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Piles also known as hemorrhoids are a mass of dilated veins and swollen tissues, at the outer end of the anus or nearby, within the rectum. Whether dry or bleeding, piles can be both discomforting and painful.

Some of the probable reasons and causes behind the occurrence of piles are listed below:

Constipation for a prolonged period can cause varicosity of the veins, due to tremendous pressure on the rectum.

Sitting for too long on the pot and straining the anal region.

Obesity is one of the cardinal factors for occurrence of piles, especially fat accumulated in the area of lower abdomen.

Any perceptible effort or pressure on the rectal area can cause piles such as prolonged laborious cough.

However, not to fret, natural remedies are there to cure piles. They can be prepared at home to keep piles at bay. The following natural homemade remedies will certainly prove helpful.

Add some powdered black mustard to a bowl full of yogurt. Have this blended mixture followed by drinking a glass of buttermilk. One of the most useful treatments to cure piles.

In a bowl of water, add peels of pomegranate and bring it to boil. Have it once in the morning and once in the evening.

Buttermilk made of cow's milk added with ginger, rocksalt and peppercorns gives you a mixture that helps reduce the pain instantly.

Especially for bleeding piles, there is one natural treatment that can be prepared at home. Again grind some black mustard and add this to goat's milk with sugar and have it every morning.

Another soothing remedy for the bleeding trouble is put some flowers of tamarind and pomegranate juice and mix them into a bowl of yogurt. Take it in the lunch time.

Radish is also an excellent healer. Grate some white radish and get the juice extracted. Mix this carefully with honey apply this homemade emollient on the affected areas to get relief and a soothing effect. Instead or apart from honey, you can also apply milk to it to get equally pacifying effect.

Also, dietary habits are essential to keep check on to heal piles.

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Liven up your living space with a leather couch

An aesthetic appeal coupled with multi-faceted functions, today's contemporary utility furnitures have gained an extra edge. Contemporary design with polished finishing and compatible with one's lifestyle, leather couches have gained popularity among home interiors. You will be puzzled to choose from varied collection of leather couches available at furnishing stores.

Liven up your living space with a brown leather couch against contrast coloured picture frames on the wall and a carpet on the floor that complements the effect.

Try something new by bringing in a white leather sofa and add a touch of elegance to your living area. Gives a peaceful effect and looks pristine. For the maintenance and to remain the beauty that it is, all it needs is your care at it's bountiful best.

If you want to bring home the wild touch, a stone wood leather will be a nice option to explore. Complement it with wooden tables to draw the attention.

With burgundy colored leather couch, your living space will be livened up with serenity and modernity. It adds glamour to the entire feel.

Leather couches have always been popular for it's ethnicity and longevity and the colour schemes for selecting leather couches were restricted to monotone for a period of time until interior designing stores came up with different patterns and colour trends. Apart from conventional browns and blacks, muted colour palettes like whites, creams and beiges also come into picture. Neutral earthy tones including natural soft browns and taupes might sound a little monotonous but great in giving impact on the overall feeling of your living room. You always have the liberty and advantage to play the downsides of bland colours by sprucing it up with different furnishing accessories and curtains to go. A mix of leather and wood balances the contemporary look with traditional touch. The texture of wooden polish and that of the leather reflects light and produces brightness that distributes in your entire living room. As rightly it's termed, it livens up. Leather couches with some fascinating designs are waiting for you to your nearest store. So grab one and spice up your living room as well as your lifestyle.

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How to remove food stains from laundry

Removing food stains can be really messy at times. Here is some modus operandi to get rid of stains from clothing. Follow these instructions to learn how.

Step 1

When food or drink gets spilled on your clothes, do not try to rub the stain otherwise it will spread all over making matter even worse. Instead try and blot the stain to prevent from spreading all over. To avoid stains of sauces, turn the stained cloth upside down and blot it over a napkin. It will be easier this way.

Step 2

Rush to the washroom or to the nearest watertap and rinse it with running water. Do not ever let it dry otherwise the stain will successfully leave mark on your clothing which will be difficult to remove later. So the sooner you rinse the stain off, the better your chances of getting rid of it. Rinse with cold water.

Step 3

Use a little bit of hand soap and rub it gently on the stained spot. Hold the fabric with both hands and scrub the fibres on the stained area by folding the fabric. This works well when you are out dining at a restaurant for that matter. Rinse with water a couple of times till it fades out.

Step 4

It's wise to get hold of a stain stick so that it becomes handy. All of us should get a stain stick by the help of which the stain can be removed quite easily. Apply on the spot and rinse. Other than that, laundry detergent is there to solve the problem. Rinse the stain with bit of detergent and you are out stain.

Step 5

Another way of removing stain that too naturally is by using lemons. Lemons act as a bleaching agent when it comes to stain removal. Rub off a bit and rinse it as usual. It will help reduce the stains quite effectively.

Step 6

For adamant stains that are produced by wine, juices of grapes or sauces it is always advisable to repeat the rinsing process. Finally the last thing you can do is to send all the clothings to laundry for a thorough wash.

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How to make your lip makeup to last longer

Most lipstick brands have come up with products that stay longer on your lips without

constant reapplying. However if you don't possess such long-stay lip makeup, here are some suggestions and methods to make them stay on your lips longer than usual.

Dead skin cell exfoliation

Before applying lipstick you should always exfoliate the dead skin cells first so that while applying lipstick it gets a smoother look and your lips do not seem cracked. Wipe or swab your lips with piece of cotton fabric to exfoliate. This way you help your lip makeup to stay longer and does not come off soon.

Use of powder

To prevent smudging, dab a bit of powder on a sponge and apply it on your lips. This is the basic foundation and one of the best tricks to help your lipstick last longer and keep in place.

Apply a lip liner

Applying a lip-liner will be effective to come out of the problem as it does not only outline those lips but also plays an important role for the lipstick to stay on. It is important to pick right lip-liner that goes with the lipstick you are wearing. Buying the same brand as that of lipstick would be advisable. Since lip-liners are usually dry because of the material it's made of as compared to the lipstick, the lip makeup does not get smudged. Hence, simply apply lip-liner before applying lipstick and help the makeup to last longer.

Strategy of applying lipstick correctly

Get a tissue paper and place it between your lips after applying one coat of lipstick. Once excess lipstick is removed, go for the second coat. This double coating results into a long lasting lip makeup.

Sticking to the quality products

Do not get carried away by the cheaper products as it can cost you dearly later on. Always look for branded stuff and it's quality no matter how a little expensive that can be. But in the long run the branded products will save you more as they do not compromise on quality ensuring your skin to be safe. These products satisfy you with their longevity and also last longer.

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How to apply mascara

Follow simple tricks to apply mascara in the right manner and flaunt those eyelashes.

Move the mascara brush by moving gently to and fro at the base of lashes. Pull the brush up through the lashes in the same wiggling manner. The lashes are separated and it widens up. After applying close your eyes, smoothen out the ends of your lashes by running the mascara brush through them ensuring no clumps are formed.

A disposable mascara wand also known as spoolie is best to use widely available at beauty stores. Make sure you clean the clumps from your mascara wand so that the next time you use the wand to apply makeup, it doesn't get too fussy.

Makeup experts follow a mystery trick to make those lashes unusually thicker and longer simply because they apply one coat of thickening mascara and then a coat of lengthening mascara and here's how you get a pop-out effect.

Eyelash curler is a must to make the lashes bigger and brighter. It gives the appearance of wider eyes. Blowdry those lashes just after applying mascara and dry it up for few seconds and then roll the curler on. Various eyelash curlers are available in the market.

Give ends of the lashes an extra coat again for the wider effect.

Do not forget to powder the base of your eye so that it doesn't get in touch with the creamy products used on the face and doesn't get smudged.

If you are not comfortable applying mascara on the bottom lashes and you tend to go messy, you can only play with the upper lashes.

Use mascara primer as it helps your lashes to separate from each other giving the more emphasized look. If you are in a hurry, avoid primer. However when you are heading for parties and on those special occasions when you need to look your best, follow all the methods step by step. Coloured mascaras are also in fashion. So don't stop yourself from experimenting with different colours matching your outfit.

Now you have all the information to kill with your perfect eye makeup.

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How to curl and lengthen your lashes

If you wish to change something about your appearance to look better, the shortcut to it is definitely by having longer eyelashes and you can easily achieve it by following certain makeup rules.

What you need to start

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline, an eyelash curler and a good branded mascara. Keep a blow-dryer and olive oil aside and use when it's needed.

The process and the instructions

Step 1 : It is very important to moisturize your eyelashes every night before you go to bed. We need to pay attention to this and this should be our daily routine. Simply take a bit of petroleum jelly and rub it between your fingers and gently apply to your lashes. If you don't have petroleum jelly, olive oil also works wonder in developing your lashes and prevents breaking. Makes it softer and fuller with regular use.

Step 2: Place your eyelash curler under the blow-dryer for few seconds and make it warm. After that carefully get hold of your eyelashes and curl. Hold that for sometime to get the maximum result.

Step 3 : Apply mascara and make sure it's of best quality. Once you are done with the curling, apply a coat first. Leave it to dry and and apply again. This will help your lashes to appear fuller and longer.

Useful tips

To add more length to your lashes, try and apply the mascara wand by wiggling it to individual lashes. This will result into bigger lashes and your lashes look longer.

You can experiment with different dramatic colours that are available at the stores, But the trick to gain lengthier lashes is by applying black mascara. The effect that can be brought out by black mascara, cannot be gained from other colours. So it's better to stick to the conventional and very original black colour.

While using petroleum jelly, take small amount initially to ensure that you do not have reactions or side effects.

Now you don't have to depend on those false eyelashes or artificial quick fixes to have long eyelashes. Go through the instructions and there you are flaunting those beautiful long lashes.

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Learn the art of applying nail paints

Nail art is quite an innovation and adds glamour to your look .It can tell a lot about you and your lifestyle and an amazing way to draw people's attention. Well manicured nails with nice paints on it make you stand out from the crowd. Nail art is definitely a popular fashion statement and women of different ages are flaunting various patterns on their nails. Take a look and learn the art by applying nail paints.

How to make nail art

Let us start by simply making a flower on your nails. It's challenging sometimes but gives vent to your creativity. The more you are creative, the more you can do a lot with nail art. First off, remove any nail polish that is left on your nail with the help of a cotton soaked in nail polish remover. Invest in a high-quality remover so that it can remove the nail polish at one go and your nails do not get chipped because of the bad quality. Once you clean the polish, give shape to your nail the way you want with a nail filer available in market. The next step is coat your nail with a base coat. Find a toothpick and dip it in your nail polish of a colour that you want and make a dot on your nail. Around that dot make several dots using another colour of nail polish. In this way you can design a tiny flower on your nail. Leave it to dry and then coat the top again to make it look smooth and shiny and you are done. Like this, you can make unlimited patterns and designs out of your creativity. You can make dots, lines, brush it half, draw just about everything you want. Glitters are fascinating when it comes to nail art. Use glitters the right way to make it look even more attractive. Always run your nails under water after painting. This will help smoothen out any bumps on your nails without ruining your coat or paint. If your nails are prone to breaking, use some nail hardening fluid and apply it before applying nail polish. This will make your nails strong and beautiful after having applied the paint.

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How to prevent nail polish from chipping

You need to abide by certain rules while applying nailpolish otherwise it can get chipped. Some specific techniques of application are there to avoid the problem. You need to remember three basic stuff while applying nailpaints which are base coat, nail paint and top coat. The purpose of base coat is that it provides a smoother and even base. And not to forget it also prevents nail polish from chipping. You can use ridge filling base coats as well. On the other hand top coat basically protects the nail finish and prevents it from smudging and hence the nail colour lasts longer too.

Some important instructions to prevent nail polish from chipping

You need to remove the existing nail colour properly with the help of a cotton soaked in a high quality nailpolish remover. Make sure no stain of nail colour is left.

With the help of a nail filer, give shape to your nails the way you want.

Take a vessel of luke warm water and dip your hands into it.

After that wipe your hands with a piece of cloth and apply moisturizer all over your hands.

The next step is push the cuticles back with a hoof stick. Use the hoof stick to clean the dirts under your nails. To do it, simply use the end of the stick and scrape back and forth to make all the dirt come out.

Apply base coat for the smoother application. When dried up, shake the nail colour bottle before use and apply it by stroking it first in the centre of the nail. The direction of stroking should be from the cuticle end to the tip of the nail. Repeat the same on the sides.

Wait for few seconds till it dries and then apply the top coat. Avoid the application to be thick or uneven or it will get smudged. You have the liberty to apply top coat every now and then to add shine and make the nail colour last longer.

Next step is the finishing touch. Clean the sides of your nails and fingers if any colour is remained by chance.

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6 best tips to get a perfect hourglass figure

A perfect hourglass figure is a much sought after by all the women in the world as it's considered to be the epitome of beauty. If you have longed for that perfect figure, here are some interesting ideas and 6 best tips to attain that shape. Read on the following.

How to get an hourglass figure

In an hourglass figure, the measurements of hips and the bust are the same and the length of the waist should in proportion as in an hourglass. It should be about seventy five percent of either the bust or the hip size. The waist can be lesser but not more. Talking about getting an hourglass figure, a lot goes into clever clothing. Do not fret if you haven't born with a perfect body shape. You can actually accentuate your bust size with padded bras that help lift your breasts giving them much fuller look. Similarly if you want to reduce your breast size if it's too heavy, that kind of bra is also available. To make waist appear smaller, go for corset styled tops or high waisted fitted garments.

Exercise is a cardinal factor in building the perfect shape of your body. Exercise of any form be it yoga, asanas, doing household chores, cycling or swimming or doing cardio training at gym helps you immensely. It certainly works out. So get into the habbit of exercising on a regular basis. Stay fit and stay picture perfect.

Among all the other exercises, cardiovascular exercises are the best to remove fat from your stomach, love handles and from hips and waist as well.

You must do one of these-aerobics, cycling, running, dancing, swimming, playing, hiking.

Combine your workout regime with body toning exercises such as sit-ups, crunches etc.

Most importantly diet is what you need to focus on. Look what you eat. It goes a long way to help you achieve the figure you want. Stick to low fat diet and avoid fatty food and junk food. Junk food can be mouth-watering but have all the fatty elements to make you look obese. Go for a dietician and get a proper diet chart.

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How to conceal scars and blemishes with makeup

Scars and blemishes are no more a problem today as they can be easily hidden under makeup and make your face look as if they were not even there. People who are prone to such scars and acne should moisturize their face with oil free products. Conceal those blemishes with the help of a concealer available in the market but buy one that is again oil free and almost the same shade of your skin colour.

Pick up a concealer brush with synthetic bristles ideal for creamy concealers. Dab it on the pimple or the spots and then blend the edges of the applied concealer evenly into the makeup. Do not rub it too much unless you want your flaws to come out again. After having applied a concealer, dab a little bit of translucent powder all over your face. This will keep the makeup in place.

If you are looking forward to hiding those dark circles of yours, here is the solution. Firstly, apply an eye cream around your eyes to smoothen out the surface. In a way, concealer when applied will stick better. With the help of your fingers, gently dab the concealer around the areas of dark circles. You can also use sponge for the dabbing process. Don't neglect the corner of your eyes. The next step is apply a high quality foundation and fix it with some loose powder.

Do not try to overshadow your face by using excessive concealer or foundation as this will only make you caked which can be worse than usual. Try to keep it natural by using right proportion of makeup.

If you are having problem with nasty breakouts, then you should always opt for water based makeup.

To conceal those fine lines, settle for a concealer in pencil form or use the regular kind with the brush with synthetic bristles.

In the end, any kind of skin imperfection namely age spots, scars, bruises, pimples, acne or freckles to be hidden, there is one cream called Babor Coverderm which works like magic in concealing those. This product is both water proof and smudge proof.