Life Now And Life Five Years Ago English Language Essay

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My life now and my life five years ago are similar but there are also some major differences. Five years ago,I was living in Havre and going to high school. I didn't have to work because my parents supported me. I went to school everyday and spent time with my friends. I babysat my nieces everyday after school because both of my parents were working at the time. I had the responsibility of feeding them and making sure nothing happened to them while I was watching them. I didn't really have any major goals five years ago. I wasn't really thinking about my future quite yet. On the other hand, now I live in Great Falls and I'm not in high school anymore. I have to work now in order to support myself. I only work twenty hours a week because I'm in school right now. I have a lot more responsibility now than I did five years ago. I have to take responsibility for myself now and everything that I do. I have a lot of major goals now. For instance, I want to graduate and get my two year degree. I want to come back and get a bachelor's degree. I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish now. Five years ago, I really wasn't going anywhere with my life, but now I'm starting to get my life in order and deciding what I want to do. In addition,I am still living at home with my parents and I still go to school. I still baby sit my nieces every once in a while. I find time to spend with my family and friends. I still have some of the same responsibilities. I help my mom take care of my oldest niece. She has always lived with us, so I've always helped take care of her ever since she was a baby. Even though she is not a baby anymore,I still have to baby sit her when my parents are gone because she is not quite old enough to stay by herself yet. I still have to depend on my parents for transportation because I don't have a vehicle right now. My life now has changed a lot in only five years.

~© 2005 Brandy Doney~

My Brothers

There are many differences and likenesses between my two brothers. Glenn, my eldest brother, was very rebellious as a teenager. For example, he would go out drinking all night with his buddies, and was always looking for trouble. Eric, whom is older then me, but younger than Glenn, was not rebellious as a teenager. A couple of examples are the fact that Eric always put his academics ahead of everything and stayed out of trouble. Glenn did not attend college, but pursued a career in the military. Where as Eric did attend college, became a pharmacist, and is in the Army National Guard. They are both religious, but Glenn is a Catholic who speaks with anyone and everyone about his religion, and Eric is a Christian who lets you believe what you believe. Glenn is a very "manly" person. He hides his emotions, is very handy around the house, and runs his family in the military style. Eric is a "semi-feminine" person. He shows his emotions, hires someone else to fix things around the house, and does not run his home in the military life style. Glenn is overly protective of his family. Eric is protective, but not overly protective of his family. Both Glenn and Eric have a wonderful sense of humor. There is never a dull moment when they are in the same room. Another likeness is that they both have served time in Iraq. They went over to Iraq within one month of each other, and are coming home within one or two months of each other. It has been very difficult for our family having the only two boys in Iraq. Glenn and Eric are both married to their high school sweethearts, and have had large families. Glenn has three boys, and one girl. Eric has three girls. Lastly, they both own beautiful homes that are comfortable for their family sizes. My brothers are very different, yet similar.

~© 2005 Kelly Deck~


Although cell phones and regular phones have the same purpose and they both work the same, they have many differences as well. For example a cell phone has to have at least six service bars in order to talk an dthe battery has to have a charge before it will work. The battery needs to charge for about an hour but it depends on what kind of charger you use. The charger that comes with the cell phone doesn't take as long to charge the phone as chargers purchased over the counter. A hard wired phone, one that has to be installed through wiring within your home, can be used anywhere in your home and is maintained by telephone servicemen. some of hard wired phones are cordless, which means they can be used throughout the home and even in the yard. You can't take your hard wired phone with you in your vehicle because service is limited to just a short range. A cordless phone has to be returned to its base periodically to be recharged. With your cell phone, someone can leave you a message an dyou can get it right on the phone where as on a home phone, you have to have an answering machine. Although they have many differences, they also have some similarities. They both have to be charged in order to keep the battery full an dthe phone working. You can use both to make an drecieve a call. They also both ring t tell you that you have an incomming call. A cell phone can be programed for special rings but a hard wired phone has only one ring tone. Cell phones are much smaller in apperance than a hard wired phone. Cell phones may have different apperences and gadgets but they both serve the same purpose. ~(c)2005 Laura White~

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