Positive Impacts Of E Book English Language Essay

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The way of life we enjoy in this age is more comfortable due to the provision of sophisticated environment . Thirty years ago,nobody would have imagined that technology would go through drastic difference. Within a short duration of term, a lot of new creations,latest technologies,new peripherals and new ideas has been created .As time goes by,the invention of new gadgets that comprises all functions are on rise by leaps and bounds.People perceive technology as a key to some of the problems that occur in our day by day survival . It's true that technology can be part of helpful source . On this instance,a global telecentre movement is developing . These days the progress in our modern technology has totally make difference in our strategy in studies . In many countries,no longer have to jot down notes manually from the blackboard, or flip through heavy bulk of books;instead they are occupied with a digital learning system.Technology isn't something that hold back easily where there are borders to take control.Beginning with the emerge of telephone in the year 1876 by Sir Alexander Graham Bell, it continues with the birth of computer,laptop,notebook,broadband,mp3 players,DVDs,Blu ray, and the list goes on. Adding to this new invention,those gadgets are now introduce in different range of sizes from the huge one to the smallest . In conjunction with this,the invention of E-book seems to be the world's response to the technology controversy.

The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary,7th Edition defines the E-book as "an digital form of a hardcopy book".It is an microchip device version of a traditional print book that can be study by using a personal computer or by using an eBook reader.To put it in a simple way,an E-book is book that is available online which exist in the form of electronic format . The Digital Services Librarian at Southern Connecticut State University have go through several of the superlative E-book presently on market and are looking ahead to some interesting new ones coming soon .E-book have been on auction for quite a while,but it was only in 2009 that they really took off . Some of the E-book products on sale now are from the Amazon product (the Kindle),Sony(the Reader),Hanlin V60,Oaxis,BenQ nReader,and Irever Cover Story . They offer all sort of innovations including colour screen and long-life battery package.In this era of approaching vision 2020,E-books are the continuous wave of the future,but are you prepared to be part of this developing trend ? How many epoch you have been on a bus or train and hoped for an digital book with you?

Obviously,when we glance through the features, electronic books have an advantage over printed books.One of the target set in the National Key Result Areas (NKRA) by our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Razak are broading approach to quality and affordable education by 2012 . In a conference session our Education Prime Minister,Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin have mentioned many students are only doing Input Learning-reading,studying and memorising .We need future generations who have the ability to discover and apply what they have learned or studied. In my point of view,we are able to generate such learning environment through output learning .The E-book advantages may not have been clear at first,but they are beginning to grab the attention of young book lovers.

Basically,books,magazine,journals,and newspaper requires more than 100 million trees per year in order to renovate it to paper and support them with chemicals and inks in the production route .It is a time-consuming voyage for this physical product to extend to the consumers from the production company;they need to be transported to the bookstore,the promoters have to categorized it under fictional or non-fictional,the price varies according to their invoce and later customers pick up their books and drive back home.It all adds up.The main advantage of an E-book is it is not heavy in electronic format . When you first get used to E-book,you would realised that it's actually a bit easier to read,easier to handle and pack and even a little better for your overloaded bookshelves.We should realise the truth that ever anything is online these days,so why not have an E-book as well?E-books are portable and are delivered almost instantaneously by purchasing,download and start reading them within minutes,without leaving your chair due to boredom.

The implementation of 'Kampus Astro' which is known as part of the visual electronic learning tool has shown up a beneficial result in students academic performance from 37,800 students with straight A's in 2009 to 48,327 this year in UPSR .This kind of education source introduce a variety of appealing learning programmes that would educate and entertain at the same time.Thus,it is crystal clear that young generation are in need of interactive and amazing learning features that could give a food of thought to them,not a learning environment that spoon feeds them everything . in the time-consuming race more and more reading evaluation is going to be accomplish electronically rather than on paper.When kids are raised ahead and their educational books are all in the form of electronic,do you think they want to load up with a huddle of thuggy,bulky printed books? In a such digital insurrection scenario,paper books won't create distinction to them at all. E-books gives positive effect both for the user,the writer,and the publisher.We are occupying most of our time in front of computers daily,so why not read an E-book,instead of something else?

Another significant positive impact of E-book are it has been the environmental friendly device to us. Each and every book you read was once a tree. Should we spoil our natural ecosystem by chopping down trees to make books? Or would it be superior for the surroundings around us if we all read books digitally? The mother of Nature would be able to save it's balanced ecosystem from being harmed by others for another beneficial requirement . Trees are exempted from manufacturing paper for the pages of E-books.Companies like Apple and Amazon are having recycling programs on their electronic waste and energy consumption.According to the Electronic TakeBack Coalition, Americans generated about 3 million tons of electronic waste and out of all the waste half of the electronic waste was recycled . The left over are functional for other alternatives such as heating and cooling of water,electrical supply in factories and supplement for calculator chips.Besides that,other gigantic digital companies,are coming up with their new E-book that guarantee less environmental and health effect to the users.Consumers no more face the difficulty to look upon the screen with numerous features that could damage their eye sight .Now imagine this,besides providing excellent learning method, E-books have been a source that could save our ecosystem from being further endangered .

Apart from this,there are other crucial positive impact to the authors on publishing their written work in an E-book .The cost of publishing are much lower and publishing on the internet are far more accessible. The cost of the E-books are convenient and affordable .E-books are economic in their pricing when compared to various other books bought from the book stores.In fact,E-books are available on a wide variety of topics.Text distribution in the web,are no more a burden since the new technological tools are able to provide protection and copyrights are reserved .Therefore,it provides an equal and much more realistic reading experience as how a book play it's role to us.Besides providing benefit to the users,E-book become a source of economic bridge in our country.In term of technological business,those creative and critical business leaders are in the competition race of upgrading E-book system and eventually through this we are able to stabilize our economic atmosphere. Last but not least,E-book have the prospective in enhancing distance learning. It was proven in the "Journal of Digital Information,Vol 3,No 4(2003)" that the lecturers are satisfied and they felt their burden are lowered with this E-book system.

In a nutshell,there are always pros and cons when we begin to analyze any new invention or let it be anything that strike our mind . Allow me to spend a few minutes on giving a food of thought to you and answer the questionnaire that are still hanging around without a proper solution . "Are you prepared to transform our culture and enhance our personal lives ?" YES,WE ARE READY FOR IT ! Therefore,we shouldn't be restricted to any changes that could bring us forward .If we are resistant to changes,we are resistant to discovery,invention,creativity,and progress. In my point of view,E-book are able to generate a modern civilization society.Obviously,it's true that we still have to consider the durability,span of battery,and most importantly would it provide an equal amount of learning experience as how a book play a role to us?Do not be constricted to the same tool till the end.Experience and learn the difference .We should grab the privilege provided by the E-book .The beginning of E-book as a digital technology would become an vital part in our lives . Be prepared for further beneficial and grab the privileges in E-book. Ultimately,E-book would dominate us very soon .