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Massage therapy what is it exactly? Many people as we know it think that it is jus to relax the body, well in a way that kind of is true but what lots of people don't really know is the truth behind it. Massage therapy relives tension from the muscle, pain an increases flexibility and mobility, it also helps clear lactic acid and other wastes in witch reduce pain and stiffness in the muscle and joint in the human body.

Massage therapy began long ago with the intention to heal. Im not really sure who started it but stories have it that the Chinese, Egyptians started between 3000-2500 B.C.E. The fact of why they think this is because in Egypt they have Tomb paintings of people being kneaded by other. In china approximately around 2700 B.C.E. The first Chinese tradition of massage therapy had started was developed from a combination of expertise and methods from doctors in traditional Chinese medication and partitions of martial arts.'

And it is really interesting how all this started how it jumped from country to country. The real reasons that massage therapy started was for the simple fact was to heal the human body as that said for the past thousand years that have gone by is has really developed in many different ways. And most result in a good form for your body to heal.

Mainly the creators of this are the Chinese for the simple fact that they were the ones that came up with the put both the medication and martial arts to heal the body and use physical contact to cure also. That was very inelegant of them to do this and thanks to them we now have something to relax the body and heal it also. That is how massage therapy evolved over time, and there are many massage techniques that benefit but are also harmful to the human body.

There are many conditions of which you may need to involve massage therapy in your life. Many of those conditions are used for a couple complications to the human body either due the immune system physical appearance and problems with your health. One of the main reasons for you to have massages done to your body is to get your mind off lots of things that may be going on in your everyday life one of the reasons many people have this done to themselves is if they are going thru a phase in their life that they do not have control over a situation then some way to help you is by relaxing your body. I was reading lots of articles and I came up with 7 main conditions of why you may want to relax your body or have it healed from what you are going thru.

They are as follows, premature birth and obviously we all know why you would have to relax the body after this it's a sudden thing that maybe you may have not have planned out I mean who would plan this out. Its nature it happens without knowing. Also various type of cancer throughout all of the chemotherapies your body is tired and you may need a need something to bring you back to like I know this from personal experience . My grandmother had breast cancer and I remember going with her to a couple sessions and they did bring her up she looked a lot more cheerful after she had her massage sessions.

Aids is another main condition of why you may want to get your mind off lots of things there isn't really much you can do for this because Aids has no cure but getting your mind off it will help.

Lumber back pain as we get older or if you have a job where you may pick up heavy things you may have severe back pain. This can result in a very dangerous health issue if you do not treat it correct so take care of your body you never know what can happen to you of you do not treat this in a correct way. there are many types of nerves in your body and like sensory nerves are the one that send information to the brain regarding our environment.

Nerve damage is any kind of injury weather minor or severe that is due to the nerve fibers in the body. You can get nerve damage from car accidents or any other accidents that you may have had in your life throughout years.

Heart attack is one more of the major conditions of why massage therapy is good for the body you need to learn how not to get stressed to where you may have a heart attack because if you don't then it might be regretful of why you never paid attention to your body when you needed it. So your life goes on remember to take care or your body and health, there is a lot that you can do to it just make sure you take care of your body.

And least but not last a stroke, is a condition where a blood clot or ruptured artery or blood vessel interrupts blood flow to the area of the brain. Of a lack of oxygen and glucose flowing to the brain can cause death of the brain cells and brain damage often resulting in impairment in speech, movement, and memory. You can also go to physical therapy it's kind of like massage therapy but a little bit different. But basically the same just try to get a bit on track about what you need to do about these things and keep your body healthy form any harmful things that try to happen to you.

Different types of massage are a great way to relive the body I am going to be talking about 6 different types of massages and how they work.

The first massage that I will be talking about is the Acupressure massage it is a form of bodywork based in traditional Chinese meridian therapy in which acupuncture points are pressed to stimulate the flow of energy throughout your body.

Deep tissue massage is the second type of massage that I will be talking about, its known by a couple different types of names like deep tissue therapy, or deep muscle therapy. Your massage therapist uses the movement and puts pressure on the human body to reshape and realign the muscles and connective tissue, it also breaks the old habitual holding patterns. Some other types of deep tissue massages are also known as Rolfing, Trager, Hellerwork and Feldenkrais.

Lomi lomi, it is a gentle, soothing stretching type of massage. This massage is claimed to be one of the most relaxing of the body work styles. It used long continues flowing strokes combined with very loving touch. One of the most interesting facts that I found out about Lomi lomi is that it has been used in the Pacific for thousands of years top help heal people.

Sports Massage, is also known as Western or Classic style massage. It was invented by a Swedish fencing master and gymnastics instructor for the simple fact to manipulate the muscles and connect the tissue of the body for the purpose of relaxation, rehabilitation of health maintenance. This massage is made up of 5 basic strokes witch are Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement , and Vibration. There are many benefits that come with this massage they are as follows generalized relaxation, dissolution of scar or tissue adhesions. Or may improve your circulation, that may speed up the healing and reduce swelling from an injury.

Reflexology one of the most know massage. It is know for a special form of bodywork based on bodywork on the theory zone therapy, in which some spots of the body are pressed to stimulate some corresponding areas in the other body parts. But the most known reflexology is foot reflexology.

Trigger point utilizes ischemic compression of individual areas of hypersensitivity in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. Trigger points are defined by their referral of pain to distant locations in the human muscle, connective tissue and organs.

All though there are many benefits to massage therapy there are many side affects and risks to this also one of the most common one is bruising their may be a bit of bruising after you may have had a massage for the fact that you may have sensitive skin or it you have tender skin also but know need to worry unless they have been their for a couple of weeks than you might want to talk to your doctor or to a specialist. It is very important that you take care f your body I mean its with you until you die so take lots of precautions.

Also some side effects that you may have is temporary pain or discomfort. But that's ok it will just be for a little while until you get used to it it all comes with time and once that's over with than you will be good to go.

Swelling yea well if you have a sprained ankle or wrist than its very ovious that you will be having a bit of swelling abut its nothing to get alarmed about but if the swelling does not seem to stop make sure that you make a call to your doctor or at lleat make a call to him.

And if you have an allergy make sure to ask the therapist what kind of creams otr oils that they may use, or just take precaution before you do something that you are not really used to I pretty sure that they would not want to use anything on you that may make your skin irritate or have a reaction that may make your skin breakout.

All though many people go to the spa to get massages and what not, there are a couple conditions that you might go for that may later create life threatening decises

One of the main condition that you may want to have some massage therapist viits is if you have damaged nerves it is very important that you go because your nervous system is attached to everything in your body that has movement. regarding your breathing to controlling your muscles and having the sense of the temperature changing from cold to hot.

Another main condition are tumors, this is one of the most popular massages well obviously with all the chemotherapies you may have been involved wit you may be very tired of that and you may want to take a load off. And this is a very great way to distract your self.

Another one is inflammation from radiation treatment and well yea your skin may have a couple knots in it wit the radiation, if you are not used to it and you may need a couple treatments and this a is a good way for you to to calm down and for your nerves to be calm too.

Some various conditions to ask your doctor before you go into the massage therapy are both pregnancy, and fragile skin.

Why is this it's so if you are pregnant so nothing will happen anything to your baby that one might regret after you may have all ready had done without knowing it was going to hurt them. So make sure you take strict precautions before you go into a spa on anywhere you might want to feel relaxed.

And another very important one is fragile skin. This is very important that you know that you may have very fragile skin because you may never know and you may have had some body work done and you may ens up very, very sore or bruised. Or may think instead of them giving ypu may massages you may think that they hurt you so please take precautions before you go into a spa.

Although many people enjoy massages and everything involves with it,

you may also want to know a bit of background of where it came from and how it


started. So don't just think that massages are to help your body feel good cause

they are

not, they are to heal the human body and jus make them feel better of themselves.

but you also need to know the ups and downs of them so talk to your doctor

regularly if you have a question of what massages are really for