Plagiarism And Unfair Practices English Language Essay

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Unfair practices are all about committing a act for them self's his/her own benefits from others ungiven advantage. Whereas plagiarism is a Latin verb which means nothing but kidnap in simple words it is copy and pasting some ones hard work. It is an abductor and moral, ethical and legal issue which is being nuisance from centuries. It can be done knowingly or unknowingly stealing someone else work without giving credit to them and presenting it as if your own original work .a proper acknowledgement should be given to the ideas from where we are obtaining our work. The copyright act of 1957 gives a clearly a view between "idea "and the" expression" .what we can copy writer is expression, but not the idea. Universities follow different ways to deal with the allegations of unfair practices some of the unfair practices are examination conditions, on-examination conditions and research degrees. The plagiarism comes under non-examination conditions permitted. Collusion is also one of unfair practices this takes place when group work is done and submitted as a solo work, when work is done in a group we should be clear about our own effort. The assignment should clearly fulfill the requirements of the given task.

There are different types of plagiarism from different sources some of them are:

Complete plagiarism: Piece of work that has been copied without any changes made to the original source like language, ideas and even punctuation, in other words it is just like copy and paste. These are main ways of full plagiarism. This is done by the people who have incomplete knowledge in subject or they are incapable to make their work done.

Partial plagiarism: Piece of work that has been taken from two to three different sources without a proper idea on a certain chosen topic it might be rephrasing the content , and by using synonyms of the same word and improper paraphrasing these all are certain reasons for partial plagiarism

Minimalistic Plagiarism: Piece of work done by using someone's ideas and presenting it in your own words by using paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is nothing but rewriting the content and it is the main element used for minimalistic plagiarism

Copy and paste : a piece of work which is obtained easily from sources like internet and journals are easily copied and pasted and showed as your own work now a days you can see this very often in assignments, course works, and dissertations in educational institutions .

Misinterpreting common knowledge: a piece of work done by members belong to same field containing identical work with same quotations, formulas and with same historical back ground this comes under misinterpreting common knowledge

Concealing sources: a piece of work which is copies from text many times, it doesn't mean that you have to reference it once, as many times you use the text you need to reference it.

Self Plagiarism: A piece of work which is reused from your own previously written or submitted work perhaps mostly contest as "it is " and "is not ".Never use same matter for different submissions without any appropriate references.

According to professor Paul Brian's opinion on humanistic forums through internet "self plagiarism, recycling their own work and submitting with a new cover page it's all nothing but misleading the readers "self plagiarism is fraud if not outright theft"

Inadvertent Plagiarism: a piece of work which is done with our own knowledge but due to the poor study skills it is considered as academic misconduct.

Thesis statements: unfair practice and plagiarism are the current facing problems of international students. The students who don't have the proper idea what plagiarism is and how it is occurred and lack of study skills they do face this problem.

Plagiarism and unfair practice in International students: international students are new to the academic culture they feel problematic in avoiding and understanding about plagiarism other students those are familiar with this word plagiarism, and well known about academic culture won't feel that problematic. In the present academic culture everyone should know about plagiarism this might be the new word for the students specially international students in that circumstances they should be properly guided about how to follow the rules and regulation of university or college without undergoing any sort of unfair practice. Lectures play main role here in making the students understand in avoiding plagiarism. Most of the universities introducing different ways of explaining about plagiarism to make students understand. what does it means to education how it is important to student? .How does it effects students carrier, and those specially for overseas students making them come to know about world of universities dissertations, assessments and some other test submissions. Lecturers of students and academic teaching are mainly in the building student's academic text. This is one way of approach to avoid unfair practices to make students familiar with a new culture.


There are many reasons how students are committing the plagiarism like lack of research skills many of the under graduate students they undergo this sort of plagiarism, they won't be having the enough knowledge in finding materials in libraries in such cases universities should guide them providing them with free instructions and materials in their libraries, and many students face problems in vitally evaluate internet sources and there is no quality behind the submissions in such cases.

Some other reasons involve like improper paraphrasing, terminology and careless note taking .Among paraphrasing 60% of the students will be confused between paraphrased and plagiarized and poor citing sources these are the main causes of unintentional plagiarism, terminology is the other problem where the student are unclear idea about certain words like "Theme and a Thesis" , " analyze and discuss" ,"report and essay" , students are plagiarized due to improper note taking during primary research. In this stage they will be confused between paraphrased and directly quoted materials, after certain time of their note taking. They no longer are able to differentiate between what material noted as their own and what material came from the sources. This will reveal improper bibliography. So proper note taking is required to avoid it.

There are different factors where a student can commit plagiarism. There might be external factors, internal factors, some of the external factors like pressure on students due to high expectations regarding carrier, grades. In such cases students are not be that interested in work done by them regarding their own education rather than their carrier aspirations for some students what all matters is qualification or certificate rather than the knowledge they acquired (FAIN & BATES QTD. IN AUER & KRUPAR).

Students won't follow the moral academic behavior in achieving their goals; they might follow any way which they feel appropriate in getting a good grade. This will be caused when the students are not trained, advised properly by the lecturers this leads to academic dishonesty (PETERSON QTD. IN LATHROP & FOSS115)

When the students enter in the business field with a consumer mentality they are treating education as a product for the development of the carrier they are choosing secondary education as a ladder to full fill their carrier goals To become a professional in their field in one way they are finding education as a passport for job promotions instead of gaining knowledge.

Lack of time management and skills, students fail to prepare the time table in completing their research papers they keep their work pending till due date, and participate in unfair practice


1 People are getting disturbed in this modern world with the new technology. They are different ways of communication like messages, phone calls, voice messages, emails .People working in offices are driving crazy with large number of messages received daily. They have to keep answering everything. For example manger of a company receives an average of 100 messages per day. There won't be time to answer everything during office time, they need to spare some of their leisure time to answer them. This causes to stress in them.

2 The device in now a day's used to connect the people even they are miles away from each other is mobile phone. It is very easy to operate; even it reached in small villages. The person who knows to use two keys can use mobile phone easily. One among three have mobile phone. The people who are always on tours and business workers, mobile phones will take main part of their day. Especially Japanese teenagers will use mobiles for chatting and calls.

Detection tools of Plagiarism : For detecting plagiarism a new web sites got arrived this electronic is used in cheat detection . In united kingdom Culwin and Lancaster (2000) they are first to reveal the web based detection services into market in small period of time there are lots of web sites started in the market for detection of plagiarism JISC during 2001 by a team through the Computer Assisted Assessment ( CAA) conducted a screening in evaluating proprietary services. They are different companies which also involved in evaluating and marketing this services some of them are as follows

Copy Catch-


Word check- (known as

Most of this are too expensive and are not succeeded in providing good results not only this the document submissions are unmanageable and the results obtained by them are not up to mark, where as turnitin is the first plagiarism software which won contract with JISC to serve more than 700 academic institutions thought United kingdom

Turnitin is a web based service, which is used mainly by the academic staff to find out the originality of students. This software has a capacity to collect large volumes of data. We can use web browser to access the turnitin web site .it more or less takes 1hour to submit the report. A soft copy is submitted by uploading, copying and pasting it as a word document or html document .this software can be accessed only if you have an account in

This can be useful for the students to come up with their original ideas rather than just copying and pasting. After student submits his /her draft in turnitin.It scans the whole assignment and it helps to find out high percentage of matching matter it is colorfully distinguished, this helps the student to find their own reports on their draft of work it helps to resubmit their assignment with necessary changes

The student material is kept confidential it is not released by the faculty in case if the faculty receive any such request they should denied.


The universities are awaring students to prevent undergoing unfair advantages not all the plagiarism or other unfair practices are intentionally done some cases appears to be accidental and some other are due to poor and lack of study skills. They are three stages involved when plagiarism of student is caught.

Plagiarism in initial stage will be identified by the particular lecturer. With the proof of identity the following unfair practice is submitted to Unfair practice co-ordinator(UPC).The UPC will undertaken certain action after meeting staff and student. Later they pass this file to chair of examining board.

If necessary chair of examining board will talk to both student and lecturer with the all collected proofs and talks chair will either advise the students to undergo study skill training and warned about the problems of unfair practices, if it is done in future. (Or) warning is given to the student regarding unfair practice to attend study skill training and /or the submitted assignment or research material is marked zero.

After the chair decision is declared student have certain time for review. The student should be attending at the hearing without fail. This review may lead more or less the same penalty .Unless the previous hearing of the penalty is not approprite.The chair pass file further to University committee of Enquiry(UCE).UCE will look at all the probabilities of unfair practice suggestion some remedies like penality,marking zero for their assignment, module and sometimes resitting the same examination. Students have a chance to make appeals which will be heard by university appeal board they more or less suggest the same hearing depending on unfair practice. The file of the student is maintained for certain duration .If the student commit unfair practice in further last hearing is given by university committee of enquiry