Prevent global warming


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What to do to prevent global warming

Global warming is when earth heats up. Throwing garbage is one of the mayor causes of global warming, that is why “we have to stop the throwing of garbage” (US EPA), meaning that earth will heat up, if we continue throwing garbage, once it is completely advanced we wont have a chance to regret. “We can make the change we want to see because we can turn this dangerous trend into an amazing opportunity” (US EPA) meaning that we can do a lot of things to prevent global warming and by preventing it we will still be able to live more in our home planet EARTH. If we don't stop global warming the poles will melt and low islands will be flooded and it will cause death and disasters all over the planet with huge impact in all the countries. There is going to be a series of problems like the food chain which will be broken and that will also cause an imbalance between the species.

“When you throw garbage it is transported to the landfills once it is there they burn it and chemicals spread into the air” (EPA) this means that greenhouse gases are being spread and that causes the ozone layer to heat up and become weaker, once weaken, it will be easy for it to be completely destroyed. To prevent the greenhouse gas to spread we can do the following: separate the types of garbage, stop throwing garbage in places we don't have to throw them, everything has its place. Another cause of global warming is the electricity pollution, electricity pollution is when we turn on the T.V, we consume electricity and this one is produced with fossil fuels. Other examples are turning on a light, listening to a stereo, washing or drying clothes, using a hair dryer, riding in a car, heating a meal in the microwave, using an air conditioner, playing a video game or using a dish washer. “We can prevent pollution by not using energy when is not needed” (US EPA), this means that waste of energy is also causing global warming to advance. “Cut down is worse than other causes” (US EPA) this means that CO2 is getting the sunlight and making earth warmer and global warming advances more and more and we still don't do anything about it. To prevent cut down, when you cut a tree you have to plant 10 more.

Some people are taking global warming like a joke and it is not. Some others are really worried and they are doing everything they can. For example, some people are not using a lot of electricity to avoid air pollution. “They are also taking advantage of cars, if two persons are going to the same place why shouldn't they go together?”(US EPA) the article says that it avoids air pollution. “Some other people are cutting trees but planting new” (US EPA), planting trees without cutting them is a good preventive measure because there will not be a lot of carbon dioxide in the air and by not being there the air will not pollute. Even government is helping by making campaigns of not throwing garbage, which is something we should be proud of because government is trying to do something about it, just like us.

According to a scientist, “the poles can melt” that means a total mess, because there will be a lot of destruction. When poles melt, islands near them will be flooded, that will cause the death of a lot of people and animals. Not only us will be affected, also our animals, how? They will be affected because their habitats will be destroyed. “The food chain will be broken” (Molt) meaning that if specie no longer exists, other superior species will not have something to eat and they will die. Once specie no longer exists, the other ones will start disappearing.

In conclusion there are a lot of things we can do to prevent global warming, as I mentioned in the beginning. Global warming is not a joke and it is something we need to know and actually it is a fact, if it continues a lot of things will happen. “Global warming will advance if we don't do something about it, we have to start getting worried”-said an unknown scientist, meaning that even scientists are starting to get worried because if we don't stop it we will be the affected ones. As I mentioned before, we have many projects to do, we have the recycling project with which we can avoid the cut down of trees. We also have campaigns against throwing garbage.

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