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McDonald's India:

McDonald's Started their business in India by the opening of first restaurant on oct 13 1996 at Basant loak vasant vihar Delhi. And the company was started through partnership between McDonald corporation (U.S.A)and two Indian business man Amit Jatia(the owner of hard castle restaurant Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai), Vikram Bakshi (the owner of Connaught plaza restaurant Pvt. Ltd. Delhi). And the 75% product of McDonald India, In entire product menu is Indianized and specifically designed to woo customers.

And McDonald's develop a rich brand identity amongst its customers and employees as well as partners alike. At McDonald's India we have had a single mantra: providing 100% total customer satisfaction and the formula for achieving this goal in our restaurant operation is the long-standing commitment to the mc donald's promise.


Pizza Hut is the leading casual dining restaurant in India. Pizza Hut made its foray into India with a restaurant in Bangalore in June 1996 and was the first international restaurant chain to enter this category and can be credited with pioneering the pizza market in India. Its great tasting pizzas and trademark dining experience have made it possible for the company to register a double-digit growth and scale up its presence to its current size. With a 27 per cent market share of the eating-out market and over 70,000 footfalls per day across the country, Pizza Hut is geared to provide diners with the ideal place to build memories and relationships over delicious food.

Pizza Hut is one of the flagship brands of Yum! Brands, Inc., which also has KFC, Taco Bell, A&W and Long John Silver's under its umbrella. Pizza Hut is the world's largest casual dining restaurant chain with over 12,500 restaurants across 91 countries and 147 stores across 34 cities in India.


Domino's incorporated in New Delhi on March 16th 1995 as a private company under the name 'Domino's India Private Ltd'. it converted to a Public Limited Company on September 14 1996, following which our company name was changed to "Domino's Pizza India Ltd". Subsequently, on September 24, 2009, the name of our company was further changed to its present name "Jubilant Food Works Limited.

The company is promoted by Mr. Shyam Sunder Bhartia, Mr. Hari Shanker Bhartia and Jubilant Enpro Private Ltd. Company has opened its first Domino's Pizza store in India in January 1996, at New Delhi. Today Domino's Pizza India has grown into a countrywide network of stores, with a team of over 6,000 people.

Dominos Pizza India had a network of 274 stores, in 55 cities, in 20 states and union territories (as on 31st August 2009). According to the India Retail Report 2009, we were the largest Pizza chain in India and the fastest growing multinational fast food chain between 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 in terms of number of stores.

Domino's Pizza constantly strives to develop products that suit the tastes of its consumers and hence delighting them. Domino's believes strongly in the strategy of 'Think global and act local'. Thus, time and again Domino's Pizza has been innovating with delicious new products such as crusts, toppings and flavours suitable to the taste buds of Indian Consumers. Further providing "value for money" and affordable products to our consumers has been an important part of our efforts. Our initiatives such as "Fun Meal" and "Pizza Mania" have been extremely popular with consumers looking for a affordable and value for money meal option.

What is marketing mix:-

The fundamental of marketing is the products delivery to customers which is fulfilled their needs and by this process organization also achieve there objectives and in this process includes some decisions as like- products decision means which product should be offered for sale, product's price , market where product To be sell and communication. All these decisions is the part of marketing mix.


AS WELL AS above mentioned about marketing mix may be grouped in four type that is:-

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion


Product is related to physical product or service which is the needs of customer and they can pay for that. Physical product includes tangible goods and services are include in intangible products.

Services may involve also an innovative idea on any aspect of operation. Products are the key element of any marketing mix. The decisions concerning product may relate to -

  • Product attributes
  • Branding
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Product support service
  • Product mix.


Price is the amount charged for a product or service. It is the consideration paid by consumers for the benefit of using any product or service. Price fixation is an important aspect of marketing. Pricing decisions of a company are affected by both internal as well as external factors.

Some examples of pricing decisions to be made include:

  • Pricing strategy (skim, penetration, etc.)
  • Suggested retail price
  • Volume discounts and wholesale pricing
  • Cash and early payment discounts
  • Seasonal pricing
  • Bundling
  • Price flexibility
  • Price discrimination


Another element of marketing mix is place . when the goods are manufactured, packaged, priced and promoted than they must be made available to the consumers. Activities related to placing the products are covered under this element of marketing-mix. It consists of decisions relating to channels of distribution and physical distribution. Channels of distribution refer to the individuals and organisations which facilitate moving the goods from manufactures to consumers. It is important that regular and smooth flow of goods is maintained so that products are not spoiled and supplies are not delayed. To ensure this, various facilitating services need to be arranged like transportation, warehousing, inventory control, and order processing. These are known as components of physical distribution. Let us now study the two sub-elements of 'place'-

  • Channels of distribution
  • Physical distribution
  • Locations
  • Assortments


Promotion is also the element of marketing mix . promotion represents the various aspects of marketing communication, that is, the communication of information about the product with the goal of generating a positive customer response. Marketing communication decisions include:

  • Promotional strategy (push, pull, etc.)
  • Advertising
  • Personal selling & sales force
  • Sales promotions
  • Public relations & publicity
  • Marketing communications budget


Marketing mix is originating from the single P (price) of microeconomic theory (Chong, 2003). McCarthy (1964) offered the "marketing mix", often referred to as the "4Ps", as a means of translating marketing planning into practice (Bennett, 1997). Marketing mix is not a scientific theory, but merely a conceptual framework that identifies thee principal decision making managers make in configuring their offerings to suit consumers' needs. The tools can be used to develop both long-term strategies and short-term tactical programmes (Palmer, 2004). The idea of the marketing mix is the same idea as when mixing a cake.

A baker will alter the proportions of ingredients in a cake depending on the type of cake we wishes to bake. The proportions in the marketing mix can be altered in the same way and differ from the product to product (Hodder Education, n.d). The marketing mix management paradigm has dominated marketing thought, research and practice (Grönroos, 1994), and "as a creator of differentiation" (Van Waterschoot, n.d) since it was introduced in 1940s. Kent (1986) refers to the 4Ps of the marketing mix as "the holy quadruple...of the marketing faith...written in tablets of stone". Marketing mix has been extremely influential in informing the development of both marketing theory and practise (Möller, 2006). The main reasons the marketing mix is a powerful concept are It makes marketing seem easy to handle, allows the separation of marketing from other activities of the firm and the delegation of marketing tasks to specialists; and - The components of the marketing mix can change a firm's competitive position (Grönroos, 1994). The marketing mix concept also has two important benefits. First, it is an important tool used to enable one to see that the marketing.

manager's job is, in a large part, a matter of trading off the benefits of one's competitive strengths in the marketing mix against the benefits of others. The second benefit of the marketing mix is that it helps to reveal another dimension of the marketing manager's job. All managers have to allocate available resources among various demands, and the marketing manager will in turn allocate these available resources among the various competitive devices of the marketing mix. In doing so, this will help to instil the marketing philosophy in the organisation (Low and Tan, 1995). However, Möller (2006) highlighted that the shortcomings of the 4Ps marketing mix framework, as the pillars of the traditional marketing managemen


Here we have to do compare of the marketing mix (Price, Product, Place, and Promotion) of three fast food company's McDonald, Pizza hut, and domino's on the basis of their Price, Product, Place, and Promotion.

Research methodology

Secondary data


The element of marketing mix is product, price, place, promotion.


The main purpose/object of the McDonald for product offering is that it offers a numerous amount of choice to their potential customer with sense of customer spending power & place i.e. they keep it in sense that how and where the consumer easily spend their money.

For knowing this McDonald go for market research and develop their product menu because, customer's wants changes time to time so, McDonald updates their product menu continuously in regard to customer prefences.

Product mix:-


McDonald charges for its product after detecting customer's perception. Now the time is turned to customer- centered from product centered. The customer perception about low price is that low price of a product is due to of its compromised quality.

A more thing about price reduction is to gain/achieve cost leader it mean that profit has been reduced without increasing the sales.


The promotions element of the marketing mix covers all types of marketing communications. One of the methods employed is advertising, sometimes known as 'above the line' activity. Advertising is conducted on TV, radio, in cinema, online, using poster sites and in the press for example in newspapers and magazines.


Place as an element of the marketing mix is not just about the physical location or distribution points for products . it encompaases the management of a range of processes involved in bringing products to the end consumer.


Marketing Mix - 4 P's of Marketing:

Marketing includes the planning and the implementation of the marketing mix. The marketing mix which is also called the 4 P's of marketing represents almost all the steps that are involved in the marketing process. 4 P's of marketing represent product, price, place and promotion.


The domino's brand adds value to the products which is available in their store. That is in quality and hygieneble pizzas and time to time company has develope the plan for the company or franchisees by the training of employees. and domino's has always take innovative for new products and ideas some are given below-

  • Virtual Store:
  • Domino's has designed the online services in which customer can order their favoraute pizza by text massage through mobile phone and order can be placed through online . By this service the customer can order their product by phone or e-mail and they can payment either by debit/credit card or at the time of delivery.

  • Domino's Heat wave Bag:

Domino's has introduced a new technology "heat wave hot bag" in 1998. It contain a heating mechanism that is warmed by using electromagnetic energy . this technology helps to keep heat the pizza during the delivery time. The outer material of the bag is completed with water-repellent nylon rather than the vinyl material that was previously used. The bag also contains a 3M thinsulate insulation, this helps in eliminating the unwanted moisture and keeps the pizza both hot and crispy.


Domino's follows a pricing policy that is determined based on the economy of the country. The pricing policy of Domino's gives a competitive advantage to the company over its competitors. The price discounts available to the customers are used as a tool to attract customers into the store. Domino's also follows seasonal pricing in order to attract customers and to keep an edge over its competitors. The company also has special discounts on bulk purchases.

Place :

The domino's has 220 outlets across the country which has covered 42 cities of country. The Domino's stores are centrally located and in a manner convenient for the people to walk in and also convenient for the deliverers to do their job. The distribution channel followed by the company is mostly through take aways, telephone ordering, SMS and online ordering. The pizzas are delivered by way of scooters at their door step. In order to maintain the quality of the pizzas, they are carried in a heat wave bag so that they can deliver hot and tasty pizzas to their customers.


Domino's has advertise their product by different via like tele-vision, cinema, newspaper Domino's Brand Positioning of "Khushiyon ki Home Delivery" (Happiness Home delivered) is the emotional benefit company offer to their own consumers. All their efforts, whether it is a new innovative and delicious product, offering consumers value for money offerings, great service, country wide presence or delivery in 30 minutes or free are all oriented towards delivering happiness to the homes of own consumers.

The company has provided another services in which Consumers can order their pizzas by calling the single Happiness Hotline number 1800-111-123 (in most cities of Domino's Pizza's Presence) and 44448888 (in NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore)



Marketing mix -4ps means Product, Price, Promotion and Place


Pizza Hut has built a brand name that means quality products and service and. it has a large number of product and Pizza hut has to launch a new product that is the extreme is a twenty inch pizza with twice as much cheese and toppings as pizza hut's other pizzas. And the new pizza will have much different competitive advantage. One of the advantages is extreme is the largest pizza in the market. Because, no any company has launched the twenty inch pizza in the market and the second is the cheese which is more than other pizza. By this product the company want introduce it as a brand name means whenever name come extreme customer can automatically think it is a high quality service.


In the past time pizza hut has used the strategy high/low pricing strategy but pizza hut has use the coupon system in which price are charged lower than its competitors and pizza hut has used the bundle price strategy in which two products are given as compare to the one products charged.


Pizza hut has used the all types of promotion. But main promotion of the company is to used coupon system to purchase. And other way of to promote their own product, fliers on college campuses, by the e-mail and by the television commercial adds and by the campaign and it has promoted their own product by organize the high risk activity like- rock climbing and ads in magazines etc.


Pizza hut has 137 outlets which has covered 34 cities.



THE all three company has same product range which is mentioned in above table but the product quality of McDonalds is better than because it's 75% product has specifically designed as in regard of indian culture and customer and other way McDonald has Approxly twenty five product which is so large as compare to their competitior's product. Domino's has same catogry of product and pizza hut also same product but they has to launch new pizza product which make the compny as a superior in pizza as compare to their product.


The price of McDonald's product is lower than its competitor like pizza hut, Domino's as well as in above table it is mentioned the price of the burger & pizzas of McDonald's is to low because, McDonald charges for its product after detecting customer's perception. The customer perception about low price is that low price of a product is due to of its compromised quality. Domino's has focused all types of customer. And pizza hut has the focused on small towns.


McDonald has use all types of marketing communication like advertisement, campaigns Advertising Personal selling & sales force Sales promotions Public relations & publicity Marketing communications budget and Domino's has also use the all types of marketing factor to promote their own product but pizza hut has used along with all factor some other strategy to promote their own product that is they make the strategy coupon system and campaign maximum college and promote various type of activity like- rock climbing and ads in magazines etc.

Place Factor:-

By the above table it is cleared the McDonald has 132 outlet which is covered 34 cities of country and Pizza hut has 137 outlets which is covered 34 cities of the country and Domino's has 220 outlets which is covered 42 cities of the country.

The Domino's has maximum outlets as compare to their competitors McDonald and Pizza hut.


The study has few limitations. First limitation is that the sample size is too small to generalize the findings across and second limitation is all these companies are nearest competitor and their products are also same and they all are regularly updated their product and their price . and third limitation is we have not much time to study about the marketing mix these companies. Means we are not able to collect the primary data due to lacking of time.


After the study of all above things we got conclusion the marketing mix is the products decision means which product should be offered for sale and product's price , market where product To be sell and communication. All these decisions is the part of marketing mix. And marketing mix has four elements Price, Product, Promotion, Place.

And according to above data we can say the McDonald's product is to large as compare to their competitor and it's product quality is to good , and price is also low but Domino's has maximum outlet as compare to their competitor and lastly pizza hut has also same product's range as well as Domino's product range and it has taken order on phone and give delivery In 30 minutes. And if they fail to reach

Under 30 minutes they gave product without any cost this is it's strategy which is different to their competitor and lastly we can say the McDonald is market leader.


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