Practices and Procedures

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Administrative Practices and Procedures


Proposal Document

The topic of my event or project is a 21st birthday party. As this is a 21st birthday party it is an event, as it is a social occasion. I own a small event planning company, where I plan different types of events that people want. I do events from birthday parties, weddings, conferences to small concerts.
One of my high end clients phoned me saying that their daughter was turning 21 years old. They wanted to throw her a huge birthday party. They wanted my company to take care of it, but with their authorisation on the different aspects of the birthday party. As it was one of our high end clients, I decided to be the event manager on this event.
This is basically informal chartering; I assigned myself as the project manger because they are valued clients and asked for me to lead the event. Although they have to authorise all aspects about the party, does not necessarily mean documentation for everything. Normally I would give one of my other employees the job of being project manager, but the clients requested I must be project manager. I don't perceive myself as being totally perfect at doing my job, but I am the most experienced in this field in the company. I always make sure things are done the best. That's what I give my clients, the best. As they say, projects have a definant start, end and are unique. And I do believe I am unique and every event is unique.
I try make our measure of performance (MOP's) quite high in order to satisfy our clients. I drive my employees in order to reach the high MOP's and if there are certain restrictions, we just have to work within them and deal with it. And that's what project management is about. Project managers and members require various attributes and skills.

For this event they are:

 Initiative
 Efficiency
 Professionalism and etiquette
 Bounce- back strength
 Intelligence

The skills required are:

 Knowledge of the organisation
 Problem solving
 Experience
 Communication

 Co- ordination
 Budgeting
 Etc...

Most of my employees, especially my project and event managers have these attributes and skills. They know how to communicate and negotiate with clients. Make the client first in their books.

Preliminary Scope Statement:

 Project Objectives- the purpose of this event is to give the clients daughter a 21st birthday party that she will never forget. We want it to be unique, as one only turns 21 years old once. We want to give the client everything of the best.
 Project Constraints- yes, we want this to be an event that they will never forget. We must consider the boundaries we must work within. Some are our clients; we have to work within what they want. Also there are time constraints; they haven't given us much time to work within. Only 3 weeks. This will create boundaries, like finding venues available, caterers, limo hire and hotel room availabilities.
 Assumptions- there might be a few assumptions, because there is a time restriction, some venues might not be available.
 Product Requirements- we have to work with our clients in order to give them exactly what they want. So we take the concept they want and work with it .
 Project Organisation- my project members will be reporting directly to me as I am the project manager and owner of the company.
 Deliverables- our clients expect a lot as they are paying for us to plan their events. And its exactly the same with this event . these clients are expecting this event to be the best night of their daughters life. And we are going to try our hardest to give it to them.
 Early Risks- As I was talking to my clients they said they want some sort of performer at the birthday, now we only got 3 weeks to plan this. So this does call for some concern.
 Authority and Accountability- Since I am the project manager and owner , people report to me, but I am responsible for everything. So there is no room for mistakes as I will be held accountable.
 Cost estimate- my clients have not put a cost estimate on the event at this stage.

Product Requirements

1) Setup: My intended audience is a sponsor as they will be financing the whole event. I will also have team members helping me plan this event. The sponsors are also the approvers, as they must sign off on everything I do.

2) Requirements Gathering: I met with my clients in person and interviewed them. We then brainstormed all the possibilities about the event. We also had to look at the current situation, meaning have such little time.

3) Confirming the requirements: We analyse the individuals requirements, as we try understand what they want , see if its relevant and viable. And with this we can confirm the requirements.

Work Breakdown Structure

Plan a 21st birthday party

Meet with clients Interview brainstorm ideas

Gather team members

Assign jobs

Find venue caterers' limo services performers hotel room
Decorators photographers baker Dj bus services

Confirm all is ready on day

Have different people doing specific things on day

Tasks Related to Event

There are many tasks related to this event, such as the clients are inviting a few of their daughters good friends to stay in a hotel for the night after the party. Before the party, a limo is going pick their daughter and few friends up. They also have hired a bus to pick up friends so they can enjoy their night without having to drive home. All this has to be organised in conjunction with planning the party.

Sequence of Tasks

 Interview with clients
 Brainstorm ideas
 Make list of what needs to be done
 Choose team members
 Assign jobs
 Get team members to do the various jobs
 Report back to me
 I will report to clients
 Get feed back
 Tell team members
 Once all jobs are completed, confirm with clients
 Make sure all team members are doing their jobs on the day. Make sure things going smoothly.
 Report to clients.


Task 2
Tittle : 21st Birthday Party
List of Tasks:

1) Do planning 21st birthday party
• Interview with clients
• Brain storm ideas
• Make list of what needs to be done
• Choose team
• Assign jobs
• Get team to do various jobs
• Get feed back
• Report to clients
2) Search for venues and confirm
3) Get decorators
4) Hire caterers
5) Get performers (local S.A band) and Dj.
6) Hire limo and bus services
7) Find a hotel
8) Hire photographers

Human Resources needed
Resource How many Cost
Project Manager 1 R600 p/d
Team 6 R250p.p.p/d
Venue expert 1 R350p/d
Decorators 5 R400p/d
Caterers 1 R350p/d
Entertainment Manager 1 R400p/d
Performers 7 R450p/d
Transporters 3 R200p/d
Hotel Staff 1 R300p/d
Photographer 2 R250p/d


Work Effort and Duration

1) Do planning for 21st birthday party
Work Effort= 168 hours
Duration= 21 days
2) Search for venues and confirm
Work Effort= 72 hours
Duration= 10 days
3) Get decorators
Work Effort= 48 hours
Duration= 7days
4) Hire caterers
Work Effort= 80 hours
Duration= 10 days
5) Get performers and Dj's
Work Effort= 130 hours
Duration= 18days
6) Hire limo and bus services
Work Effort= 48 hours
Duration= 7 days
7) Find hotel
Work Effort= 12 hours
Duration= 4 days
8) Hire photographers
Work Effort= 12 hours
Duration= 4 days

Cost Estimate

Task Resource duration Cost (W.E) Cost(D)
Plan 21st  Project manager-1
 Team-6 21  1x600x21=12600
 6x250x21=31500  1x600x21=12600
 6x250x21=31500
Search for venues  Venue expert-1 10  1x350x9=3150  1x350x10=35000
Get decorators  Team-6
 Decorators-5 7  6x250x6=9000
 5x400x6=12000  6x250x7=10500
 5x400x7=14000
Hire caterers  Team-6
 Caterers-1 10  6x250x8=12000
 1x350x8=2800  6x250x10=15000
 1x350x10=3500
Get performers and Dj's  Entertainment Manager-1
 Performers-7 18  1x400x16=6400

 7x300x16=33600  1x400x18=7200

 7x300x18=37800
Hire limo and bus  Team-6
 Transporters- 3 7  6x250x6=9000
 3x200x6=3600  6x250x7=10500
 3x200x7=4200
Find hotel  Venue expert-1
 Hotel staff-1 4  1x350x2=700
 1x300x2=600  1x350x4=1400
 1x300x4=1200
Hire photographers  Team-6
 Photographers-3 4  6x250x2=3000
 3x250x2=1500  6x250x4=6000
 3x250x4=3000
TOTAL= 141450 TOTAL= 193400

Quality Policy

We believe in giving the best possible service out there, giving the customer exactly what they want and at the same time giving them an experience of a life time. We will try our hardest to give them what they want even if something unique and we don't do normally. If we cannot do it, which is not often, we will make it as similar as possible. Our services and events we plan are of the best possible quality.


Task 3

Title:21st birthday party

We will identify various risks that might happen during the project on hand. We will gather the information about the risks in two ways. They are Formal risk gathering and Informal risk gathering.

Formal Risk Gathering

This will entail everyone who is part the project to all sit down in our board room, where we have white boards. Everyone must take part in the discussion, and the various members of the project team must think of the possible risks that might happen while the project is happening. We will have a facilitator that will be taking down each possible risk during the brainstorming session. And since this is a brainstorming session where members must be vocal, there has to be a few ground rules of how the proceedings will take place.

Informal Risk Gathering

During the project we have update meetings, to see how things are progressing. We then see if there are anymore possible risks, where they are discussed. Also, doesn't have to be at a meeting but if one of the team members don't feel good about a certain aspect they can bring it up to me, so we can look at it further.

Master Risk Identification List (Formal risks)

Number Originator Open Date Risk Description Probability Impact Respond?
1 Team 08/03/09 Limo service: breakdowns, no driver or striking 2 5 No
2 Team 08/03/09 Shuttle: breakdowns, striking or no driver 3 4 No
3 PM 08/03/09 People not turning up for the shuttle, so they can't get to the party. 1 5 Yes
4 Venue expert 08/03/09 The venue is not up to standard, it is not decorated properly 2 5 No
5 Venue expert 08/03/09 Power failure at venue 3 5 Yes
6 Entertainment expert 08/03/09 They cant find a performer, 2 3 Yes
7 Entertainment expert 08/03/09 Performer doesn't show up 2 4 Yes
8 team 08/03/09 Catering problems, they run out of food 2 4 yes
9 Team 08/03/09 Catering staff (waiters)don't show up on day 1 3 Yes
10 PM 08/03/09 The hotel double booked over the suit 1 2 No

Response planning for the risks

1) Limo service: breakdowns, no available driver or striking.
Response: Avoid by using a very well known company that has a reputation for being the best. And if something does happen we will have a back up company that will step in.
2) Shuttle service: breakdowns, no driver or striking.
Response: Avoid by also using a well known company that we have used in the past, also we will have back up services too. Or if something happens on the day the company will have back drivers and shuttles.
3) People not turning up for the shuttle, therefore not going to the party.
Response: We can try avoid this by letting people know when and where the shuttle service is taking place. We can also inform them we will have two shuttles form two different locations at various times. We would also have to accept if some people do not come cause they didn't make it.
4) Venue not being up to standard.
Response: we can avoid this by looking for the right venue in the planning stages and also decorating the venue before time and getting the sponsors to approve before the party in case we need to do changes
5) Power failures.
Response: can avoid this by having generators
6) Cant find performer.
Response: we could accept this, but we will try rather avoid this by finding some sort of entertainment, whether its a Dj or some kind of performer( circus act, magician etc).
7) Performers don't show up one day.
Response: we will have two different performers. We will try avoid this by confirming with the performer before the party. But we might need to accept this.
8) Catering problems, not enough food.
Response: we can avoid this by proper calculation of how many people are going to be there. We will rather do too much food than too little. We can donate the excess food.

9) Catering staff don't turn up, such as waiters.
Response: we can avoid this by the team members helping out if we are short staffed. Also instead of serving the food we could make it a buffet.
10) The hotel double booking the room.



Title: 21st birthday party
When dealing with projects we need to compile a budget, we will use the bottom-up technique in order to determine what the budget is. The bottom-up technique is the most accurate technique.
We have to compile a table with the human resources, equipment and materials to be used and what costs will be involved.

Human Resources

For this project we are using quite a bit of human resources, as you can see the majority of the budget is spent on human resources. The human resources we will be using is:
• The PM
• The team
• Venue expert
• Decorators
• Caterers
• Entertainment manager
• Performers
• Transporters
• Hotel staff
• Photographer


This is quite a big event, so the equipment we will be using will tables and chairs that will be provided by the venue. We will also need crockery and utensils that will be brought in by the caterers. Lighting and sound equipment will be needed so that will

be shared between the venue and the performers coming in, they will have their own cables and so on.
The materials will include the food needed for the caterers, decorations; there will also be littlie gifts on the tables. So the packaging for each gift will be needed.

1.2Project Reserves

We need to set aside an amount of money just in case there are any risks. So in case a risk does occur and we need to take care of it then and there, at least we have funding to deal with the problem on hand. We have calculated that our project reserve will be R47 280, which is 20% of the total cost of the budget. Its a lot of money but if a major risk or problem comes about, we can't say how much it will be. So we have to be prepared.

1.3Managerial Reserves

Some risks are unknown therefore we have to be prepared for those too. So our managerial reserve amount we have calculated is R23 640, which is 10% of the total budget cost.


These need to be paid because of the project, we will allocate R12 000 for fees. This will be for insurance purposes or anything that occurs unexpectedly during the planning or while the project is taking place.
Total Cost of the project.
R236 400 (cost per task- sum of all tasks)
R47 280 (Project Reserve)
R 23 640 (Managerial Reserve)
R 12 000 (Fees)
R319 320 (Total Budget)

This budget consists of all the amounts for this project. There are various categories that the budget covers; they are human resources, equipment and materials. All of these aspects are needed in order for this project to take place and give our client an experience.

The human resources side of the budget consists of the people (PM, team, performers, venue expert and so on) that will help with the project. The various people each have a specific job to conduct in order for the project to take place. There are specific tasks that need to be done, so for each task there are specific people working on it. So for each task, has its own cost for the project. Each person working on the specific tasks have different skills and contribute to the project differently. So therefore some tasks will require more skills, so some people might get paid more than others depending what they have to do.
We will need a large amount of materials, because we got to decorate the inside and also the entrance way where the guests will enter. Also having a large amount of guests, we will have to make up a large number of gifts. This is all included in the budget.
There will be quite a lot of equipment within the venue, so we need add this to the budget. Since we having various performers and the caterers and so on, we need to look at exactly what is needed. So we have added every aspect of the equipment to the budget. We need to have this equipment in order for our guests to enjoy themselves and make the party an experience.
Now we have added three other aspects to the budget. They are the project reserves, which is needed for major risks that may occur. Managerial reserves, which is used for unknown risk. We need to budget for these, so if something happens we can sort it out immediately and not let it ruin the project. Fees are needed during the project. So we need to pay insurance for reasons like injuries and such.

2. Types of Work

Performing the tasks of the project:

Earlier in the project we came up with a network diagram (work breakdown structure). The network diagram has a sequence that my team must follow. The team must complete the various tasks in accordance to the network diagram set out earlier. This will include the objectives we set out in the start of the project. We also need perform course corrections to tasks, they cant contribute to the objectives.

Staffing the project:

We cant just allocate tasks to anyone, we have to look at each task and give the right person the correct task. For example the venue expert looking for the venue. So we have to allocate the human resources to the right tasks depending on the skills and capabilities of the person. So as we have gotten the needs and wants for the project we will start the staffing the project process.

Once the person has been given a task, they will be given the necessary information they need.

Managing human resources:

This is the process of managing all the team members of the project. There will be various people doing various tasks. So there will be different departments, like the entertainment department and so on. Each department will have to report back to me with their progress reports, if there are problems they must report to a manager or to me. I will also be doing follow ups, once I got news I will report to our clients.

Installing methods and procedures:

For all projects there are methods and procedures, they are very important to any project. And it is no different for this project. Methods and procedures are important to me and this project. Methods and procedures are put in place so my team members are able to get a detailed approach to doing the task on hand. This will help the project be successful.

Collecting work performance information:

It is vital we get up to date reports on the performance and progress of each task. Therefore the team members will checked on regularly. This will tell us if they performing efficiently. It will be documented. we will have status meetings often where we will look at the performances.
Reporting on the project information:
The performance of the team members will be checked often. The information will be documented and given to me. I will write a report, assessing my team. Once it is recorded I will report to the clients and other managers to let them know .
Executing the communication plan
Team members have various task to perform, so they need to be informed of the requirements of each task. So it will be vital, me being the PM to inform them of exactly what needs to be done. Make sure they understand fully. Since there is a lot of aspects to this project it will be easy to make mistakes, I will set up meetings on a regular basis and inform them of what needs to be done and when to make less confusion for the members.

3. Monitoring Activities

Monitoring activities are very important, so I will come up with methods for finding, analysing and creating responses to overcome the the risks we identified.

Identify new risks

Risks occur all the time, and the risks could cause the project a lot of damage. So we have to try overcome these risks and that it wont cause any harm to this project. So we need to take corrective action. We have to be careful that not many risks occur at the same time that will cause us to lose track of what we doing. So we have to update the risk management process and plans of actions on how to overcome them. We have to see how important it will be to deal with it by looking at if it will happen and what the impact it will have. The plans of action must not influence the success the of the project.
Monitor the risk process
It is important for me to monitor the risks we have identified, and also control the risk process by identifying the risks that might influence the project or planning of the project. We have looked at each risk and we have analysed the probability and impact of each risk. The ones that are the most important we will attend to. About 60% of the risks we will be attending. According to how important each one is. The most important ones being dealt with first.
Monitor risk alarms
Risks alarms are important to be put in place. The team and I will monitor these risks. We also have make sure that these alarm are put into the right place, so when the risks occurs there will be a plan of action.

4. Change request

Sometimes during the project the client will want to change something, could be small or big. It will still affect the project and the team. So that is why a change control process is included with the project plan, in case this happens. When there is a changed it will documented, then the team will be informed of the change as they will be affected by this. Both the managers and clients will know about this change so we will then put a plan of action in order to fill the change requested by the client.
The team members will need to be posted in on the change, so we will create a change control log so therefore the team members can view it for themselves. Since this will affect the project, status meetings will be required in order to see if the change is taking place and all is alright. The clients will also receive a status the meetings I will explain the change and make sure all members understand it completely.
A change can affect the budget too, so each team member will help with the estimating of the change, after some discussion we will come about on a final estimate. The duration estimate and work effort estimate will be included. The
budget will then be changed depending if more funds are required or not. We must look at if the resources have been affected too, if so then we must see what resources we will need.
After that we must see if the schedule has changed on our WBS, if so we need to change it. Once we have come up with a decision we will inform all the team members, we shall also notify the clients and tell them. Also telling them why we decided that. Then the change may take place

Task 5

Evaluation Report


This was not a normal 21st birthday party, it was done on a much larger scale than normal birthday parties. There was a lot of planning and organising that had to be done in order for this 21st birthday party to be an experience of a life time for the sponsors. So it allowed our team to try make it an unique experience for all parties involved.
We didn't want to make this party a normal one, our objective for this event was to make it different, where all people were able to get together and enjoy it and remember it as an unique once in a life time experience. To achieve this objective intensive research, planning and organising had to take place.
We had a very strong and creative team that was willing to work hard in order to achieve the required objectives and goals of this event.
Problem Statement:
This particular project was planned because there was a need for it. The sponsors wanted to give their daughter an amazing 21st birthday party. The main focus was to give her and her guests a night that they won't forget. They did have a budget but they tried not to put price on this night for their daughter. What is being evaluated is the client wanted to bring their daughter happiness by giving her party that her and her friends could enjoy.
The Planning and Execution of the Project: