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Obviously, this current situation is contributing competition in western higher education industry. Every country is likely to try their best to attract international students. For example, United States of America usually supports the most valuable scholarship for students who travelling abroad to study. Also, USA government decreased requirement of student visa. Not only USA, but also other countries are using several kinds of strategies to attract students all over the world. On this issue, UK can not be denied that the government adjusted visa application system into the new Tier 4 student visa points based system in March 2010. That would completely be act in a diametrically opposite way. Maybe students who wish to study a short-term course can not acquire student visa in recent period of time. This issue would be sensitive though out the world, although the international student amount is not likely to decrease depends on current situation.

Although study abroad is very expensive . But if someone can acquire this experience, that means wide experience and much better personal ability, self-confidence and communication skill .(Huang 2010) Also international students can obtain theories originally from western countries. (Susan, Ulrich, Jerry 1990) English is becoming a global language without any doubt. Study abroad will definitely make students understand it.With the earth internationalization , English spoken is also becoming popular in many countries and it would be useful in work environment. What can not be denied is that students can have an international relationship and university classmates come from all over the world.

The benefit of studying abroad is obvious and indisputable. The student will find that rather than simply learning in a class, by rote and exercise and homework, perhaps with some oral practice, that they will have to use the language to get by. Quite likely studying abroad will often place the student in situations where they are not able to get by with their mother tongue. The effect of immersion into an environment where the student's language skills have to be relied upon just to get by tends to have a positive effect on the student's skills in speaking that language, as they are forced to rely upon what they have learned, and indeed learn more of that language. Also, a student's ability to speak a new language will improve quickest when they are studying abroad. Other benefits can apply to all types of studying abroad, whatever the subject. Living in any new country, whether working or studying, is likely to broaden the mind. Experiencing new cultures, interacting with those with a background different from their own, seeing a different way of life, and experiencing the way other peoples do things is generally a positive, enhancing experience. Exploring cultures and civilizations outside of their own, which may happen when studying abroad, is intellectually and spiritually enriching. It also encourages and nurtures independence, as the student studying abroad, out of his or her familiar territory, is placed when into an unsimilar environment, possibly having to discover or work out new ways to get around and do things. In this respect, studying abroad can be confidence-building, equipping the student with the resourcefulness needed to be self-sufficient in a foreign country.

To be mentioned, china has published a survey report that illustrates that if somebody have studied abroad , their salary will higher than local students at least 20 percent . If someone have international working experience ,their salary will higher again. International students were used to international environment, to fit a place that have never been can be faster and easier than others. (Lasanowski and Verbik 2007)That is the majority reason of international students amount can be continuous climbing, almost every student wants to seek higher education in western universities.

In this year , china has become the largest international source country with over 1270 thousands students currently studying abroad. And there must be some reasons with it.(Yao 2009) With the fast development of china economy in recent 30 years , more and more Chinese families can afford next generation to study abroad and make more money. To be honest, there must be a follow-blindly factor in it. More and more friends, more and more families. If a student do not travelling abroad to study , this kind of students must feel left out and influence on self-confidence. So, more and more people decide to study abroad. On the other hand , higher education in china is not very comfortable for students, academy environment is not good. The officer of ministry of china also agree with it. The distance between western and Chinese mainland universities is getting more and more serious. Cheating in Chinese universities is not unusual, and many students do not treat studies very well, not serious. Quality is not expected. Some of them changes GPA of scores, just for study abroad and better university.

There are several reasons of disadvantages of China higher education. China higher education has expanded remarkably ,the number of tertiary institutions more than tripled, from 598 in 1978 to 1,867 in 2006; the number of full-time faculty increased over five-fold, from 206,000 to 1,076,000; and the number of new students increased over thirteen-fold, from 400,000 to 5,500,000. The expansion has been much more rapid since 1999. From 1978 to 1998, the number of new students increased about 700,000; from 1998 to 2006, the annual intake increased from 1.1 million to 5.5 million.

On the other aspect. For an economy with years of breakneck growth, the demand for human capital should rise and higher education should expand. The problem is that China's higher education expands too quickly in too short a period of time to the extent that the labour market and the available educational resources cannot keep pace with the expansion. After the government's decision to expand higher education in 1999, some scholars anticipated educated unemployment as an imminent problem. The reason is simple: the job market is unlikely to expand as quickly as higher education. The problem would loom large as early as 2003, when the 1999 a number of people began to enter the job market. To a large extent such a concern became a reality. In 2003, as many as 750,000 college/university graduates (college graduates hereafter) could not find a job upon graduation; the number soared to 1.2 million in 2005. In 2007, 41 million out of 5 million college graduates were unemployed throughout the year after graduation. All in all, education in china and similar developing countries is not a good place to study academic subjects. This also causes the number of growth and no proof shows the number is going to stop current increasing.

For the UK specifically, it was predicted that the demand for UK programs delivered outside the country's borders would grow from an estimated 190,000 in 2003 to 350,000 in 2010 and 800,000 in 2020. (Voelt and Ang 1998) Exceeding the demand for international students places in the UK. Other can not be denied is that tuition fee will be increased in 2012. For now, international student makes 8 percent of UK universities revenue for one year, and 40 billion for UK economy. But tuition fee still will be increased 3-5 percent and student visa requirement also will be increased. Although UK universities has leading level education, if they still do this, they must lose share of this market in the future. Just as today, high tuition fee really can causes high income for universities. Universities build internationalization campus can be easier than before, because amount of international students is increasing.

Another serious problem is that other countries' universities is also developing . Not only western, but also eastern universities. Early or late, if some universities like UK universities are seemed to lose advantages, other countries universities can catch up with western universities. Not just rely on international students as income source, although financial crisis made government poorer than before and then cut education aid. This point is very significant and can not be denied. All on all, western universities need to think about it and release new advantages to against new competition and maintain current education quality.

After my description of my topic, I would like to draw my conclusion as follow. In this essay, it allocates background of the question and current situation of it. Also, this essay illustrates advantages and disadvantages factors of western universities and China higher education. Although western universities has a leading level education, but tuition fee and other developing countries pursue this. On the another hand , developing country higher education is also developing. Maybe a competition will take place in the near future. Fortunately, as we can see today, no evidence shows the number of students will drop, only continuous climbing in the near future. No body can predict the exact time period, only can be a period of time in the near future To be honest, study abroad is still the best way to make your career better.