed and validated survey instruments capable of measuring various aspects of emotional health. For this article the authors use observations from the NLSY and an alternative methodological framework. The NLSY is a longitudinal data set that contains detailed information on the personal characteristics of individuals in the sample, their labor force experiences and a specific personal locus of control.


Arthur H. Goldsmith is the Jackson T. Stephens Professor of Economics at Washington and Lee University, Jonathan Veum is in Research Economics with FreddicMac, and William Darity Jr. is Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Duke University. The three authors are qualified to write about economics because they are professionals in that field. This article was found on the Academic Search Premier and is an article from a scholarly journal.

My Ideas:

This article is great to talk about what happens to a person when they go through unemployment. My study will be the effect of money on the African American population. This will be good to prove the point that when money is not being gained then certain psychological effects and even medical problems will occur. Some problems such as the feeling of unemployment leads to the feeling of helplessness, which reduces the motivation to change. There are also steps to the locus of control: unemployment - optimism - pessimism - loss of control (helplessness). These stages would be useful in arguing that Walter in "Raisin in the Sun" went through these same stages and I can use specific areas in the play that shows each step.

Annotation 2


Almgren, Gunnar, et al. "Joblessness, Family Disruption, and Violent Death in Chicago, 1970-90." Social Ã┬┐

Forces 76.4 (1998): 1465-1493. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 21 Mar. 2010.

Type of Source and Main Idea:

This is a article found online in the Academic Search Premier. The main idea of this article they address violent deaths, defined as homicides, accidents, and suicides are leading causes of death among working-age and populations. They also include large-scale population studies and community case studies establishing common linkages between race, sex, age, joblessness, and all three forms of violent death for both male and females in all ethnic groups. They are looking in between the time period of the 1970's andÃ┬┐1990's in the black and non-black community populated areas of Chicago.


All four authors are professors at the University of Washington. Gunnar Almgren is a professor in the School of Social Work and Avery Guest is a professor in the Department of Sociology. George Immerwahr works in the Department of Demography and Michael Spittel is a graduate student of sociology now working in the University of Washington. Since all four professors are experts of the topics in this article, they are qualified to write this article and it is trustworthy. This article was written in June 1998 but since this was written for a specific time line (1970's - 1990's) it is a reliable source to use. This article was also found in the Academic Search Premier so the information is coming from a scholarly database.

My Ideas:

My study will be the effect of money on the African American population. This article would be useful in arguing what could be the outcome after the Youngers family moved to their new home in Raisin in the Sun. One example would be, since Walter's friend ran off with their money they are still left with little cash, therefore family problems could still occur. From this article I can argue that family disruption would still occur and can grow stronger over time, this could also grow into something stronger such as homicide.