Poetic Forms Template


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Poetic Forms Template….

You should approach this assignment from the perspective that you are teaching someone how to write the type of poem that you have selected. That means, defining and providing the characteristics of the type of poetry that you have selected as well as an approach to composing.

TYPE: Clerihew Poetry

A Clerihew poem is a four-line biographical poem with a whimsical humor. It has two rhyming couplets of the form AABB where the first two lines rhyme with each other and the last two lines rhyme with each other. Usually, in a Clerihew, the first line names a well-known character or subject and the second line ends with a word that rhymes with the character's name or subject. Lines 2,3,and 4 of the poem generally describes that person or subject.

Example of Chosen Poem Form:

Albert Einstein
Had a brain that worked fine
Who else would have dared
Guess that e=mc²?

My Original Piece:

The foe of Harry Potter
Has always been a plotter
So feared that almost no one uses his real name
Instead refer to him as “He Who Must Not Be Named”

Explanation of How Form Affects Theme

A Clerihew poem has a witty or humorous content, often with the theme on a biographical subject. The irregular length of the lines gives the poem a comic effect and it is usually whimsical, showing the subject from an unusual point of view. This type of poetry expresses a jovial theme. Since there are only four lines to the form of poetry, it describes the character in a funny or quirky manner. The poem is structured in such a way so that it avoids boredom.

With the generous permission of Lou Paonessa and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.


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