Plagiarism And Other Problems For International Students English Language Essay

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What is plagiarism? Define plagiarism? What are the effects of unfair practices and plagiarism? What are the types of plagiarism? How it occurs? Plagiarism is problem for international students? What are the effects of plagiarism on international students? What is difference between unfair practice and how to avoid unfair practice? How to avoid plagiarism?

There are many different meanings of plagiarism and unfair practice, according to the American Association of University Professors "Taking over the ideas, methods or written words of others, without acknowledgment and the intention that they will be taken as of the deceiver."

Source: American Association of University Professors. (September/October, 1989)

Above quotation explain that plagiarism has been defined as taking someone idea, words, images, opinion etc from that particular person and presenting that as one's own. It also can be taken as literature theft, for example, someone makes a presentation which is based on the idea which is already generated by someone else and that is not commonly known. During his presentation, he failed to give acknowledgment to the specific person or source. That misleading the audience to think that he is the person who is the original creator of that idea this is called plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a serious ethical misconduct and form of intellectual theft which leads to crime. Plagiarising can be done intentionally or unintentionally. Plagiarism is a kind of unfair practice. This assignment purpose is to indicate the unfair practice among students especially in international students. As every country has its unique method o study but when an international student travel for higher education to another country he face many hurdles and problem to achieve his goal. Is seems initially very challenging but with the passage of time and effort he can handle any difficulty first of all he has to understand the root cause and difference of the methods. So the main topic of this assignment is to discover those problems and their solutions.

HOW TO AVOID PLAGIARISM OR UNFAIR PRACTICE: How international students can avoid plagiarism and unfair practice. They must mention that person name so that credit goes to that particular person.

Someone's idea, views, opinion.

Any static data .creative work like drawing, graphs and any kind of information, which is neither common knowledge or nor universal truth.

Any particular person's spoken or written words.

Rephrase someone's work without giving credit to that person.

When an international student go abroad for higher studies and the method of education is changed then it become very difficult for students to understand the difference between the methods of education. So there must be conduct some seminars or short courses through universities so the student knows the difference and learn the fair work process.

Student can define plagiarism and understanding how plagiarism occurs?

Student understanding to discover impact of plagiarism

How to do proper citation.

Student practice how to paraphrase information and how to deliver in-witting correctly to avoid plagiarism.

International students must come up with their own ideas and they have to know referencing of that work which they are referring in their research work.

Here are two examples of legitimating the work while using some other's work. It will be mentioned with the example that how reference and include in own work. How it can be rephrased as well.

Modern communication technology is driving workers in the corporate world to distraction. They feel buried under the large number of messages they receive daily. In addition to telephone calls, office workers receive dozens of emails and voice mail messages daily. In one company, in fact, managers receive an average of 100 messages a day. Because they do not have enough time to respond to these messages during office hours, it is common for them to do so in the evenings or at weekends at home. 

Source: University of Portsmouth, 2008, Academic Writing Skills, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth - p.18) 

a) Latest development in communication technology giving a new direction to those workers which are using mobile phones. In these days company workers are using massaging to work out there offices work to avoid the call charges. This result them to lose in 100s of massages everyday. As their hard routine they are unable to reply them in office times that why they have to reply them at home including emails voice massages.

American advertisement features a man with a golf bag talking on his mobile phone, telling his boss that he is working from home.) They are a great help for people on the move, and they make it easier for people to get in touch with each other whenever they need to. They are quintessentially personal devices. Japanese teenagers used to have to phone each other at home, with the attendant risk that the phone would be answered by a grown-up; now they can chat to each other at all hours without being intercepted.

Source: The Economist, 1999 in Slaght, J. 2004, English for Academic Study: Writing Source Book, Garnet Education, Reading - p. 14)

b) There is a great impact globally of the development in technology for example mobile phone. Using of mobile phone becomes a necessity or statues symbol as well. From an adult to a teenager every one needs a mobile to carry on their activities. It has both positive and negative effects. You can keep in touch and reachable to every one any time regardless where ever you are. Some of the negative effects are that any one can mislead our lie easily at same time teenagers are at risk now as they keep their phone with them all the time so adults can not guess what are they doing and what kind of activities they are keeping.

Now question arises that, how an international student can realize that he is going to commit plagiarism. Basically there are many guides for international students to understand that what are unfair practice and plagiarism and how to get the basic knowledge. Make structure for your work first this will be most important step towards preventing plagiarism. If nay student going to use other sources of information, he should have clear picture that what he is going to explain and through what sources he is gathering the data and how he will include those sources in his work. This will make balance between the idea he has taken from that source and his own idea. Always make sure that it is clear who said what?

Plagiarism in higher education has become very problematic relating with the development in IT and information age it become more easier to ultimately "cheating .misleading" and engaging in different acts of plagiarism without even knowing it. Student must check that how they are conducting in academic, how they are using and collecting data for their assignment. Student should keep their honesty and possessed their integrity when the question is their education their research work and assignments.

WHY STUDENT PLAGIARISE? There are many reasons that why students use unfair means and get involved in plagiarism. Some time the submission date comes around quickly. Some time it become very difficult to do assignments and some time they mixed up with research and plagiarism. Some time lake of knowledge leads them to plagiarism unknowingly so it is very important that student must know the boundaries.

Many students plagiarize with different various motives. A good student might do it because he desperately wants success with distinction or he think that it would be difficult to achieve if he just use his own words. A poor student might be some where else when he is supposed to do his study and there is no time to do assignment and submit them. It is natural that every student can not be same so might be some time's student could be so weak and in low confidence in a specific subject, specially in the beginning stage of studies or may be it is difficult for them to tell what is acceptable when they are borrowing some knowledge from other sources and what is not. Some time student does not want to engage in unfair practice but due to lack of knowledge they cannot differentiate between unfair practices of legitimating work.

Institution, tutors and teacher want student to succeed if student cannot coop or have any doubt about writing always must asked them to clarify it. Asking questions or clarification dues not effect negatively but possibly will help to create a nice piece of work.

Students must know that academic work will be based on the reading or understanding from recommended book, articles and any kind of related material. But always make sure not to just copy it as copy and past idea will appear to be one's on words.

Basically student thinks that if they are just copying and past any material in there assignments is plagiarism but they don't know that if they rephrase it without referencing and acknowledgement of the original author could also be plagiarism. so the book and other material from which we are gathering the information and writing them in own words which students believe is important is acknowledgement of that source. Stating main points which should be also explain and comparing them in your own words and with different other author's work. Use own word, add comments on topic. This all effort will make a good assignment.Explaination and comparing them through different sources, comments shows that the student has read, analysed and understood thoroughly.

There are many certain rules if student follow them it would be very easy to avoid the unfair practice. Some time there is need to copy a quote directly from any source even then student has to follow rules, directly copying of a material (whole or partial paragraph)it should occur very rear in assignments' should not be a large portion. The quotation must clearly distinguish from the rest of the material use inverted comas so it shows clearly that this paragraph is taken by some where in the quotation ms not change the words. The most important that the quotation source must acknowledged and mentioned clearly. There are many different methods which can be adopted. If there is any doubt contact to the tutor or lecturer for guidance. Other then this you can use most common methods.

CONCLUSION: Unfair practice and plagiarism is really big problem for the students especially in international students. There are various methods which should be adopt by the institutions like short courses before term start seminars to built proper basic knowledge about unfair practice or plagiarism. Learning by solve practical examples of paraphrasing and techniques of referencing. Encourage student to ask for help to clear their concepts about assignment. Presentation in classes will definitely encourage student to speak up come up with their own ideas through reading and hard working.