Programming Creativity and Development of Students

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Programming the Creativity and Development of the Students and the Community


The goal of this research paper focused in try to show the importance of the technology more exactly the implementation of the internet in the development of the creativity and innovation on students and community of developing countries, also make know the importance of courses for have a certificate that now these courses for the development of some skills and abilities or use of some machines, technologies that can be taken on internet. Other goal try to make to know the dedication and fluency of the creativity for innovate in scientist due to the old educational systems make think that they don’t are so creative.

In the past were some people that don’t know how to use a computer or use some programs, or machines and want to know how to use, but sometimes don’t have the chance for learn either for the absence of money or because don’t are courses, project or programs for try to learn, and if there exist are so expensive or don’t have enough capacity, also in the educational part the old structure of education just focused in the development of the knowledge and not the in the development of the creativity of the students. However, now almost of the people know use a computer, smartphone, laptop, etc., but keep being people that don’t know how to use these and need help for learn how to manipulate, these are one of the reason that need to create courses, project or programs for include more and more the community. Too the educational system in this century has changed extraordinary the students know how to use machines, technologies, skills, etc. that in the past anybody can believe, and have more chances for develop their creativity as well as the development of their scientist thought, also now they have the opportunity for create their own entrepreneurship, projects and of this way make that the community will be more connected.

The educational and professional system of today in many countries of the world keep using the same old techniques that don’t cause any effect or help to the students or workers of this century, there are many different changes in the ways that the students and workers are learning and trying to develop their skills with the technological advance of the world such as:

“Workers need a different mix of skills than in the past. In addition to foundation skills like literacy and numeracy, they need competencies like collaboration, creativity and problem-solving and character qualities like persistence, curiosity and initiative.” (Segan, 2016).

However, in the case of the Finland system we can see a big change, and this occur because this system give the chance to the students without regard the age that they have. They can take the classes that they want either for example: electricity, programming, mechanics, etc., but this happened because the Finnish education has incorporated a really great system based in the trust. The Finland Government trust and believe in their teachers and professionals because they has passed a series of courses and projects for have their degrees, and know that they can guide to the students to they really want learn.

In this century students can study, learn, and practice easily all thanks to the great advance of the technology, also have more access to courses, projects for improve their skills or try to handle some machines, too have the chance to know how to use these skills, machines by internet and of this way have a certificate that say that they have the skills or the knowledge for use some machines one example of this is the courses that the Cisco Networking Academy that bring the opportunity for everybody can develop their IT skills and career building program for learning institutions and individuals worldwile, another example is blending learning that the students of Innova Schools in Peru have, this model have a curious characteristic because “combines traditional classroom methods with individual, independent study delivered through online content.” (Segan, 2016) making to the students know more about their selves skills and try to improve their relationship with another classmates.

In the past even now almost everybody think that scientists don’t have enough creativity and just solve some exercises or just focus on simple problems. However, “Scientists Are More Creative Than You Might Imagine” (Ossola, 2014) because they need to imagine how can something work or be and next try to show that their theories, ideas are true one good example of this maybe be the atomic theory of Dalton he had to imagine how is a particle his structure, composition, etc. A big problem with the perception or the way of the society see to the scientists is focused in that the schools make see to the students that just be a way to solve a problem, but the true is that are more than one ways to solve some problems, exercises, etc.

The development of the technology made to students, professionals, the community in general have more possibilities for improve their skills, also have more access to courses, projects that in the past just few people have access and now with the internet they have the chance for take this kind of courses, also of this way they can learn more and improve their skills having the opportunity for have a certificate making more easy find a job.


Segal, S. (2016, May 20). The case for disruption in Latin America’s classrooms. USA: Council of the Americas.

Ossola, A. (2014, November 12). Scientists Are More Creative Than You Might Imagine. The Atlantic.

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