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My carrier aspiration is to be a well being business man and star my own business in future, even though it's not easy for a person to just decide to star up a good business in just a day these have to start with planning, knowing what you want to do well, knowing your abilities to do it and planning to do it, well i did a long term plan for these carrier aspiration because since from the day I started studying business i was very curios to know it well and i have an interest in it, seeing most of businesses like some multinational companies i always knew that the individuals that started the business worked very hard to make it a successful business that is why in my aspiration to start my own business in future I planed to have some step by step experience after my studies in which I am willing to work for many different companies with different products and services, and companies that deals abroad so that the knowledge of foreign matters would be in my brains and i also planned to have more qualifications and experiences that would enable me to be successful in my carrier, with my parents, support I already gain a little experience by sending me over to another country to study

Skills that are involved and required for an individual with these aspiration are hardworking, understanding, interest in being part of many fields, events, or business occasions

Skills required/demanded in your chosen occupation/role

The skills required for these aspiration is hardworking, understanding, mainly. Interest in being part and playing roll in business occasions, that would enable these individual to gain more experience

Good at analytical and Have organizational skills, critical thinking is also one of the skills required for these aspiration because if an individual owns a business while he or she can't think critically and analyse that person might lose his or her business someday for the fact that he or she doesn't understand some deals.

1.3a ONE Strength (with examples)

My strength is having work done effectively and efficiently as scheduled which I refer as a hardworking in time for an example there are many of my mates that doesn't want to do their assignment tasks, in time or keep appointment as schedule in time but as for me keeping appointments and finishing up my tasks as scheduled is one of my best futures and I think it's like keeping promise that's why I never miss class, or any of my attendance until it's for a very good reason which might involve health

1.3b ONE Weakness (with examples)

My weakness is that I can't resist to miss my time to rest as my strength is to keep ever thing in time I also don't have the ability of letting my break time pass away without enjoying it for example during class hours if lectures is going on and it's the time for break and that particular lecturer keeps on giving tips and giving lectures I can resist to stay but i my mind would defiantly be away out of the class and what is going on in the class the body is their but the mind would be somewhere else.


Experience 1:

Be very tactful

I experienced that of all human beings and the people you are around every one is very tactful on how to handle for example money but to me after the experience i try to change what people are tactful at for example some people doesn't want to take care of a person's meal bill if he or she have the ability to pay off his or her mill but to me I don't care to do so i tried just make mine a prove of good character to a friend the tactics I do here is that if a person seems to be keeping away his or her wallet because I use to take care of his or her meal during break dose not even attempt to pay for one whole week i know he or she is not a good friend they are just with you because of something different.,

To figure out the good friend and the gold digger.

If a person always dose as i mentioned above he r she is not a good friend. I learn the skill and changed it a bit in my way just to figure out people that are good in partnership.

How have/will you use this new skill to aid the achievement of your career aspirations?

Figuring out a good partner in business is a very good thing in business and the skill of being tactful to find a good business partner is very important in doing business deals

Experience 2:

Describe the experience

Politeness:- been polite to people makes a very good person which lead a person to a very high respect and consideration.

What did you learn?

I learn that being polite to people is the key that lead a person to respect because even a person's boss would not start yelling at a worker if that worker is very polite the boss would try to understand him first because the boss knew that it's not his or her usual act.

How have/will you use this new skill to aid the achievement of your career aspirations?

I will use this skill to aid partnership in every environment and every place I happen to be or work more over is a business owner in future a good leadership need politeness as well to enable understanding among workers.

Experience 3:

Describe the experience

Paying attention

What did you learn?

To pay attention or to give attention give understanding i learnt that if a person pays attention to thing he or she have been told that particular person would have no trouble understanding what is going on.

How have/will you use this new skill to aid the achievement of your career aspirations?

I will use this aid to be a good listener and one of the skills of a good business management is to be a good listener.


Objective 1:

State the objective.

Work as marketing manager

Outline of specific actions associated with the achievement of the above objective.

As soon as i finish my study i would not waste time to loo fro job and isn't the part of experience i need for he business i intend to start.

Time frame for achievement of the above objective.

in four years time.

Objective 2:

State the objective.

International marketing manager

Outline of specific actions associated with the achievement of the above objective.

For the multinational firms.

Time frame for achievement of the above objective.

In 12 years time

Objective 3:

State the objective.

Start my own business in twenty years time.

Outline of specific actions associated with the achievement of the above objective.

I will like to have my own business in twenty years time because i need to get experience in many firms before starting up a business.


personal development plan is a technique that will direct and channel me through identify my reliable intensification in two or more headship attribute and in pursuing my set ambition so that I will be intelligent to see where and how to start making use of my understanding in future at great.

My Personal Development Plan is the foundation to a productive beginning in fusion any society or guidance development program expedition.



I find irresistible being in a place with different people of the world. From my fast knowledge, I gain knowledge by trying to ask people about what I don't  know and most of times by group study with different kind of people from different countries it really help me because it will be in my memory and I will never forget if someone tell me something more especially what I don't know.


Change in attitude is a mode of living, because most of the people now in this world their attitude has been change one way to another by doing different things not like before or their life styles and behaviour but my attitude has been change because in my home country I subsist in a very cool area and whatever I want I will just ask people to do it for me but over here my attitude change I have to do everything myself. Motivation, I embrace existing life by knowing how to live with people peacefully and ways to assist them if I have the means.


 How I tackle task I normally think on what is that exactly task I m supposed to do and normally I think before I start because I have to focus what will be the outcome of the task at the end of it either it will be on my on benefit or not then I will begin by accessing it in order for me not have any problem, because there is a proverb that says to understand a task is like you have solve that task.


 There is nothing that I can say I find out by myself which is not thought to me by

 Parent or my teachers and most of the times with the help of my friends but I find

Things very easy by me understanding what I am exactly asked to do it will be able to

Sought things amicably and have lasting solution.


My studies relate to my real life in so many ways, because I am kind of person that like politics, travelling and want to know many things in this world, most of the times I am always on the way either by air or road but now I can't do that I have to stay in school and read in order for me achieve want I want to achieve for my future.


 CURRENT STRENGTH: My strength is skill to set what I can achieve without looking at what some other people are doing because I want to be on my own without depending on any other person.


CURRENT WEAKNESS: My weakness is I don't have time on my own about fifty to sixty percent of my day to day activities is for the people that I am together with because I don't like a situation were by I am together with a friend and he is having a problem I like to assist my friends.


WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE: I want to graduate with a very good grade in order for me to go back home and make my parent and the whole family proud and help the people of my community because I want join politics so that I will help my people.


WHERE I NEED TO IMPROVE: I need to improve in my academics activities because it will help me to achieve what I want to achieve in my life. Moreover the most important aspect of this life is my religion I need to improve in my religion knowledge, so that God Almighty will help me in all my activities.


WHAT ARE MY RESOURCES: My resource is my creator God Almighty because he creates me to worship him and obey my parent, my lecturers, my elders and other people in the society.


WHAT ARE MY OBSTACLES: my obstacle is that some people here in Malaysia they don't like us even though we are Muslims. Because I like travelling but here in Malaysia I am afraid of going to some places because I don't know what will happen to me.