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Business communication is a business that promotes a product and service. Communication is the process of the exchange of information between a sender and a receiver through a medium channel which results in share feedback. Speaking, visual images, writing and body language are the most common way to communicate. In communication have 5 steps to process correctly. First, the sender has an ideas, the message will be planned, organized and sent out. Second, the message will be sent through a medium channel. Lastly, the receiver reacts to the message, the effective communication results will be in shared feedback.

Answer of Question 1a

My dream job is become a great archaeologist in the world. I know that the way to become a great archaeologist is very tough because it is an adventure jobs, they need to explore some place/ thing that is very strange and weird. In this world, we have a lot of different type of archaeologist such as landscape, environment, underwater, forensic, ethno archaeology, aviation, and so on. For me, I hope to be an underwater archaeologist, I believe that there is still a lot of mystery under the sea. An underwater excavation may be a little risky at times because we cannot guess what the condition under the sea would like. However, it still makes me feel exciting.

Knowledge is very important in their journey. To become a professional adventurer, we have to gain more general knowledge, normally we call as common sense. We don't know what will happen in our adventure journey, so we have to learn the survival skill that can make us survive in any situation. Beside the survival skills, an archaeologist is the one who is engaged evaluation of the human cultures of the past. An archaeologist is a job that hunts for the remains of ancient civilizations, they dive for the things that belonged to the people hundreds or thousands of years ago. So, they can use these clues to try to find out what ancient people were like. That's why they need to understand the history and culture of the ancient people. Archaeologist must also be proficient in physics, mathematics, construction planning and the like.

The main requirements of a successful person are be a good planner. They can't simply begin diving without some kind of layout and grid system for documentation and reference. To become a great archaeologist, they must lead a group of staffers dive at an excavation site, so they have to know the skill of measure people's ability and the minds of human behavior.

Attitude is one of the major reasons that can make me to become a great archaeologist. I believe that patient can lead me to the path of success. No matter we are diving or digging, we should be patient because it is dangerous if we do it quickly. For example, the cave will collapse accidently. Don underestimate the water pressure, water pressure is a pressure that exerted by the water, is similar with the air pressure. It can kill people easily under the sea. Be patient in diving and excavate the object is the most important thing that can reduce the risk. Curious is one of the main attitude that archaeologist must have, they must feel curious about the sea, and piece all the logically information together from the findings. An archaeologist must have a good practical skill to excavate carefully and handle the delicate object carefully.

Physical stamina is very important for the archaeologist, so that we can work in all weather conditions.

For the purpose of convenience, license is very useful. Example like driving license, diving license, motor license, and so on. Diving license is the most basic thing to become an underwater archaeologist, without it, you won't be able to dive in the sea.

To complete my career, personnel are also one of the major causes. Firstly, lecturer is the most important person to lead me to become a great archaeologist, without him/her, I won't gain my knowledge about the sea at all, I will not get the license for diving, I don't even know the details of archaeologist, and I can even know I feel interested at underwater. For me, lecturer is like our parent, they give us all their knowledge and they are not asking for anything. So, we must respect them like how we respect our parents. Secondly, worker can help us to get a higher level in our career. As a business man say, worker is our wealth, without them, we can't even do a normal excavation operation. To start an excavation, we need to have a full plan, they have to discuss together with the worker, so that they can process the excavation successfully. Thirdly, teaching the student that can make us memorize the step of excavation hardly, so that never thinks that teaching is useless. A lot of professor teaching their student how to become an archaeologist and will bring them to the excavation site to do the practical, so they can do the practicing under the sea too.

Actually, partner is the one that can protect the life of the archaeologist. Partner should help each other in any situation, so that they can reduce the risk in their excavation.

The list of question that I would ask these people:

For lecturer

Can you teach me everything that you know?

May I participate in your noble excavation operation?

For worker

Can you be my assistant conscientious?

Are you really felt interested to become an archaeologist?

For student

Are you ready for the toughest program training?

Are you really felt interested to become an archaeologist?

For partner

Are you agree about this operation, will it be high risky?

Will this operation be ok for all of us?

Definition of Question 2

Conflict is an argument or seriously disagreement. Conflict may cause from power struggles at all level from individuals to nations. Normally, we will get into conflict when our privacy is threatened or our needs are not met. Sometimes, conflict might lead us to get greater benefit or great costs, but it will causes danger or opportunity. There is a lot of reason that will cause conflict, such as misunderstanding, personality clashes, competition for resources, authority issues, lack of cooperation, differences over methods or style, low performance, and value differences. Conflict will be destructive when they are polarizes the group, so the cooperation is reduced and destroys the morale of people to reinforces poor self, diverts energy from more important issues and tasks

Answer of Question 2

Conflict is happen all the time in our life, including me. In recently, I just quarrel with my eldest brother, I have a conflict with him is because of his attitude. He has his own family and he is already 26 years old, but his cogitation is only 3 years old in my mind. Some more he has a children and a wife, but he still don't want to work properly, absent anytime he like and without a proper reason. He still thinks that he is right at all, his wife has divorced with him and yet he still don't want to introspection himself. Actually, I have a conflict with him not because of his family, is the way that he communicate with my parent. My parent has paid everything for him, such as my brother's children living cost and his divorce fees. I firmly believe that if he doesn't have a parent like a cash machine, he can't even pay for his own living fees.

In my eyes, my parent is perfect for me, they gave me life and raise me becomes an adult. What I can do is protect them do not charge from any harm, although that is my brother.

I confirm that he won't agree about the primary source between me and him, because he only cares about his own life, he don't even care about his own children, play computer game in anytime. Although my father want to buy a car for him, he still want to feel dislike and choose another car more suitable for him. He can't even pay for a secondhand proton kancil for himself and yet still want to talk so much nonsense. He argue with my parents is because of he feel that my parent not care about him, only self- contained people will think like that. In this world, no parents will hate their own child, they will try to take the best thing to them. My brother will never understand how my parents feel, when he is talking so rude to them.

For the secondary resources, is the way that he communicate, he talking with a rude way and speak bad words anytime with us. I believe that nobody like the way that people talk with us with using a very rude way in this world. I very hate those people speaking with a bad word, they thought that they are very smart and attractive, they don't even know that those person looking at him is using a very discrimination way to look at them. How to learn a good communicate skill is very important for me, I very appreciate that I have the capability to learn a good communicate skill in my college life, so that I can upgrade the way that I talk with other and be a polite person in other people's mind. Be a people of upper class society/ high society, the most important thing is our etiquette. Etiquette is included communication skill, dress code, habit and attitude. For me, I very appreciate that what I have and own, so I hope that, in the future, my brother can notice it and regret what he did is wrong now.

How to solve this conflict between me and my brother? If he doesn't want to change the way that he communicate, he will not be a successful person in the rest of his life. For the advice, he should learn how to be a good speaker and improve his temper and etiquette.

For me, I will learn how to increase my EQ and reduce my temper. No matter what he did, he is my brother, I should learn how to be patience with him, shouldn't have to argue with him and have a seriously conflict.

Conclusion of Question 1

To achieve our dream job, we need to improve and gain our knowledge. For example, if you want to become a lawyer, you have to improve your knowledge about the law, learn how to communicate and improve your eloquence in court, so you can be a famous lawyer in the future. To achieve our dream job, find out and identity the people around us who can help us to get closer to our dream jobs is very important. Anyway, dream job is not a dream for us, if we work harder and harder. One day, we will achieve it proudly.

Conclusion for Question 2

Conflict is happen around us all the time. For the suggestion, we should avoid it as far as we can. I will try to solve the conflict with my brother as fast as I can, I also hope that no more conflict in my family as well. Conflict will never disappear in the rest of our life, as long as we are human being. But we can reduce it, don't try to get conflict anytime with everyone. Be a human know how to control our temper is knowledge that we can't stop learning in our whole life.


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