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Why I chose this topic? When I known we should produce a book by our self. The first idea got into my mind is a travel guidebook. Because, I am prefer to travelling different place. So if I could produce a travel guidebook. I think it must be interesting. However, I am not sure what travel book I will to be done. At first, I have to done some research; I should try to find a good topic which I can good handling as well as an interesting book. According to my experience, I am familiar with China travel information and I having visited 10 countries already.

So I chose the city of shanghai. Because I was born and grown up in shanghai. At the sometimes, shanghai is the largest city in china. Shanghai located in china's central eastern coast at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Shanghai was an emerging tourist destination renowned for its historical such as the bund and xintiandi and the most modern city such as pudong skyline including the oriental Pearl Tower. Today Shanghai is an important centre of commerce and finance. The most important thing is Shanghai will host the 2010 World Expo. The World Expo has a long history but it has never been held in Asia. So the 2010 World Expo is an honor for Shanghai. So I think it was a good opportunity to design a travel guidebook. I could publishing a travel guidebook face to foreign people must be interesting.

The problems

The first stage is looking for contents. I am research the travel information on-line. I found there were huge numbers of information on-line. I have no idea how to choose information. So I went to the bookstore have look the book which published by lonely plant and AA. I ask my friends who are living in shanghai bought the travel books which produced for foreign people. I read some of these books. The contents of the book are almost the same. I think the contents of the book are based on attractions, accommodation, and food, transport. According to my own experience, I think these points should be a good travel book that covered. Thus, according to these points I started compiling information.

Another difficulty, as a Chinese student, I had limited English competence. Therefore, I am poor editing of English text. So when I collected much information on-line. I found there were many wrong words in the text or error information. May be I could correct the error information, but it difficult for me to correct wrong words in text. So I change the way of search information. I have read many travel book about shanghai. I found a travel guidebook published by Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House. The book contain many information about shanghai in English. The whole book has much useful content. May be I could chose the information from this book. On the one hand I could reduce the editing work; on the other hand I could found much useful information.

When I try to selected the information from this book. I think some places are good for Chinese people to visit, but not good for foreign tourists. For example, a foreign tourists are first time to Shanghai travel, the time must be very limited, if is impossible for them to visit covering all the attractions. So I think the book not only useful but also easy to follow the travel guide is very important. No matter the attractions or foods are different from foreign country. The tourists must be like visit the different style of attractions or foods. Use the limited time, visit sites with more meaningful places. After I finish editing the content of this book, may be there are still a lot of mistake I did not correct it. I use to ask a friend who is Scottish people help me to check some of content.

The final difficulty is to find pictures. I tried to Google some of the pictures, but picture quality is low. So, when I return to China, during the holidays. I took some pictures of Shanghai. However, when I began design the book in school, I found some of picture was not useful. But I have no opportunity back to china in February 2010. I try to connect some friends help me to find some useful pictures. Finally, I found a website called Nitu net. I became a member of this network. Pay for the money to buy the pictures. These pictures were taken by a freelance photographer. The qualities of these pictures were good.

The copyrights

The copyright of Practical Guide to Shanghai is original from shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House. The price of copyright about this book I would not like to pay much money. I have three reasons as follows: The copyright price depends on the degree of popularity in the market. In china there are many travel guild book for foreign people to chose. This book is not popular in china. This book is their first editor published in 2006. The second reason is the publishing house is not a famous company. So I was negotiates with them. Try to reduce the price of the copyrights. I have several calls to set up contact with the publishing house. At first they are ignore me, but after I explain my ideas. They allow me to use the article in the book. As for the purchase of rights, I think my book price is £7.99; therefore, I paid 8% for the copyrights. And the picture's rights are belonging to me. Because buy the pictures from freelance photographer. I pay the fix price £300 for 65 pictures.

Design Software

I mainly used Adobe In design CS and Adobe Photoshop CS to design my dummy. In this process, I experienced happy and upset both, but I really enjoyed. In my view, the most important for design is that how to get idea and match may idea with using computer to actualize. When I see my idea becomes true, I will be happy; otherwise, I might be upset. But every frustration gave me a chance to practice my skills of using the software. I have not used these two soft wares before I study in publishing study. In the classroom, when teacher show us how to use it. I think it was very interesting. It was difficult to use In design only by myself. So I bought a book about how to good use the In design CS. But, I think the book did not play a role, to help me design the book. I ask teacher to help me and give me more advice. For example, I try to set the page number on each page. I found that the number of orderly arranged on each page. However, I would like the page number is disorderly. I went through many books; do not know how to set up. The end, the teacher taught me. However, I am not satisfied the contents page. Because I am not give the full of information for each pages. I just write a title.

The main color of this book is orange; because I think this cover might be attract customer's attention. I want to make a colourful book for customers. But I think I use too many color in one page. The words typeface and format is a big problems. I try to print some samples, show it to teacher. Try to found out a suitable typeface and format for this book.

The project detail

The book is paperback and format is 234mmÃ-156mm, the book is easy for customer to bring when you travel to shanghai. Usually the size of the travel guild book may be bigger or smaller than this book. Sometimes the big size book is not easy for visitor to bring. On the contrast the book to small is not good for people to read. Especially, Reading in the sun, the paper will be reflected. So it will difficult for people to reading under the sunshine. But I am not sure the size of the book is good or bad. But I prefer this size of book. For example, the lonely plant travel guild book, the size of the book big than A4 paper. On the one hand this book concludes much information and beautiful pictures, on the anther hand the designer must consider much about the customer consumption propensity. So I think the size of Practical Guide to Shanghai may be suitable for customer. I chose White 130gsm satin for the content. Because I think this paper have a good quality. Tourist may roll or fold the book, easy to carry. Cover use 200gsm gloss paper. Because I think the cover is not only beautiful in appearance but also protect the book.

The book is full-color chapter and 24 detailed maps. I think the maps can play important role when people use the book. The book has main four chapters to provide the visitor full of the scenic spots information. This book is a good choice for people who enjoy outdoor activities. It is a well illustrated collection of famous scenic. The book can give good advice for customer. The retail price of the book is £7.99. The aim of the book is the make the customer a better travel guild while also allowing less time to make the plan.

Market and competitors

This book with its unique combination of choice, price, and simplicity of use is suitable for all kinds of consumers who are looking for useful travel guild book at affordable prices. . Shanghai World Expo will be held, so there will be many tourists around the world travelling to shanghai. They will be interested in Shanghai and surrounding cities tourism. As a result this book will appeal to young professionals in their twenties right up to middle- aged people in their sixties. I think young people are more curious for new things. China and European countries have a distinct culture, history and scenery. Shanghai is an international city, integrate the different customs. Shanghai has coexistence of the modern and traditional culture. It is a book most targeted at people who interested in travel to shanghai.

I think that should stand out in many travel books, must strengthen their own advantages to make up their own inadequacies and to identify weaknesses in opponents and overcome the competition. There are 102,057 Results in Amazon search result about the travel guidebook. There are 5,447 books and e-book about travel to china, only 262 books are guide to shanghai [1] . Most of those books are e-book. So I expect my book will have a part of market among travel guidebooks. "The most basic level is the core benefit, which addresses the question what is the buyer really buying?" [2] I think that means customer more focus on the contents. When the reader bought the book, they are focusing the benefits of the book to them. There are three main competitors, lonely plant, and AA. Their common advantage is already famous for publishing travel books. So it was one of my weaknesses. I do not have enough time and money to setting up band. "Brand equity is the positive differential effect that knowing the brand name has on customer response to the product or service." [3] I am agreeing with this idea, because customers are willing to pay more for the brand. So I must make the content more strong than others. Such as update the information. Make this guidebook easy to use and good quality. My book have 24 maps, because shanghai developing very fast. Traffic has been greatly changed. AA to do the map is professional. So I think it is my anther weakness. For this question, I only update their map content. After all, for tourists the accurate map is a tool to help them find sites. I was via the internet looking for the book which published by lonely plant and AA. The book published by lonely plant, the design of the book is looks very nice. And lonely plant has been made the content file to PDF. People can only download the chapters which they need. It can reduce the money. One chapter only one or two pounds charge from customers. I do not have a PDF file available on-line, but I think I can put my content one or two chapters to face book or some outdoor travel webpage for free. Try to attract reader's attention.

The price of this book only £7.99 in UK. I went to bookstores and on-line bookshops. The price of travel books which are about travelling to china or travelling to shanghai are around 8.99 to 15.99. I think my book in the UK might be has some market.