Moon and our behavior

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How Does the Moon Affect Our Behavior?

Did you know that the moon may affect our behavior in a certain way? People have lots of mood changing and there will be weird events in the streets. There are many legends linked to the moon like the werewolves or vampires. It's not proven that the moon causes these effects on you, so don´t believe in this right away. The moon may cause an effect in some kind of people; these people are called “lunatic”.

In a day where there is full moon be careful, not all will be what it seems. When there is full moon robbers will steal, even if you don't realize. Killers will kill and there will be less psychiatric admissions. “Worldly wealth is the Devil's bait; and those whose minds feed upon riches recede, in general, from real happiness, in proportion as their stores increase, as the moon, when she is fullest, is farthest from the sun.”(Robert Burton1).Bad things don't usually happens when there is someone's observing “Eyes that don´t see heart that don´t feels” (Alexis and Fido). This quote says also that those who fill their hearts with riches and their heart are only full when they are millionaire will be the devil's trap. This quote has a double meaning the first one is the part that the hate happens when there is full moon. The other one is that when no one is seeing lots of bad stuff can happen but no one realizes.

There are many legends linked to full moon ever since long time ago. From werewolves, who were humans and were bitten by another werewolf, they become wolves every full moon. The vampires who were bitted by another and they can only live during the night. The werewolves and vampires have similar legends even though technically in their legends they are enemies. The legends difference is that the werewolves are normal humans until they become wolves during full moon and the vampires don´t live until night and they feed of blood.

It is not proven some things about full moon, and some facts about full moon are proven. "With the constant media repetition of an association between the full moon and human behavior it is not surprising that such beliefs are widespread in the general public" (Kelly et al. 1996).There are some things that are proven like for example that people that change of mood with the moon are called lunatic and that there is a moon ring to determine how your mood is. There are some things that are not proven like if criminality is grater when there is full moon, and some things that have like a twist, because the part of werewolves and the vampires the legend was invented because there is a sickness called Porphyria.

“Porphyria comes from the Greek word "porphyrus", meaning purple. Porphyria is a genetic and metabolic disorder that effects both sexes and all races, but mainly Slavs and Anglos. (Metabolic disorders affect the body chemistry). Excess porphyrin causes photosensitivity, in which a person is oversensitive to sunlight. This occurs because when porphyrins are exposed to light and oxygen they generate a charged, unstable form of oxygen that can damage the skin. Nerve damage, pain and even paralysis occurs in some porphyrias.

Porphyria can be divided into two groups, the hepatic which involves the liver and the erythropoietic which involves the bone marrow and the blood. It can also be grouped into smaller groups. Hepatic porphyria comes from excess porphyrins in the liver and other enzyme deficiencies. Erythropoietic porphyria stems from the over production of porphyrins in the bone marrow and the blood cells and causes photosensitivity. Cuntaneous porphyria affects the skin, causing skin fragility such as blistering and cracking. Acute porphyria involves the nervous system and can lead to hallucinations, lunacy and paralysis”. (

That is the reason why people think that vampires and werewolves exist. There is that simple explanation why people think those supernatural creatures exist and that means that those legends are just to entertain people.

Those are some reasons why some people think that weird stuff about the moon exist. People sometimes misunderstand things and sometimes they mix stuff up or they confuse things. Sometimes the moon legends can be true like the lunatic stuff, but that doesn't mean that they are going to become wolves or psychopathic. The Phorphyria people shouldn´t be discriminated or have their own bad legend. Not all people belive in this legends but the ones who does strongly believe in it.


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