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Lead Guitar Secrets is a lead guitar course from guitar instructor Dan Denley. He as personally created several different guitar products including Amazing Guitar Secrets and Blues Guitar Secrets. Dan Denley has a very informal teaching style and a likable personality.

The course has a heavy focus on theory and practicing scales. Take note that this is not a course for someone who is just starting out for guitar. Lead Guitar Secrets is for the guitarist with a solid grounding in most of the basic guitar skills and want to focus on learning lead guitar.

Here are some things you will learn as you go through this course: How to build finger strength, maximize your picking speed, write your own songs, riffs, licks and solos, and master and play any symbol you encounter.


Dan Denley's guitar courses have email and phone support should you need them.


The Lead Guitar Secrets DVDs are not region encoded. They will play on any standard DVD player. All you need is a DVD player with speakers or a PC or Mac equipment with a DVD drive.


Lead Guitar Secrets has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you are dissatisfied with the course for any reason, you may return in within 90 days for a full refund.


At $149, Lead Guitar Secrets is not cheap, but worth it if you consider paying a instructor for the 7 hours of video teaching Dan Denley provides.

You can pay for this course with all major credit cards as well as Paypal. Note that this course is only available as a shipped product and not as a download. After ordering you can track your order.


Lead Guitar Secrets is NOT a guitar course for those wanting to start learning guitar or that are new to guitar. If that is your goal, take a good hard look at Learn and Master Guitar. However, if you feel that you need some advanced theory to take your guitar playing to the next level, or are especially keen on learning how to solo on guitar, take a look at this course.

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#17. Easy to Learn Guitar Songs - 3 Fun and Simple Songs That Require 3 Easy Chords - 450 words

Well first of all, what counts as "easy to learn" depends greatly on your current skill level. An "easy" song for an expert player could be so complex that no beginner or intermediate could touch it. Since you're searching on easy to play though, let's assume you're a beginner. Here are three simple songs you can play with three chords or less.

1) Breakfast at Tiffany's

This popular 90's tune is made up of three of the simplest chords out there, D, A and G. These are the three of the most common chords you'll find among three chord songs, and they can be combined in a number of ways. You probably won't even need to look at the music for Breakfast at Tiffany's, if you can play A, G and D, you'll be able to pick the easy progression out by ear.

2) Semi-Charmed Life

This song again uses G and D much like the last one, but instead of an A chord, Semi Charmed Life used a C. Listening to this song will reveal an even simpler strumming pattern than Breakfast at Tiffany's as the strumming is more or less just rapid and continuous. This is a song that's also very easy to sing over while playing.

3) Love Me Do

This classic Beatles tune uses G, C and C7. Whoa, whoa, C7? That isn't one of the standard beginner chords! Don't worry, a C7 is just like a C but with one extra note, and switching from C to C7 is just as easy, or easier, than switching to a different chord, since three of your fingers are already in place!

These are only three of the large number of simple songs that you can play with only a few chords. There are hundreds of songs like these, but why stop there? Imagine if you could play ANY chord! Click here to check out Guitar Chord Legend. This simple software download gives you easy access to over 7000 chords. With this program you can play any one of the thousands of chord files on the internet! You could literally learn any song you could possible want to! Good luck and keep practicing!

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#18. Easy Electric Guitar Songs For Beginner Guitarists - 450 words

Playing popular songs on your electric guitar is a great feeling, and very possible, even if you are a beginner guitarist. Your guitar skills are in direct relation to the amount of time you practice, and learning songs is a very effective and motivating way of getting better and advancing as a guitar player. Here are a couple of easy electric guitar songs for beginner to practice:

Wipeout - The Surfaris

A really fun and fast paced song from the '60s, this one is a must learn for all beginners. By practicing this song, you'll not only be making great music, but also improving your single string plucking technique, which is a vital element of playing the guitar. To make it really authentic, get together with a friend who plays the drums, or just download the songs drums backing track.

Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynnyrd

A very popular song, covered by a barrage of artists ever since its 1974 debut. And the best part is that it's a pretty easy song to play on your electric guitar. By learning this song, you'll be practicing mainly lead guitar techniques, including:

* hammer-on

* pull-off

* chords

* string bending

Holiday - Green Day

Green Day songs are great for beginners, since they are pretty simple. As many songs by the band, Holiday uses lots of power chords, and has several great riffs that sound really good under distortion. You'll be refining the following techniques by learning to play Holiday:

* power chords

* single string plucking

* plectrum switch technique

Godfather Theme - Slash

The theme song to the Godfather (originally titled Speak Softly Love), as covered by Slash from the Guns N' Roses,is a great song if you want to practice your lead guitar skills even more. Slash uses a large variety of techniques that sound great on the electric guitar. To get an authentic sound, remember to add a bit of delay (echo) effect to your amplifier, as well as some distortion. By practicing this song, you'll be refining your lead guitar and solo techniques, namely:

* hammer-on

* pull-off

* vibratos

* string bending

* slides

Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynnyrd

Free Bird is another easy electric guitar song. The great thing about it is that it not only uses lead guitar techniques, but chords, and arpeggios as well. As you know, an arpeggios is a broken chord, where you play the individual notes of the chord in a given pattern, instead of strumming all strings at once. Learning this song on your electric guitar will be loads of fun, and give you a chance to practice:

* chords

* chord arpeggios

* single string plucking

* vibratos

* slides

Learning the electric guitar by learning popular songs is an effective way to advance your guitar skills. Why? Because practicing songs is fun and motivating, contrasting to learning by practicing individual guitar techniques in their purity. Through learning to play songs, you'll be practicing every guitar technique that got the pros famous, so what are you waiting for? Grab your guitar and find a song to practice.

GUITAR TIP: Leave your guitar out in the open on a stand, instead of storing it in a closet or under the bed. This will make you want to pick it up and practice more often.

You can find video tutorials covering the above songs, and many other electric guitar song lessons at TheGuitarLesson.com, a website providing video guitar lessons to beginner guitarists.

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#19 Guitar Scales - Learning How to Play Guitar Scales - 450 words

Guitar scales are the collection of notes used when playing a guitar progression. There are different kinds of scales, which are being used in different songs. The most common guitar scale is the Chromatic or the Major, other types include the natural minor, harmonic minor, and the melodic minor.

The very first to learn is of course the Chromatic scale, which is the series of 12 notes starting from any note. It shows what notes are in the fret board and it makes remembering the fret notes easy.

The chromatic scale for C for example is C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C. You might notice that every note has a sharp or flat between the succeeding note except for E and B. to make this easy the chromatic is just the scale of a note and you'll go one step higher each time until you reach the octave of the same note you've started.

Next to learn is the most important one, which is the Major scale. It is the basis of all the things needed to play the guitar. Most chords are derived and constructed from this. An example of a Major scale is the C major which is basically all the chord notes without flats and sharps. C D E F G A B C is the major of C note.

Another type of scale created the Natural Minor. Its sounds fit well on rock acts for its deep darker tone.

The natural minor or the "minor" has a lowered 3rd note and so as its 6th ad 7th note.

Another minor is the Harmonic, which is commonly found in classical music. Most instrumental shredders use this scale because of its eastern vibe.

The harmonic is the same as the natural minor instead the lowered 7 (b7) is reset to a major 7. Last of the minor scales is the melodic minor, which is rarely used, but it also gives that jazzy vibe. The melodic minor is composed of two scales, the ascending and descending. The ascending melodic minor formula is the same as the major, but with a lowered 3rd note, while the descending melodic minor is also the same as the natural minor.

There is also what we called modes or an alternation of major. These are also another formula to play the guitar scales. Examples of this is the Ionian, which is the major; the Dorian, which has a lowered 3rd and 7th note and is ideal for jazz music; the Phrygian, which has a lowered 2 3 6 and 7th note; the Lydian, which has a sharp 4th note; the Mixolydian, which has a lowered 7th note and the same as melodic minor scale; the Aeolian which is the same as the Natural minor scale; and the Locrian a Diminished with lowered 2nd, 3rd , 5th, 6th, and 7th note.


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