Oral Self Critique Transcription English Language Essay

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Try thinking about advertising, trade shows or packaging. Think about how you remember that particular brand, maybe because that advertisement is really interesting. (Pause)Let's take apple as a- as an example. Apple uses the logo that is really cleaned, elegant (pause)…and really easily implemented. (Pause) Why people r-really (pause)… will remember apple? Because they really have the updated technology and their smart branding really allowed the company to clearly communicate a change in direction while continuing to build its reputation. So, I think branding (pause)… is really important. It's really important because (pause)… it can be used to inform and communicate with people. A Brand can really change a person future, and can help a company to be remembered or to (pause)… be famous.

Reflection On Speech Pattern

The way I speak in the recording is quite bad due to the lack of confidence. The sentence was also very choppy because I am worry that I would have said something wrong. I tend to think slower than I speak and end up making my sentence incomplete. I realized that I have too many pauses that caused my recording to be not so smooth. I also realized that my recording is boring because the way I speak is not expressive enough.

I think the concept that I can relate to my recording is paralanguage. The pitch that I was using when I was recording is quite low and monotonous. For example, when I say 'I just got this article from the New York Times' I did not start off my recording as what I intended to. I start off with a very boring voice. The tempo was very slow as well. There were many pauses in my recording especially in the introduction and the beginning of the content because I think that I am still not really use to it. Speaking fluent English was a great obstacle for me because the first language in my country is not English. Not speaking English so fluently kept me thinking and end up with many pauses that make the whole speech very draggy and slow.

The next concept that I should learn is that I should balance the style that I speak from more masculine to a bit of feminine style because I think I need to give more example to build the connection between my audience and show support about the article that I speak, for example, when I say 'Inaccurate branding will only mislead people.' I did not tell people how can it relate to them and not giving enough examples were really a major problem for the audience to relate it to themselves. Keep on giving facts and knowledge to the audience tend to make the whole recording feel very boring and will not draws people attention. This will somehow make the audience lose attention on what are you speaking after a while.

One of the good things about my speech is that I barely used vocal fillers like 'umm' or 'like'. I think that I am good in that way and should not change. The other point that I would like to point out is I did not use much jargon and this help me to explain everything very clearly and most of the audience could be able to understand what I say, for example, there is a part where I give an example by saying 'Let's take apple as a- as an example' This can help the audience to know that what I am saying can also be found in their daily life. So, I think that not having jargon and vocal fillers is one of the good things that I should continue using it and not change.

Identification and Analysis of Bad Speaking Habit

I think I should improve on my paralanguage. To improve I promise myself to talk to people more often, try to speak with more expression, try not to make it so monotonous and speak with a more energetic pitch . I had also asked my friend to sit together with me and listen to what I say and correct me whenever I make any mistake hoping that I will slowly get use to the expression and pitch that is correct. I think that this will show the audience that I speak with full of confidence and it's easier to gain the audience attention on what I am saying. I also learn how to be more conscious when speaking and try to think faster so that I could avoid pauses. Creating random sentences and read it repeatedly till the extent that I could read it really quick does help me improve when I am talking to someone or giving a speech because this will remove all the pauses while talking to people. I think that this will help me to improve on my speaking and will make me speak more smoothly during the introduction and will reduce the pauses whenever I speak.

Play more games that required thinking fast like scrabble will also increase the speed of thinking. I think that this will help me increase the tempo of my speech because whenever I can think fast, I can think critically and I will not be so worry of the choices of word to use to form a sentence before telling it to the audience. So I believe that this will help me to increase the tempo of my speech. Playing more games can also increase my grammar. I know that my first language is not English so I think that forming a proper sentence with the right choices of word might be a bit difficult for me. I also make an effort to play games with whoever that is free during the weekend to make sure my vocabulary improve and improve on all the pauses. Therefore, I think playing more board games will help me improve on my paralanguage.

Reflection on Improvement Effort

I chose paralanguage because I think that this is one of the worse habits when I was recording because it was a very tough task for me to record myself. I found myself having this problem after recording myself for this assignment. I took about a few days and still working on it to change it and hope that by playing more games and speaking to people more often will help me change this habit. I went to the speech lab for help and had gotten many help from the senior that took this course before. They all really help me a lot and gave me idea on how to improve on my bad habits especially the pauses part. They also taught me on how I should speak with more expressive manner so that the audience will be keen to listen to me and not lose attention after a while.

Furthermore, I had also put in much effort to change it hoping that the next time when I am required to speak I will speak without any error and less pauses. I caught myself making the mistake quite a lot of time and literally laugh at myself because I think that making this mistake once is alright but making the same mistake over and over again is quite bad. Whenever I caught myself doing so I quickly take a piece of paper and write the sentence that I couldn't form nicely before that and start reading it out loud repeatedly so that I could really say it easily the next time when I need to. I also forced myself to think fast when talking to people so that I could really remove all the pauses. I realized that the faster I speak the better I become. I think that writing down the sentence I couldn't say it nicely and read it repeatedly really help a lot and I am improving slowly.

I think that going to the speech lab and asking helped from senior really do help me a lot in speaking because they went thru all the process before and had improved so I think they would be the best person to ask for help. They even taught me on how to speak with a proper tone. Playing more games and talking to friend more often do really help a lot as well because talking to friends is so common that you do it every day in your life and it became so easy for you. I wouldn't say that thinking fast might not be the most effective way but I can say that thinking fast is quite helpful at times like when you are explaining something to a friend and couldn't think of that word, thinking fast really help a lot at that moment.

The easiest task for me is writing the sentence which I couldn't say it nicely and read it repeatedly till I could read it fluently was one of the easiest task for me because I do not need to worry about anything and just make sure that whatever I am reading is correct then it will be fine reading it repeatedly. It was easy because I do not need to prepare anything just a piece of paper and a pen will be enough. The most difficult part about this task is getting friends to play game with you so that you could improve in thinking fast. It's the most difficult task because not many friends would like to spend time with you playing games. They would want something more entertaining like watching movie, shopping and some other more interesting activities. So, I find it quite hard to gather friend to play games with me.

I think that I had will really had a great improvement if I really follow the task or ways to improve the way I speak because the way that I am doing is one of the easiest and most effective way of improving the way a person speak. So, talking to more friends, writing down sentence which you couldn't speak nicely and read it repeatedly and playing game will really make a difference in the way you speak and I should really do it often so that I can continue to improve in the way I speak.