Movies Are Popular Among Teenagers English Language Essay

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Nowadays, movies in some ways affect people lifestyles especially teenagers. Movies are popular among teenagers. Most of the teenagers are influence by the movies and addicted to some illegal activities. This is one of the major problem faces by our country because of the teenager's behavior. Movies are one of the most entertainments in today world. So that, a question given to me to conduct a survey among movie goers to find out their views on the influence of the cinema on youths today.

2.0 Small introduce about movie

Watching movies increase rapidly. Most of the people addicted to watch movie in cinema, especially teenagers. There are so many advantages and disadvantages about watching movies. The productions spend billions of money to produce and direct a new movie.

2.1.1 Influence of Cinema on Youths today

Movie is well-known among teenagers. Movie affects teenagers in different kind of ways. One of the reasons for the popularity of the movie is that it entertains all types or people, young and old, literate and illiterate. Most of the teenagers watching movies are for relaxations. Sometimes, they feel stress, so that teenagers spending their time in watching movies in cinema. First, movie influence youth negatively and positively. This is because; teenagers will imitate their favourite actor and actress to follow exactly their styles such as, dressing styles, hair style, character of the actor or actress act in the movie, language and so on. Movies affect teenagers in their attitude. Teenagers watch too much movies and its influence their attitude change. They might admire the character, their thoughts, or idea's. They decide to do the same as them.

Does movie contain any moral? For this question, most of the people answer is "neutral". This is because; some of the movie contains moral value, but some movie does not contain moral value. Most of the movie is about love stories. Love stories make the teenagers mind change and they will follow exactly what the actor or actress act in the movie. Watching movie in cinema affect interacting with family? Most of the people strongly agree for this question. This is because, if teenagers addicted to watching movie in theater, they will forget to back home. Most of time, they will be at Cinema, so that it will affect the beautiful relationship between parents and children. It also will affect teenagers to influence in bad habits.

Besides, cinema influence in youths culture? Most of the people agree for this question. This is because, teenagers watch movie and follow others such as foreign culture. They forget about their own culture and the important of the culture. Teenagers will follow exactly foreign culture such as, wear ring at eyebrow, tongue, mouth and so on. They thought it's beautiful and stylish but actually it's really dangerous for health. If we didn't take care well, we will get serious sick such as mouth cancer and sometimes will cause death. Teenagers have to be careful and should not follow others even though it is attractive.

Besides, violence in the movie affects teenagers' minds? Based on my survey, some "agree" and some of them answer is "neutral". Violence in the movie affects teenagers to do the same. This is because, usually in movie, they will do illegal activities such as smuggling, robbery, drinking, smoking, taking drugs and so on. In a movie, they act but it looks exactly real. So that teenagers get interest and involve in negative activities such as I mention before. Finally, watching movies is simply for the pleasure. Teenagers can watch movie but do not follow or imitate exactly what happen in the movie. Be smart in watching movies, take the good things and throw away bad things.

2.1.2 Conclusion

For the question 1, I prepare a questionnaire and distribute to people according to age and ask their opinion that does movie influence on today youths. Based on my survey, most of the people agree that movie influence on youths today. Questionnaire is a list of a research or survey questions asked to respondents. Questionnaire is easy to design and distribute to people. Watching movie is just for entertainment so that, teenagers can watch movie but do not exactly imitate the character.

3.0 Introduction to question 2

Should teaching Mathematics and Science in English? Teaching Science and Mathematics in English help students to increase their extra knowledge. Learning in Science and Mathematics in English can prepare us to face challenges in this globalization era. I had been given a question; write a letter to Prime Minister to convince him support my stand on Teaching Science and Mathematics in English. So that, in my letter I write:

1. Advantages of teaching Mathematics and Science in English

2. The standard of education level increase

3. My personal conclusion "teaching Mathematics and Science in English give benefits"

3.1 Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English (write letter to Prime Minister)

Nalini Devi A/P Segar

No, 59 Persiaran Permai,

Taman Permai,

Bemban Baru,

31000, Batu Gajah,

Perak Darul Ridzuan.


Honorable Prime Minister

Jabatan Perdana Menteri,

Putrajaya. 28th October 2012


Dear Sir,

Teaching Mathematics and Science in English

Mathematics and Science are core subject which in every country including Malaysia. As concern youth of the loving nation, pertaining to the above subject, I would love and agree Mathematics and Science to be taught in English language.

2. English as an international language would have greater impact on our student to master English language as well if both subjects taught in English. This will not jeopardize our National Language since other subjects like Moral, Sejarah and Bahasa Malaysia still being taught in our National language. In class, teachers still can explain the mathematic theory or science mechanism in Malay even though English is the medium for the subject in order to enhance students understanding in both languages.

3. The standard of our education level in increase on par with international syllabus, once they have pursued their further studies at overseas. Concepts taught at Malaysian School level are still applicable for their higher studies. English language has been used as communication medium in every conference regarding Mathematics and Science at international level. So the participation of our own Malaysian students at international level is seen as good platform if we do continue our Mathematics and Science in English.

4. Furthermore, we will have most of our students are well verse in English language and the steps taken to master English by our own government will be successful. Our Nation will be sought after by many Multinational Companies (MNC) to employ Malaysian citizens and invest in Malaysia which will help the growth to Malaysian economics. This will also help Malaysians earning per capita to increase and eradicate poverty.

5. Last but not least, teaching Mathematics and Science in English will get more benefits. We will able to preserve our National language and master language as well.

Thank you





3.1.1 Conclusion

As a conclusion, teaching science and mathematics in English will give more benefits. The purpose of teaching Science and Mathematics in English is to enable students to acquire proficiency in English while learning the content. The main purpose of study Science and mathematics in English is to improve the English language. Other than that, we have to use English in the education system, so that our English language, grammar will become more professional.

4.0 Conclusion and recommendations

Finally, I had been done my entire question successfully. While doing this assignment, I gain much extra knowledge and learn many things. For the first question, I had done my survey. Through the survey, I learn a lot about people opinion towards my question. Questionnaire is really a simple way to distribute to people and ask about their opinion.