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2.1 Undertake a skills audit to identify, review and assess your own performance against management skills for the application of the MT program. Planning - sitting goals, deciding on the means by which the goals will be achieved and scheduling. Planning implies having precise aims or objectives and working out how to achieve them. I have been working two years ago before I am studying in Bianchi College. I had planned to study again when I was working and I am in practice now.

Organizing is the next stage after planning, it can have three parts. It is a systematically develops plans, prioritizes, organizes and manages resources in order to accomplish business goals within a defined timetable. I had formed a student union to join an election and I am the chairman of the student union.

Motivation - there are three basic types of behaviour essential for an organisation to function effectively such as people must people must be induced to enter remain within the organisation. I am lack of this skill, because it is difficult to motivation other and we don't know what other wants.

Communicating is necessary to achieve co-ordination. It may take the form of giving instructions, exchange ideas, laying down rules or procedures. I have this skill because I had work in customer's service department before and I know the barriers between people communication.

Controlling is the essential process of ensuring that what was planned to happen actually does happen, this is the most difficult for me. Because I was never try to be a manager to manage people, but i still think I can be recover it.

Creating is using our own imagination in problem solving. Creativity can include innovation, synthesis and development. I think I got this skill because I can think many ideas to solve the problems. We also can use the five Ways to help me to solve the problem. The five Whys strategy is an easy and often-effective tool for uncovering the root of a problem. Because it is so elementary in nature, it can be adapted quickly and applied to most any problem. However, if it doesn't prompt an intuitive answer, other problem-solving techniques may need to be applied.

2.2 Carry out an analysis of your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the application of the MT programmer.


I think my strengths are sense of responsibility and sense of awareness. I am happy that I can be the monitor at last year and I feel surprised that most of the classmates put me up to be the monitor. When I was studying in secondary school, I have been the monitor already and in addition, I have been prefect for two years ago, so I think my sense of responsibility is growing up at that time. As for sense of awareness, when my girl friend was unhappy or sometimes she wants to complain me, I will know it before and I will talk to her and make her to be happy.


My weaknesses are sense of time and I am afraid boring. Sometimes I will get late to school. It maybe I am too late to go to sleep, but sometimes when I go to the bed early instead I can't sleep. I like talk with my friends, so I am a little afraid to do some boring job.


Because of my strengths are sense of responsibility and sense of awareness, so I think I can be a good manager on some external positions.


Due to my weaknesses are sense of time and I am afraid boring, I maybe get late when I need to on duty and I cannot do batter on some internal positions.

2.3 set priorities and agreed with your supervisor the objective and targets to develop your own potential, if you were employed as a MT by this hotel.




To increase the other language, such as English

Get well to communicate with foreigners


To finish a degree program

To make myself more competitive


To be good time management

Agree a study plan and sticking to it

3.1 Please state an agreed goals or objective within your team. In 300 words, write down how you lead and motivate your team to achieve the agreed goals to objective in the context of front desk department.

I have to make to VIP feel that we are professional so I will hold a meeting with all my staff, tell them who is coming and let me staff know what the VIP look like. I hope the VIPs satisfied our service and I hope that when the VIP thinks about hotel then we are the one.

The concierge is available to answer any guest inquires regarding the city, events, and attractions. This individual will provide exceptional customer service to all of our guests and will support other departments including Front Office. Guest Service Agents are responsible for greeting and registering the guest, providing outstanding guest service during their stay, and settling the guest's account upon completion of their stay. However, the realm of responsibilities will extend beyond that of a typical front desk agent. This allows the Guest Service Agent to expand their skill sets and work in a fast paced environment. Having determined my objectives and planned goals I need to make sure that I had recruited the best qualified staff you're your positions. Staffing involves scheduling employees. This process will involve determining the number of employees required to cater for the expected demand to meet guest and operational needs under specified conditions.

3.2 please demonstrate (by write down the scripts that you are going to mention with the VIP) appropriate product and/ or a service knowledge, customer care for the arrival of a VIP guest.

Hello, nice to meet you, I am happy that I can have a brief introduction of our hotel. First, my name is Kelvin, our hotel away from the hustle and bustle of city life and all of our 1102 guestrooms and serviced suites are designed for a comfortable lifestyle. All of our rooms include a bedroom and marble lined bathroom, plus a spacious sitting room, a cozy dining area and a kitchenette. Each detail is carefully designed to make your stay truly comfortable and memorable. There are four different restaurants and bars at our hotel, all of the restaurants are at the B1 floor, which offering everything from snack menus to casual dining. And the bar is located at Ground floor.

Whether you are looking for exercise, relaxation, or off-site meeting facilities, our hotel is the ideal business and leisure retreat in the heart of Hong Kong. Our superb leisure facilities and over a 700 sq. m of functions are suitable for all kinds of corporate and social events. With its 3.6m (12 ft) high ceiling, the Grand Ballroom provides 700 sq. m (7,500 sq. ft) of banqueting space. It can be set up to accommodate banquet or cocktail for 500 people. The adjoining foyer is suitable for standing cocktail receptions for up to 250 people. With our friendly service and catering services, your day will be treated with the importance it deserves. The functions rooms are located at B2 floor; you can have a look when you are interested in. We have plenty to keep you happy and healthy at our hotel. Work up an appetite on the tennis courts or golf-putting green. Relax in our outdoor swimming pool, and finally, give your muscles a rest in our hotel spa, dry saunas and steam rooms. Work up a sweat in The Club and that is at B2 floor also. If you need help you can pick up the phone and press 0 to connect to the front office, and here is my direct-line phone number. At last, hope you will enjoy our facilities.

3.3 please explain and rationalise decision made to support achievement of the agree goal or objective.

I have to do some research before the VIP come to our hotel, I need to know what the VIP like and dislike, such as the VIP does not like anyone to tidy up the room then I need to inform the housekeeping department, do not tidy up the room before allow of the VIP. On the other hand, we should know the VIP's special request and preference on order to assign him a room, such as the view out of the room, what type of food would he like, what's he like to do etc.

On that day, we will send two of our colleague to airport and take him to our hotel. In hotel, we need to prepare a welcome gift in the room which will assign to him, such as champagne or fruit basket. On the car, our staff will make the simple reservation to the VIP, when he arrived our hotel, he don't need to stay at the lobby for a long time.

We hope that he can enjoy our intimate service and our facilities at all.

4.1 Your supervisor asks you to write a brief report (one page) to plain how your own managerial and personal skills will support your career development in hotel industry.

After the 20 months of the MT Programme, I know that the importance of the time management, communication skill and being objective.

Time management implies planning the best use of time, including cutting down on time wasted, devoting more time to the really important issues or job on hand and completing more in the time available. When I was a trainee, all the department are needed to use well of this skill, we need to make a planning for a week, even planning for a month to avoid something gets overlooked.

Working in hotel, we have to face to many different type of guest and we have got many colleagues from other different department, so the communication skill is necessary for us. When I training at the front office I need to talk with the guest are make reservation with them, some of them are Chinese, some of them are Japanese, British, and Korean etc. so I need to have good communication skill to fulfill their request. On the other hand, I need to have a good relationship with my colleagues because most of the time, you are need get help from the other colleagues.

Sometimes, there will having some of the guest who are argue with you about something, we need to be objective, try to think about what they wants and try the best to fulfill them.

4.2 your supervisor also request you to devise a development plan to reflect your career and personal development aspirations, current performance and future needs.

For many people who are serious about success, goal setting is a must. "You must be prepared to act on your dreams, just in case they do come true." Said by Mr.Bill Strickland. Here is my development plan as below:-

Knowledge to Gain ,Skills to Build, Attitudes to Develop







1. Complete two of language courses

-Receive final grades (at least B+)

-Do all assignments

End of May

2. Enroll in an appropriate Hostility-based degree program.

-Have list of programs

-Receive acceptance letter

-Research Web

-Contact potentials

-Submit transcript

End of the next year

3. To improve my English skills

- to take a course next year

- Reading an English book each week

End of the this year


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