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London fashion week

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“If you’re looking for one place where fashions on a high of celebrating confidence for the future, Come to London.”

Sarah Mower

Forget! New York, Milan and Paris, this is the season of the style screaming London Fashion Week, which had us set in fashion frenzy.

Air filled with the smell of fibres and the blood and sweat of designer’s triumphs in the fashion kingdom, flashing lights booming glory around the triumphant long catwalk, music blasting from every crevis in this beast of a London building. Heavy excited breaths of the eager awaiting celebrities, Victoria Beckham flew in from LA, Kate Moss took a front row seat with Phillip Green and Agyness and Alexa Chung provided the eye Candy, commonly supporting the mysterious looking celebrity Willy Wonka shades.

“London is where it’s happening, that’s why I spend so much time here.”

Tom Ford

Mark Fast’s blossoming Knitwear, Mathew Williamson’s intergalactic shields of armour, Peter Pilotti’s impressionistic prints, Paul smith’s tribal remix, Burberry Prorsum’s royal chic, Julien McDonald’s and Josh Goot’s balanced graphics and House of Holland’s pop culture femme fatale. A very inspiring week of fashion to behold.

House of Holland delivered quite a performance with a dominant use of colours such as shocking pinks, tangerine and violet, an impressive eighties collection!

Vivienne Westwood, the Grand Dame of the fashion world, yet again wowed the eyes of fashionistas with a miniature pooch on the runway and a cigarette puffing model, dazzling the crowd with the array of Polka dots, candy stripes, florals and checks. All showing her spectacular forte of feminine tailoring and making her yet again “One they all go to see.”

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On a more aggressive note but more solid, Louise Golin expressed that she can “Use the force” the force of knitting that is! Showing knitted leggings bursting with swaroviski crystals, sparkled like constellations on a fashionable night sky. It takes a lot of women to show off in her futuristic body conscious dresses, it would be awesome to see them on the streets of our hometowns.

The Key looks too look out for this season as seen by the tantalizing catwalk are Geek Chic by Luella, fabulous 80’s stonewashed jeggings, that’s leggings that look like jeans to the unfashionista’s eye by Christopher Kane, body hugging dresses and tie dye by Mario Schwab, Tuxedo jackets and my personal fave, sported by the very chiselled male models, Biker chic by Todd Lynn.

Many fashionistas had their eyes on a Mr Christopher Kane, he had this exclusive for next season to say, “For spring/summer 2010, I’ll be using a lot of mesh; it’s going to be a lot lighter and more structured, so yeah good.” Following that Diane Pernet, an admiring fan of Kane’s expressed, “He’s and Incredible designer with a huge, erm, design vocabulary, I’ve seen every collection since the beginning.”

On a more fleshy note, you would have been forgiven for thinking that London fashion week had turned into a lingerie love-in, You could hardly move for bras, pants, corsets and Yes! You guessed it knickers…

In one of his most “titillating” collections yet, Jasper Conran played with a variation of brassieres and corsets.

A balloon sleeved, hourglass short dress was sculpted over a exquisitely tailored corset, it looked even more fragile with the use of colour scheme, flesh tones, ivory’s and white’s.

Yet conversely one pair of white jeans featured Bondage straps.

Many celebs perched like crows to witness Burberry’s spring line, all about the buttons, belts and bunching. The collection stuck with khakis and light pastels to create a sort-of chic easter egg assortment. As expected with Burberry, there were many trenches and jackets with details like ruching and double-breasted buttons. Belts of all different colors and sizes were seen on every look: brown, black, thick and thin showing the movement and the classic Burberry chic that we love to see year round.

Jaeger London demonstrated its classic British look with leather, creams and back gloves. Sienna Miller’s Twenty8Twelve collection gave us it’s flowing pastels and kooky designs that we’re used to along with a twist of bright designs and cartoon emblems. Tartan also gave a key look within this collection.

And, finally, Adidas by Stella McCartney was a thoroughly fun morning show that sported her wildly successful performance wear with the sportswear giant. She trotted out Olympic stars Allyson Felix and Victoria Pendleton and trampolinist Bryony Page to perform high wire acts in her pristine white, reds, greens and the usual dusty palettes, which are now prepped for every kind of sports performance.

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It wasn’t all brilliant for all the designers there were a view fashion mishaps, my opinion of course, but you would like to know all the same. I’m normally a fan of Roksanda Ilincic’s cocktail attire but this season were more tea party than cocktail chic, instead of looking like dresses they looked like bulbous flourished wedding cakes; I felt his collection was very thrown together with random swimsuits thrown in at the end, Oh well, Roksanda better luck next year.

Bad news?, fashionistas I am coming up to the end of my review of your favourite place we’d all like to shop London Fashion week, Good news? That it is coming up to another London event again soon, which means more celebs, more designers. More importantly more clothes to look forward to on the high street, Oh Gok wan must be peeing in his skinny panties with just the thought of it. That’s all folks.



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