Outsourcing: Negatives outweigh positives

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        Many Americans are jobless. They work hard and go through training and school and still end up jobless. Why is this? Because of outsourcing. The United States continues to give jobs to foreign countries because of cheap labor, but they shouldn't just be looking at the profit they make, but all the long-term negative effects it has on America and the outsourced country.

        The United States outsources to countries like India and China, causing them to have many problems. These countries are now very populated because of the numerous jobs that are open to the jobless. As the number of people that are able to work and make money increases, the prices of goods will also increase; making it harder for the poor people to buy ncessities. The United States will continue to build factories until someone speaks up, but businesses are afraid to say anything even though their cities are being polluted and are starting to have water and electricity shortages. Cities like Bangalore and New Dehli are beginning to run out of resources because the population has increased and because many resources are used up in factories (Kar). Like India's companies, many are scared that if they speak up, their partnerships with the United States will suffer.

Not only is outsourcing bad for foreign countries, it also effects the United States in many negative ways. Education in the United States has to change because of outsourcing. Schools now have to teach their students how to be competitive. When applying for a job, "the person now has to be very skilled to work the same job as on outsourced job" (Nassif and Roe). The United States outsources because it is cheap, but they should really be giving these jobs to the jobless people in the United States. "American workers are proven to be the most productive workers " (Dobbs). If jobs were given to Americans, more would be produced and it would be able to be distributed faster and cheaper because companies wouldn't have to wait or pay for the shipment. China takes at least a month for the product to arrive, but it only takes two weeks if it was built in the United States. Reactions for foreign countries are also slow when it comes to schedule changes (Brown). The United States doesn't place anyone to watch over these buissnesses. This is why China gets away with making fake things. The government thinks that outsourcing will benefit the United States, when in reality, it will actually hurt the United States.

A major problem with outsourcing is the risk of national security. The United States outsources jobs that makes e-passports to Thailand. This means that our personal/private information is sent to Thailand. This situation has many problems. Thailand is very socially unstable and it has had many terror threats. Because of this, there is a possibility that "the new e-passports could be compromised and sold on the black market for use by terrorists or other foreign enemies" (Gertz). The United States makes tens of millions of dollars in profit, but puts none of this into improving the security. FedEx is used to transport these documents. This is not a safe way to transport such important documents. There is a possibility that someone could steal blank passports and use them for their own good. If outsourcing were to be stopped now, the United States wouldn't have to worry about such things.

The number of jobs outsourced has increased by a lot. In the year 2000, approximately 105,000 jobs were outsourced and in 2005, about 590,000 jobs (No Author). When comparing the positives and the negatives of outsourcing, the negatives overweigh the positives by a lot. Outsourcing has such a negative impact on the United States, that outsourcing should just end now.