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There are many ways in which grammar has been approached and described throughout ages. Nowadays, the word 'grammar' is most frequently used to mean both syntax and morphology, or to put it in a different way, it is a set of rules that enables the users of a given language to put words together to convey the desired meaning.

For many users of language this term is troublesome, therefore it needed distinguishing between knowing grammar and the knowledge about grammar. Everybody capable of reading and understanding these words has some knowledge of the English grammar as a system that enables to create and interpret intelligible sentences. To know grammar means to be able to use a given language. Knowledge about grammar is what people usually gain during the process of learning a foreign language - the ability to discuss some peculiarities of the system of language and ability to describe the rules involved in building sentences. It is a fact that many native speakers feel incompetent to discuss their mother tongue when it comes to issues such as why one phrase is correct and the other is not, as when we acquire a mother tongue we gain the knowledge of patterns of language implicitly.


The Old English language was used in parts of the British isles till the end of the eleventh century. As it was a very tempestuous period of time characterized by numerous wars and invasions the language at that time undergone various changes and was influenced by several other tongues. The facts that Old English used a runic alphabet and that there are not many clear inscriptions which could be analyzed make it difficult for linguists to describe that period of the history of language with certainty. However, there are many findings by and large accepted as conclusive.


It's a lot of definitions what is a Standard English but we can separate a five characteristic and essential opinion:

Standard English is a part of Variety of English because some people call them as a dialect

If we look at the definition from linguistic side we can tell that SE is a grammar, vocabulary, and orthography but is not a pronunciation because everyone speak with different accents (different way of speaking)

People choose concepts and ways which they prefer to speak. It is become for them a kind of Standard English.

The adults members of community recommended to other to use "prestige" standard English, because they consider that it is a desirable educational target used by leading institutions like a government or media.

Mostly people use a not standard English, they use them just when is a special situation or in "BBC English" ect, more often they use a regional English or regional with standard English.

Variety of English - because of English language during years was developing , on a different parts of world, peoples made their own variety of English. For example in British colony peoples speak with mixed native-english languages; in a different part of England isles peoples speak with different dialect ect.

Part II

My presentation is about my own variety of English. I would like to show comparison of Jamaican English with standard English. I use in my presentation lyrics from song of Jamaican singer Damian Marley to show that this kind of variety is used by not just artists but also Jamaican community.

On my first slide I explain what is a Jamaican English and where does it come from. It is come from Jamaica and is used by educated part of Jamaican society.

Next slide is a part of lyrics from song (as I wrote on the top) on the right side of this slide I wrote a characteristics words for Jamaican peoples, few of them I could not explain probably because of slang words, or I could not find them on the Jamaican-English dictionary.

4th slide is about pronunciation. I put to the small tables to make it easy to compare with standard English. I put some examples as well.

Next slide is about vocabulary. It is a short piece of text which show that Jamaican English have also loanword not just from English but from Spanish and African languages.

After that we are on the slide 7th which show few examples of Jamaican English phrases. It is very funny and interesting think.

And the next really important and the most funny part of the presentation is next to last slide. It is song of Damian Marley I use this song because I want to show how is a pronunciation and way of speaking Jamaican peoples. In this song we can hear how they spell words and their characteristic accent.

And the final slide is a short summarize of all presentation.